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    For the uninitiated, forum roleplay can be a confusing and, maybe, even scary place. At the end of this article is a link for more information on the world of forum roleplay. There is a tremendous amount of information that site and I am not going to duplicate it here. As your browse the guides and information on their site, keep in mind that each RPG lays their site out slightly differently and has different ways of telling their stories. You need to read and follow the information specific to this site and use forumroleplay.com as a guideline for general information only.




    Storm Shelter's stories are organized based on the standard format used by most television series. Generally, there will be 12 episodes in one season for Storm Shelter. This is not carved in stone. We might have shorter or longer seasons if necessary to complete storylines before starting the new game year.

    Episodes are how Storm Shelter organizes its stories into smaller in-game time frames. Most episodes will span one game month. If necessary, unresolved plots will continue from one episode to the next. Character plots are not expected to end and will continue to evolve.

    Scenes (aka Threads, Topics)
    You will see this again since the terminology overlaps!

    Scenes are where the actual storytelling takes place. They can be short, single post narratives, multiple post narratives, or multi-character stories. Each scene tells a segment of an overall story and can span a few minutes, a few hours, or up to a day or more. Storm Shelter prefers that scenes not span more than one day. Again, this is not a hard rule, more like a guideline for you to use when deciding when and where to end a thread.


    Scene Header

    This is the information that appears at the top of each scene in the starter post. It may also be added to posts throughout the scene to designate a change of venue and/or time.


    An example of a Scene Header

    Scene Rating: PG-16
    Tagging: Open Tagging
    Setting: Kodiak, Alaska
    Location: Alibi Harbor & Marina, Parking Lot


    Episode Plot
    All episodes will have a primary plot that suitable characters can join in. Not all characters will fit into all plots, and not all writers will be interested in joining each episode's plot(s). Some episodes will have more than one main plot since unresolved plots will continue from one episode to the next until they are completed. Everyone should feel free to submit their own plots for development and play. Just remember that no one is required to join in the plot you create.

    Character Plots
    These are the bread and butter stories of almost any RPG. Episode plots are the site's bones, and character plots provide the meat! These are smaller character development stories that are intermingled with the major episode plots. Character plots may be complex adventures or simple character interactions. Both are integral to telling a good story and just as important as the main plots.

    Except in a few cases where a character dies or leaves, character plots continue throughout the life of the RPG.

    Read more at Submitting Plots.


    | TAGGING |


    Open Tagging

    Work in progress.


    Closed Tagging

    Work in progress



    Work in progress.

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Storm Shelter brings crime drama and not quite soapy soap-opera to the online written RPG world. Set in one of America's last frontiers, the residents of Kodiak Island and Storm Shelter Air & Rescue encounter bad guys and storm gales in equal measure. The RPG offers guided site-wide plots and open character driven stories..

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