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    Our site offers a gallery that everyone can use to create albums for their characters and for images they want to have quick access to. All site rules apply to the use of the gallery and posting of images in it!


    The gallery feature is just that, a collection of images organized by category. The categories house albums. The gallery is not an image editor and does not allow for multiple uploads at one time or provide a list of embed codes to be used in posts. You still need to upload the image file into your post. The gallery is for storage. You can add a link to your albums in posts by simply adding it via its url.


    Please keep actual character images to no more than 1080px (width). For images where we need to see more detail, such as maps, home floor plans, etc., you can go as wide as 1980px. Remember, you need to size images prior to uploading them. The gallery does not have an image editor in it.


    Before we begin and I start getting complaints, there are 10 separate screenshots. I tried to break the instructions down into a screen by screen set of images to help everyone see the details. Using the Gallery is not difficult!


    Note: Clicking on each screenshot will pop it out to its full size.


    This first screenshot is pretty much self-explanatory. It is how you get to the Gallery to start uploading images. If you just want to browse what is in the Gallery (other members' albums), click on Gallery under Browse. To quickly create an album and quick-add images, click on Gallery Image under + Create.




    After clicking on Gallery Image under Create, a window will pop up asking you to either create a new album or select an existing one. These instructions assume you do not already have an album set up.


    The Select dropdown gives you a list of categories. You will almost always choose Characters. Click on it to select it. Remember, this is just a category, not an actual album yet.




    The next screen is where you either choose an already created album for your images to go into or create a new one. Let's choose Create new album and click on it.




    Name your album. Usually, this will be your character's name or some variation such as Character's Home and Animals. Next, add a short description of the album. The description is optional.




    Now we need to add images. Gallery does not allow for multiple uploads at one time (i.e. clicking on several files on your computer to upload) but you can add multiple images in one session.


    Click on the big plus (+) to start adding images.



    After adding images, you can click on the image and it will pop up a window giving you the option to change its caption (title) and add a description. You can also do this after all images are added and you've saved the album.




    After you have uploaded all of the images you want to upload in this session, changed any details you want changed, click on Submit All Images (bottom right).


    Note: Computers and websites glitch. This is a matter of course and not specific to any particular software application or computer. Please do not blame game management for issues that are beyond their control!




    After clicking submit, your album should look similar to this. You can browse via thumbnails or click on an image and use the forward / back arrows to move from one image to another. Gallery does not have a slide show feature at this time.




    If you click on an image, you will get a screen similar to this.



    You can now edit the details (change the caption, add a detailed description, etc.




    Enjoy the gallery! 

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