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  • The Rule Book



    The Storm Shelter RPG expects all of the members of the site to conduct themselves in a mature fashion and with respect for the other members and admin. If you run into issues, please contact the other players involved and resolve it in private. If you feel the admin should be involved, please contact Stormwolfe (Lucian MacLeod) privately via PM or DM on Discord to discuss.


    It is impossible to cover all situations and issues that might arise in the course of game-play. Therefore, matters may arise that are not explicitly covered here. The game managers reserve the right to address these things as the need arises.


    Thank you for reading carefully!


    RATING.pngAge Requirement: 18+ (you must be eighteen years or older to join the RPG).


    Language (L3): Swearing and mature language is generally permitted in the in-character forums. Please limit extreme profanity in OOC conversations.


    Sex (S3): Sexual content is allowed. It is our preference that sex scenes fade-to-black. However, the actual content is up to the Player and their writing partner. Please choose the MPAA rating when filling out the scene heading that most closely corresponds to the content you are writing. 


    Violence (V3): Graphic violence is permitted. Gunshot wounds are bloody and ugly. Describe the violence and injuries in enough detail to let the readers visualize it. Do not go overboard with it. Give the readers some room to imagine it for themselves.


    If more detailed warnings are needed, use the Spoiler option (eye icon) and add details that you feel readers should be aware of. However, if you are here just for writing violence and smut, we are not the site for you!



    Assume that all rules come with a zero tolerance policy. Bullying or harassing other members of the RPG will result in immediate dismissal from the site and from our Discord. All out-of-character disagreements and issues will be handled BTS (behind-the-scenes).


    Bad Roleplay

    Writers agree that they will not willfully and purposefully participate in bad roleplaying. This includes, but is not limited to powerplay, godmodding, and metagaming. Admins and Assistant Admins reserve the right to mod other writers’ characters should it become necessary in order to move the game past a stalled tag or scene.


    For definitions of the terms above, please see the Roleplay Dictionary at the Forum Roleplay website. Note: Not all of the terms contained in the dictionary apply to this group.


    Character Drama

    Storm Shelter welcomes in-character drama in all of our plots. We prefer seeing a balance of drama, humor, romance, and contention. We strongly recommend OOC discussions when planning major character drama. The following guidelines are to keep the players and admin staff on the same page.

    • Character Death: You may not kill anyone else’s character without permission from the player or staff (if the player has left the game).
    • Character Contention: Please discuss character contention with the other player(s) involved and notify Admin also. You do not have to provide details, just let everyone know that the contention has been planned. This is for your protection and ours!
    • In-Character Actions Have In-Character Consequences! If your character is seriously wounded on Tuesday, he or she will not be roping and riding on Wednesday. This goes for almost all in-character overt actions and words. Other writers are not required to have their characters react as you think they should.


    Storm Shelter will always try to keep our RPG Requirements as minimal as possible. To keep the game flowing, we do have a few basic requirements to be aware of.



    We do not require activity checks. However, if a player makes zero effort to post or engage in the RPG and does not have an official LOA/ELOA posted, their accounts will be moved to Inactive after 30 days. After 90 days, it will be deleted.


    Word Counts

    We do not have a minimum word requirement on scene posts. However, we do ask that responses move the scene forward. This might require three to five good sentences and a line or two of dialog or it might take a couple of paragraphs. We are not going to police how many words you use to accomplish a plot-forwarding post.


    Joint scenes (aka joint posts or JPs) can become very long very quickly as each writer adds to them. Please break your JPs up into 1,000-1,500 word posts. This keeps each segment at a very readable length leaving us all wanting more!


    Character Limits

    We have no set limits for the number of characters each member may create and play. However, we do suggest that you get your first character approved and into play before creating more.



    Storm Shelter offers their active members the option to advertise. However, advertising is not open to the general RPG public.

    • Active Players may post discrete PG-13 ads in their signature.
    • Ads are not allowed in character signatures.
    • All images must be static, no gifs / animations allowed.
    • No more than one 700px X 250px large ad or 5 88X31 buttons in Player signature.
    • Active Players may request to have their 88x31 buttons on the main index of the forum by PMing @Stormwolfe and including the button's code.
    • As a general rule, Player's buttons will not be removed from the site if they leave.
    • Advertisements must be to sites that the Player is a member of and/or on their staff.

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Storm Shelter brings crime drama and not quite soapy soap-opera to the online written RPG world. Set in one of America's last frontiers, the residents of Kodiak Island and Storm Shelter Air & Rescue encounter bad guys and storm gales in equal measure. The RPG offers guided site-wide plots and open character driven stories..

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