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    Premise, Plot, and Setting



    Storm Shelter is a mystery/crime drama/action-adventure set in a cinematic version of the real world. There is ample opportunity for the characters to interact, get involved in various plots, and develop good ongoing storylines. The roleplay is open to people from all walks of life. How they fit into the different schemes and intrigues is up to the players.

    The first story begins in May 2017. 


    After an assignment goes disastrously wrong, Lucian MacLeod leaves the United States Marshals Service. In 2015, he turned his attention to expanding the business he set up as a legal tax reporting entity. Rebranding it Storm Shelter LLC, he sets up shop as a guide and eco-tourism operation. As a noted wilderness guide, tracker, and survival expert, the company also aids in rescue operations.

    Soon, former associates of Lucian's begin referring people in need in his direction. Finding himself being asked to discreetly handle problems and assist in finding fugitives, Lucian added Alibi Private Security as a subsidiary of Storm Shelter.

    Some of the residents of Kodiak will become ongoing members of the Storm Shelter team, called in for their expertise as cases develop. Others will be clients and in need of Storm Shelter's many services.

    Cinematic reality prevails! The characters will find themselves in plots and situations that an average person would not experience. A simple private investigation of a cheating spouse might lead them to a super-spy or drug cartel kingpin!


    Admin Note: This will be updated once we have completed the opening storyline that sets everything into motion for future episodes.


    Storm Shelter LLC is located on Kodiak Island, Alaska and set against the spectacular backdrop of the Alaskan wilderness. Not every plot will happen entirely in Kodiak, but like in any small town in a TV series, events will occur that will surprise everyone.


    Kodiak, Alaska was chosen because it was remote and one of America's last frontiers. Your character can be a long-term resident or a new arrival. Although our hometown is a real location, businesses and employers can be created as needed. Your character can have a skill set that brings them on board with Storm Shelter Air & Rescue, or they might be a client, friend, work at the Alibi Bar and Grill - or many other options not covered here.

    Storm Shelter's character application form is fairly long and in-depth. However, we do not use separate shipper or plotter apps and do not require a writing sample.


    We will only add events to the Timeline if they vary significantly from those that happened in the real world. However, it is requested that you do not attribute real world political views and ideals to the timeline or game history.

    • November 2016: James Hartwell (I-AK) wins the U.S. presidential election. President Hartwell is a military ethics and history scholar with a long and distinguished career in public service. Due to the vitriol coming out of the two primary political parties, he ran on an Independent ticket. He is a Constitutionalist but also a moderate on most issues. 
    • January 20, 2017: James Hartwell was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States.



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About Storm Shelter

Storm Shelter brings crime drama and not quite soapy soap-opera to the online written RPG world. Set in one of America's last frontiers, the residents of Kodiak Island and Storm Shelter Air & Rescue encounter bad guys and storm gales in equal measure. The RPG offers guided site-wide plots and open character driven stories..

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