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  • Character Creation


    First Things First

    • You must have an OOC (Out of Character) account and at least one approved character to participate in the roleplay.
    • We do not use Shippers, Plotters, Trackers, etc. Your character bio is your lifeline to getting plots!
    • Storm Shelter does not have a character limit. However, we prefer that you get your first character into play before creating another main or supporting character. You may create NPCs to go with your character if needed.
    • We use a comprehensive character bio/application form. However, approvals are not based on the quality of  the information, not the quantity.
    • You do not have to complete the entire character bio in one sitting. You can put WIP in required fields, come back and complete it later.
    • Our character bios are living documents. You may add to it and make changes to it as the character evolves.


    Getting Started

    1. Make sure your playby has not been claimed by clicking on the Playby List under Characters in the main menu. The list is organized alphabetically by the Playby's first name. While on that page, read how we manage playby reservations.
    2. Click on a few of the characters and read their profiles!
    3. Read the Character Bio Guide . It gives a detailed description of each bio field. There's also help text beneath each field in the actual bio form.


    Create Your First Character

    There are two ways to start....


    Option #1: Click on +Create to the right of your username in the main menu. Choose Character from the dropdown. This takes you directly to the form.




    Option #2: Click on Characters in the main menu. In the upper right-hand corner of the index, click New Character.




    Either option will take you here... (screenshot of top of bio form only).




    Fill out the form by adding the information required or putting WIP in the fields that you need to come back to.


    Click Save at the bottom of the form. 


    The bio will go into our Pending queue so that Admin is alerted to its presence. You will not be able to post as that character until it is approved.


    Completing (Editing) Your Character's Bio


    Option #1: Click on Characters to return to the Character Index menu and scroll to your character's index card. Hint: You can click on Filter in the upper right of the Character Index and choose My Characters.


    Click on the tiny gear icon in the upper right of your character's index card. Then click on Edit.




    Option #2: Go to your character's profile by clicking on the image or character's name on the index card.


    In the Character Profile, click on Manage Character.




    Click on Edit in the dropdown.




    Continue editing the bio form fields.


    Click SAVE often. Yes, it is a pain because it will take you out of the bio, but it will also save your work!


    When your bio is complete, reply to the welcome Private Message you were sent when you registered your account with Ready for Review and link to the character's profile - or - leave a message in our Discord's #help channel or DM.


    Your character's bio will be reviewed as soon as possible. You will be notified via the Welcome PM of any changes needed or if the Admin have questions. Once all changes (if any) are made, the character will be moved to Active and you will be moved to the Player's group and can begin IC posting.


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