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Monsters in the Shadows

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This is where the shooting Liam plot is branching off.



The first plot involves killing two birds with one stone...so to speak.


Liam MacLeod is a world renown businessman and entrepreneur. He ran Coldwater Holdings for many decades, more than quadrupling the family's fortune. Now retired, he keeps his hand in the well as the manager and CEO of Coldwater Adventures, an eco-tourism and cruise line business he started in the late 1970s. Currently, Coldwater Adventures contracts a great deal of its local work to Storm Shelter Air & Rescue, the business owned by the eldest of his twin sons, Lucian.


The Old Bear, as Liam is known locally and by his family, is contacted by an associate of a business acquaintance. The associate relays a request that Liam find the man's missing ward. Reluctantly, Liam agrees. The next day while on his way to the Alibi Bar and Grill - the headquarters for Storm Shelter - he is shot and gravely wounded. When he regains consciousness in the hospital, he asks his sons to carry out the search for the missing heiress he agreed to do.


Lucian and his brother, J.D. - newly arrived from somewhere - agree in order to keep their father calm. They are, however, far more focused on who shot their father and why! Does one incident have anything to do with the other? Who else will be drawn into the web as the MacLeods begin searching for the runaway girl and their father's shooter.


Characters Requested

Main: Liam and Naomi MacLeod, All Played


Anything Else

Some elements will be modified.

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This is where the shooting plot started:



It has been less than a week and Liam will be released from hospital soon. The body of the man that actually pulled the trigger has been found, gutted and floating in the bay. We probably need a thread in the hospital or at the MacLeod's Kodiak home. They won't return to the lodge in Hidden Basin until Liam is pronounced fit.


This will be an ongoing and frustrating investigation. As the plot unwinds, other small attacks will happen that are obviously meant to frighten more than kill. There will be incidents involving Liam's children and maybe even the grandkids. Any and all ideas are welcome.

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At some point down the line Steph and Liam have to meet.  Might be a fun conversation.

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So, is someone going to do the math and think, 'Ward = Steph'?

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