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"Oh, visitation rights!"  Kat commented dryly, "yipee!"  She grinned, then shrugged.  "I can find someone to watch the place," she added, "I'd prefer not to leave for too long, I guess I can cover shifts."  She loved it here and was just getting settled, plus she had a business to get started, but she knew that if she didn't go with them they would worry about her, and that would divide their attention.  Plus, if she was with them, Miss Steph couldn't scream abuse and get them into trouble.


"Well, let me pack some things," she finally sighed.  "How long do you think this is going to be?"


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Lucian actually smiled, "Sounds like a plan. Kat, I can reach out to a couple of people that used to help out Griselda. Mac and Lily March are good people, reliable and know the place." He pulled out his burner mobile and placed the call. After speaking to someone on the other end of the line for a few moments, he shut off the phone and put it away. "All set."


"Okay, we will keep with the original plan for now and head to my place in Hidden Basin. It is secluded, but not totally off-the-grid. It will be a breather before having to consider other alternatives." Lucian glanced over at J.D. "Sound good, bro?"


"Anywhere but here is great...if the police could find us here, then Steph's uncle's folks know where it is as well...and sooner rather than later." J.D. said, glancing out the window to keep an eye on the driveway.


It helped to reassure her, knowing that Lucian knew who would be watching the place, and Kat was able to pack quickly...she was pretty simple, didn't need fancy clothes or frills like makeup, so it was a matter of tossing a few essentials into a duffel and heading back down the stairs. 


"Ready as I'm going to be," she declared, then grinned as Hammy and Scout joined her.  "Well, looks like We're ready!"  Well, she didn't expect them to take the dogs, but it was worth a try!


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"Miss Stroud, we can only agree to visits to Kat if it is determined that it will not endanger either of you. Personally,  I would prefer to keep Kat with us, providing she would agree to that. The problem with that is getting someone out to watch her place and care for the animals," Lucian told Stephanie. "Right now, we do not know what is coming at us. It makes it very difficult to know what course of action is safest for you."


"Steph, you can call me Steph, don't be so damn formal," the brunette rolled her eyes, these two were impossible, "And neither my uncle or his well paid chief thug are going to simply show up and attack me...us. That's all too obvious. Unky Mason's whole act is based on him looking innocent, pure as snow, and setting me up gradually. Then when he can't be connected to whatever goes wrong, that'll be when it happens. I still think he's setting his hopes on the whole insane thing..getting me in some out of the way institution where there will be an accident or even better a suicide."


They agreed to let Kat come along, that was something. Steph had not meant to take her away from her place and her animals but to visit her here. Still Kat seemed quite willing...make that eager to go along so she wasn't going to complain then. It didn't take her long to pack either.


Stephanie petted the two dogs, "Alright, looks like we can go now. "



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Lucian smiled. He enjoyed the company of dogs. In fact, his dog was at the Hidden Basin house. "Bring them along as long as they will not eat my chicken," he told Kat. "I will need to get my dog and the rooster too. They are at my parents' house in the Basin."


Continued in A Time to Plan

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