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  • With: Stephanie, J.D., Kat, Reagan, NPCs
  • Locations: Breakwater Inn (Kodiak), Kat's Place
  • When: May 2017
  • Time of Day: Late afternoon through evening.



Lucian sat in the middle row of seats next to Stephanie in Reagan's big SUV. J.D. was riding shotgun and Kat had obligingly taken the rear row of seats. Conversation had been sparse and sporadic. No doubt everyone was still sorting through the adrenalin rush from the events of the day and dealing with being exhausted. There was still quite a few things to sort out. First, they needed to let Stephanie see her friends and pack her bags. They needed to find a safe place for her to stay while Reagan performed her legal magic to block any moves Mason Stroud might be planning.


There was also the small matter of figuring out who had shot his parents. Lucian did not look forward to digging into his father's past. Liam MacLeod had always played the role of being a savvy businessman. That had been easy for him as it was also quite accurate. However, Lucian felt there was much more to their father and his past than his family knew about. Liam could be a master of deflection and deception when it came to conversations about his life.


The car slowed and swayed slightly as Reagan turned into the parking lot of the Breakwater Inn, one of Kodiak's nicest privately owned motels. Idly, Lucian wondered how long it would be before big hotel chains moved in. It could crush the locally run eco-tourism outfits. The car stopped near the rooms that belonged to Stephanie and her friends. Lucian slipped out of the car and walked around to open Stephanie's door for her. 


"Remember, Stephanie, we need to be quick and cautious. Even though our little fracas with the cops will not go on the books, Kodiak is a hive of gossip. By now the word is out that the KPD made a big bust this morning." Lucian offered a smile as he spoke, his quiet voice laced with humor as he mentioned the big bust.


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"Oh,  great," Kat muttered, slumping in the back seat, although there was a hint of humor in her tone.  "Never been part of the rumor mill before, this should be fun!"  Not that she expected trouble with her employer, the ambulance service and PD were tight, and she knew things had been explained and smoothed over, and she'd even come out of it with a few gratis days off, courtesy of a guilty Lucian.


For now, she could only wait until she got home, and in the mean time make a list in her head of all the things she had to get done, not the least of which was a long ride in the mountains!


Reagan stopped herself as Lucian and J.D. piled out of the SUV with Stephanie. She had been on the verge of lecturing them about causing trouble. Starting the inevitable argument at that moment just did not seem like a good use of her time. Instead, she turned in her seat to face Kat with a genuine smile on her face. "Hang with my brothers very long and you will become accustomed to it, sorry to say. I was sorry to hear about your aunt, Kat. Griselda was a good friend of the family."


"Thank you." Relaxing. Kat smiled.  "I remember her from summers when I was a kid...I always loved coming here, the horses, of course, but her house, too, was just a mystery of eclectic...things."  She chuckled.  "So was she, I guess.   I just wish I had appreciated her more."  She shrugged.  "I was too wrapped up in the place and the fun to really have time for her, but I think she understood that, and that's why she left the place to me."


"I think that is normal for all of us when we're young. We love our families and the adults in our lives, but somehow we don't appreciate them totally," Reagan smiled at the younger woman. "I know it was brought home to me hard when Mom and Dad were shot. I have been so wrapped up in my career, my kids," she paused and then added wryly, "my divorce."


"Yeah, guys can be...a pain in the ass, I'm just glad that I figured that out before I got too involved...and that I had a chance to move a few thousand miles away."  She shrugged and smiled.  "I guess things just worked out for me, and I'm glad for that...and I'm sworn off men!"


She glanced over at the woman.  "Sorry, didn't mean to imply that your husband is horrible."  There were a lot of reasons that relationships fell apart besides abuse and psycho partners.  "How old are your kids?"


"My husband is not a bad man and he's a great dad when it's convenient. He calls the kids daily, sends them gifts, cards, visits here once a year and we fly them to Florida for part of the summer. But, he chose to move there, so it's been tough at times," Reagan replied, finding it nice to talk to someone that was not family for a change. "He just did not like being hitched to the CEO of Coldwater Holdings who earned three-times over what he did."


Reagan sighed and grinned ruefully, "Such is life. My twins are fourteen. Lily and Micah." There was a pause before she added, "Not all men are horrible."


"Yeah, I know."  Kat shrugged.  She wasn't so in a hurry to snag a man, though, that she was willing to take the first thing that crawled along, like some of her friends and done.    "But I have horses, who needs more?"  She grinned at that, then added,  "And dogs and cats...rabbits, chickens..."   She was joking, some, anyway, but she did have to wonder about breaking up a family just because you didn't want to live in the same place.  Maybe it was just different values, but if where you lived was the main argument,  she thought that she'd just suck it up and deal with it.  Probably more to it, but it wasn't her business.


"You and your girls are welcome to come out and visit the place sometime, ride horses..." she laughed, "I can teach them the value of mucking stalls and gathering eggs!"


Reagan laughed, her eyes sparkling, "The twins are ahead of the curve on that one. Whenever they visit, their grandfather and uncle make them work. They have helped with the inland eco-tour camping trips and out on the tour boats. They love being outside. Lily is the more outgoing of the two. Micah, my son, is the eldest, more studious, and probably, the hardest worker. I will bring them out. They love riding."


"Well, I'm looking to revive Aunt Griselda's tour business, so I'd be open to suggestions.  I think I'm going to just do some day trips at first, but I wouldn't mind getting into over night trips.  There's just a lot of logistics involved with that."  It was a dream, though, especially the chance to show 'city folk' the beauty of nature, and of the night sky, the Milky Way and the Aurora.  "Lucian is boarding some horses there, too...oh, here!"


They were pulling into the drive of her property, and two eager dogs and a curious cat were jogging over to greet them.

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Stephanie was not normally one to just sit in a vehicle while riding, she liked to talk. Quiet was not in her nature. Still, the ride was pretty subdued, she couldn't even give Reagan any directions as she didn't really know the local roads and turns. Fortunately she did remember the name of the motel and that was all one needed in this era of GPS. Or maybe Reagan even knew where the place was on her own. It didn't take them long to pull into the lot and Steph pointed toward where their room number was. The three young friends shared a room, it had two queen beds. Louis slept in one and Ava and Steph shared.


"OK, shouldn't be long," she assured Reagan then smiled at Lucien when he got the door for her, "Wow, you learn fast. You'd be a great menial for rich folk."


Lucien warned her about the risk that word of mouth still held for her even if the police department was trying to shut this up. Frankly, she did not see how they could even get away with it. The rave had been crowded and umpteen people witnessed the so called kidnapping.  Whatever....beyond her control.


"Not my fault ya know, Wiley Coyote Super Genius," she laughed then headed for the door of the room.


She didn't even get to knock before the door flung open and there was Ava practically leaping onto her in an embrace.


Avafor-RPG.jpg"Oh god, Steph!We were so worried! I was a wreck," Ava bit back tears then blinked at the sight of Lucien.


"Wait! Isn't that....OH MY GOD!" the petite blond backed up horrified.


"Just calm, huh. Don't worry. It's fine. This ..................gentleman....is one of my bodyguards now," Steph grinned.


"But...wasn't he....huh?" Ava was so confused, a state of mind Steph often found her in to be blunt.


"Long complicated story that even if I explained it all right now, you wouldn't get it so let's wait til we have a few hours, chill out girl," Steph reached out and patted the other girl's cheek.


"Oops, almost forgot. Lucien, this is Ava. Ava, Lucien," Steph did the whole intro thing.


"Miss," Lucian smiled and nodded at Ava. "We apologize for alarming you. I promise you that all we wanted to do and want to do is keep her safe." He decided to leave it up to Stephanie on how much she told her friends about everything. He assumed they knew she felt she was not safe with her uncle.


"I do not get it," Ava was being completely sincere. Of course Steph would tell you Ava didn't get a lot of things.


J.D. came up behind Lucian and Steph as they passed by the girl and entered the house. He saw the wide eyes and the expression on her and leaned a bit in her direction, tugging his sunglasses down to show his eyes a bit as he said "Boo..." in a low voice before smiling and pushing them back into place and following his brother.


Ava blinked and backed up a step not having any desire to get in this one's way as they entered the motel room. She then shut the door.  She barely whispered once he went by her, "Boo yourself."


Steph and Lucian were now looking down at the nearest bed in the room or rather at the young man lying on it.  Steph knew him of course. It was Louis and obviously something was wrong.



First off Louis was not the sort to just lie there and let Ava greet whoever came to the door and then when it was obviously Steph, he'd have normally raced up to her in a joyous reunion moment. But he was on his back on the bed, head propped up on a balled up pillow, shoes off, socks off, and clad only in boxer shorts.  Was he sporting a black eye? On top of his chest and stomach were ice bags? Steph also noticed on the bed table an open bottle of Tylenol and a half finished  plastic bottle of Coke. He was awake though and he gave her his best attempt at one of his goofy smiles though it was plain to see he was in some real discomfort.


"Hey Steph, sorry I didn't get up. Not really all that mobile right now."


That's when Louis then noticed the men with her, "Oh shit. Those guys."


"Yeah dude, those guys. But don't worry about them. They work for me now.  I'll fill you in later but what the hell, dude?

You fall or something and what's with the ice bags? I think you put them over your eye," Steph frowned.


"Your uncle's douchebag security man...that Russian you hate so much...he paid us a visit," Louis wasn't smiling now.


"Oh shit!" Steph snapped.

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J.D. moved around to stand beside the bed, careful not to touch the young man as his eyes moved over him. "Looks like a pretty thorough job..." J.D. said as he looked up at Steph, "...Who is this Russian he's talking about?"


Before Stephanie could answer, Lucian moved quietly past his brother to crouch next to the bed. His eyes and expression was both kind and concerned. "This is a new game entirely if they would hurt someone like this." He directed his gaze at the boy, "We should get you to a doctor."


Louis winced, "Umm, he told me not to go but get on the first plane out of here.  Ava too.  That was after he beat me up, his buddy held me and then he worked me over but nothing to the face. He said that way I could get on the plane without any questions of what happened."


"Oh yeah, Steph! Almost forgot, we gotta leave today anyhow. Your credit card has been cancelled, the motel manager said today is the last day paid for and you know we can't afford it," Ava interjected.


"Well, fuck! Unky Mason probably cancelled it. He's probably frozen my bank account too, that prick," Steph snapped then turned to the brothers.


"To answer your question, the man who came here is Unky Mason's favorite thug....oh his official title is Head of Security but the only person he ever makes feel secure is my uncle. He's a Russian....green card or naturalized citizen I don't know but he came from Russia. Anatoly Lysenko. And he hates me with a passion. ," she calmly explained.


J.D. smiled as he tugged out his cellphone. "Well then, he can't be all bad..." He said with a grin as he moved toward the door.


Steph smiled back and gave him her middle finger.


"Let me make a few calls...learn more about out mysterious Mr. Lysenko." He went out into the main room, phone now stuck to his ear.


"You see what I have to deal with? And most people think I'm just making stuff up and am a Drama Llama.  That guy is scary," she added.


Avis eagerly chimed in, "He said to me if Louis or me called the cops, that would be very unwise. If we valued the well being of our families."


Lucian offered Avis a reassuring smile, "We will get you taken care of and safely home. First, I have to get my SUV from where we left it. Then my sister, Reagan, can come back, get Louis to the clinic and then get you both on a flight home. Do not worry. We will do our best to make sure nothing happens to any of you." He rose to his feet and grinned at Stephanie, "I am willing to be that J.D. knows some people that are just as scary as Lysenko."


"From what I know of your brother so far, they are no doubt his best friends," smirked Stephanie but then got more serious, "I don't know. Lysenko's threats are serious. Did you hear what Avis just said about his threat?  I think they should do as they were told and just go home. You guys are gonna have to lend me some money so their plane tickets can be paid for. My spigot is shut off. Oh, and I want a new cell phone.  A girl can't live without a cell phone you know."


"I am pretty sure a girl with a cellphone won't live long, either..." J.D. said as he walked back into the room. "...you know they will probably try to track you by it. You can't call anyone because they will probably be tracking their phones also and would be able to trace a burner back to you."


"Well crap," Steph frowned. She was pretty sure he knew more about such stuff than she did though so wasn't going to argue with the guy.


J.D. held his phone up and waved it as he sat down. "We might need to all get new phones so we stop making their job easier. I am waiting on a few friends to call me back with information, then I am dumping this one. I am also expecting some files via email...It should prove to be interesting reading about your friend Lysenko."


"Wonder if we'll find that he sleeps with Satan and his hobby is beheadings?" Steph grinned.


"We need to also decide on a safe house for Stephanie. My place is defensible, but it is also across the bay from Coldwater and our parents home is not exactly low-profile," Lucian remarked. "Now that Liam knows there is danger, he can do his share of helping to keep her safe - once he is out of the hospital, of course. Until then, I recommend we use Invictus. She has four staterooms. Plenty of space and easy to defend." Not to mention that the biggest of his tour boats had more power and range than all but the bigger USGS cutters.


"We had a really cool yacht," Steph declared then Avis giggled.


"Well, until I wrecked it," Steph added, "by accident of course."


That got Avis laughing all the more.


Lucian trusted J.D.'s assessment of their situation and agreed on the issue of cell phones. They would need a good supply of burners. However, Stephanie had grown up in her current situation. Her worry and fear of Lysenko seemed genuine. He looked back at Avis and Louis, "We will book you on the first flight out of here.  But,  you, young man," he said mock-sternly, "will see a doctor as soon as you are home." At any other time, Lucian could have piloted them back to Washington himself. Right now, he was needed here.


"I can't do that. The insurance and the hospital will be curious about these bruises. I can't exactly say I got them falling down the stairs when my face and hands and elbows etc are all fine," Louis had to disagree.


"Well, not sure about your face," grinned Avis.


"Shut up you," Louis retorted.


"We will need to go by the house and pick up some hardware..." J.D. added. "The boat is a good choice but if they guess the location they won't be coming with handguns alone. If Lysenko is the professional he seems to be on first look, his people will be competent at the very least...they may have orders to bring Steph back alive but I doubt those orders will extend to any of the rest of us."


"Oh I think Unky Mason wants me back without anything like murders to worry about. He is working on getting me committed for insanity. He's already got a psychiatrist in his pocket for it," Steph explained.

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"We will get Reagan on a preliminary injunction to hold up any commitment proceedings," Lucian said. "Avis, you and Louis get packed and ready to go. I will send my sister back for you as soon as possible. She is really tall, brown hair and eyes, looks like a lawyer." Lucian did not add that she also looked like a bossy older sister.


"They have a look?" Ava was confused, a fairly common state with her.


"He's joking around," Steph smiled.


Louis tensed and then slowly uncomfortably sat up on the bedside, "Ava can you pack my stuff for me, please? I'm not fussy, throw everything in and I can worry about it when I unpack at home."


"Miss Steph, we need to go. Get to Kat's and make sure we are not being watched and trailed yet. It was a risk coming here, But, I know why you had too." Finally, he turned to Avis and Louis again, "If anyone other than Reagan MacLeod knocks on your door, call 911. Even if you do not report anything, it will deter further incidents. Look Reagan MacLeod and Coldwater Holdings up online, her picture is on their site. She is the CEO."


"I'm used to risk, dude. Why just recently I got kidnapped right out of a party and thrown into a van against my.............oh wait! You know this," Steph grinned.


She then gave Avis a big hug and settled for kissing Louis sweetly on his cheek, the trio mumbling goodbyes and promising they would all see each other again soon.


"OK, I'm ready to go, bros, " Steph announced.


"J.D., after we get my SUV,  we will bring Stephanie back for her things and then take the chopper to the Lodge. We can stock up there," Lucian sighed as his mind tried to make sure everything was covered. "We need to make time to look in on Liam and Mother too, see if the police have talked to them yet or if there is anything else that the Old Bear is not sharing." The last part caused Lucian's voice to drop and harden a bit.


J.D. nodded. "Good, I will feel better in case his dogs try anything, and yes, I would love to know if we have not been working with all the useful information we need to know..."

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Posted (edited)
On 7/20/2019 at 1:36 PM, Katherine Mercer said:

They were pulling into the drive of her property, and two eager dogs and a curious cat were jogging over to greet them.

Reagan smiled at the greeting by the dogs and the cat as she parked her SUV next to the one that she assumed belonged to her brothers. She missed hearing Griselda call out from the barn or the porch for her to come on in and sit a spell. She shook her head slightly, warding off the moment of nostalgia.


Turning in her seat, she gave Stephanie a warm look, "I will get your friends safely on a flight home and give them my mobile number in case they need to contact you for any reason. I am also going to start writing up the motion to stall any activity by your uncle in regard to you. You are close enough to twenty-one that our judges here will approve the motions. We can also get you to an independent psychologist that will dispute anything your uncle presents. The trick will be getting you to see them without putting you in  more danger."


"OK.............honestly I'm more concerned about Ava and Louis than me. This is my life and my fucked up family but I don't want those two sweeties to get hurt by making the mistake of befriending me," Stephanie replied, "I don't think age has anything to do with being committed though for insanity.  "


By now, Reagan's brothers had gotten out of the SUV and were waiting so she turned to Kat, "Stay safe! As soon as things settle down, I will bring the twins out for a day of riding and helping out in the barn."


Steph had clambered out of the vehicle then to stand next to Kat and whispered in her ear, "Good, two volunteers that day for shoveling horse shit."   It was a joke..............maybe.


"If we give them enough brownies and pull a Tom Sawyer on them, maybe."  Kat grinned, knowing that there were some kids who actually liked the messy work.  She wasn't above giving them chores, but she would make it worth their while.  But that was for later.


"Wow, does anybody actually still read those old novels?" Steph raised one eyebrow.


"I'll get us something quick to eat."  It was nearly lunch time,  she was famished, but she needed to get to the day's chores or she'd be doing them until midnight. 


"Sure, sounds cool," her house guest nodded even as she playfully greeted the dog running up to her.


They went inside, followed by a menagerie of critters, and Kat headed to the kitchen.  "Make yourself at home, you know where everything is, if you need a shower or anything....and there are some new toothbrushes in the linen closet."  She grinned.  "Not saying you have bad breath or anything."


"Well, catching and eating those jail rats can give a person pretty awful breath," joked the brunette, "I will get my stuff together while you make the lunch. I wish I could help you with some chores around here but my devoted bodyguard kidnappers want to take me someplace safe," Steph shrugged.


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"That's all right, I can get it."  Kat shrugged as she started to rummage through the fridge, finding some leftover pizza and pre-mix salad makings that she set out on the table.  Not gourmet, but filling and easy, and Steph could nuke her pizza if she wanted it warm.


"I have iced tea and Coke," she called, "or water..."  She grabbed a piece of the pizza to munch on as she set out plates and cups, then dished some of the salad onto a plate for herself.  The pizza would be enough, but the salad was 'healthy', and she was trying to behave.  She'd scarf it down quickly and be on her way, so she might have some free time in the evening to go for a ride.



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"Coke!  I'll take a coke please!" Stephanie called from upstairs as she grabbed her few things that she had left behind. Her top (and cell phone) were still back at that rave place where she got kidnapped...wait....rescued. She would have to get another phone, the top wasn't important. Soon enough she was back down to join Kat in her kitchen.


"Ugh, I can't stomach cold pizza..........or warmed over pizza...........it's gotta be fresh and hot or it's not pizza," she made a face at the pizza but sat down for a salad. She ate a lot of those so she could keep that toned tummy of hers.


Sipping the coke between bites of salad she looked over to Kat, "Thanks for everything. This is a cool place. And I'm sorry you got dragged into this mess but most of that was the fault of my .............employees. "


"I know you didn't go into the motel room back there but one of my uncle's thugs really beat up my friend Louis. He threatened both of them. And little Ava is like the nicest mousiest girl you'd ever meet.  She is the exact opposite of me. I hate that almost everyone I know gets sucked into this death struggle with my Unky Mason. It's bullshit."


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"Coke!  I'll take a coke please!"


"Got it!"  She poured soda over ice and set it out on the table, then poured herself some iced tea. 


"Ugh, I can't stomach cold pizza..........or warmed over pizza...........it's gotta be fresh and hot or it's not pizza,"


"More for the rest of us!"  Kat grinned, knowing that not everyone liked cold pizza, and glad that the girl was happy with salad...otherwise, it was peanut-butter and honey, there wasn't time to cater to whims.  She could put more effort into dinner.


Grabbing another slice of cold pizza, she continued with making sure there were plenty of paper plates, cups and ice for everyone, as well as a few bottles of HooDoo Stout Ale.


Thanks for everything. This is a cool place. And I'm sorry you got dragged into this mess but most of that was the fault of my .............employees. "


"I don't mind."  She shrugged, then grinned.  "Well, kind of I do, but it's barely an inconvenience, and it helped to keep you safe."  She would have hated for anything to have happened to Steph, and wouldn't have wanted her anywhere else.


"I know you didn't go into the motel room back there but one of my uncle's thugs really beat up my friend Louis. He threatened both of them. And little Ava is like the nicest mousiest girl you'd ever meet.  She is the exact opposite of me. I hate that almost everyone I know gets sucked into this death struggle with my Unky Mason. It's bullshit."


"Sorry..."  It sucked that her uncle made her feel guilty by dragging her friends into this.  "Are they all right?  Do they need a place to stay?"  Her grin widened.  "I have plenty of tents for over night trail rides, and there's the barn...top-notch accommodations, and a shotgun...Uncle Mason won't get here."


She headed for the front door and called out, "Lunch is on!"  With her 'helpers' fed, they would work more efficiently, and soon the place would be in order.


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Lucian heard Kat's summons from where he stood near the barn with J.D. They had walked the immediate perimeter, making sure that everything was secure. That was the downside of small-town life. The rumor mill worked faster than any newspaper. Word would already be out about the MacLeods being detained along with a young lady not-local to Kodiak. Going from the premise that what Stephanie said was true, that information would get back to her uncle and his minions in no time at all. Lucian and J.D. really had no reason not to believe her after seeing the state that Louis was in, not to mention the preliminary information J.D. had gotten  on the uncle's head of security / enforcer.


He glanced at his brother as they turned to walk toward the house, "We need more information on Vitaly Lysenko. We also need to make sure that Liam is alright and look into why he and Mother were shot."


J.D.  shrugged a bit. "I can ask some more questions, but with him working in the private sector it limits some of my lines of information..." J.D. walked along for a bit before he spoke again, "...is there anyone else we can ask about how he ended up shot? I'm not saying he's lying, but he could definitely be holding back on what he knows."


Lucian considered J.D.'s question regarding who might know something about Liam's private affairs. It occurred to him that he really did not know very much about his father's life. He shook his head, "I cannot think of anyone we can ask other than Mother." His tone of voice made it clear that he would rather not pursue that course of action. "However, I might know someone that can help us on the Lysenko front. There is a private investigator that recently moved to Kodiak. I have not had a need to contract out investigative work lately. We can see if Mark Carson is available and if he will take on the job."


J.D.  glanced over as they walked. "Who is Mark Carson? That doesn't ring any bells for me."


"He and his brother, David, moved here last year. Brother works in IT and Mark Carson opened a private investigation and security business. I have been meaning to talk to him because I do use independent contractors for some of Storm Shelter's jobs, especially if they involve travel. I cannot stay away for long because of the bar and charters," Lucian explained quietly. "Depending on what Liam has landed us in the middle of, we might need help. And I know a guy...or rather...a girl that can help out with some things. She is with CGIS."


"CGIS? Will that end up causing problems for us down the road? We don't really need LEO's looking over our shoulders any more than they already will be..." J.D. had his hands tucked into his pockets as they strolled along.






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"Sorry..."  Kat replied,  "Are they all right?  Do they need a place to stay?"  Her grin widened.  "I have plenty of tents for over night trail rides, and there's the barn...top-notch accommodations, and a shotgun...Uncle Mason won't get here."


"None of it was your fault, nothing for you to be sorry for.  But it is mine. It was my brilliant idea to bring them along on my little trip. They don't have any money so I offered to pay for everything. I should have thought it out better and realized that my uncle might lash out at them too," Steph confessed, she genuinely felt rotten about it.


"But thanks for the offer, they're gone  though. Lawyer lady bought them plane tickets to go back home - where they belong. The war is between me and my uncle," she answered Kat.


"You won't ever see my uncle show up, he never does anything himself. He sends people to do his dirty work.  Lawyers, thugs...he's got 'em all. Speaking of which, if a big dude with a Russian accent shows up here, do not let him in. He is my uncle's main thug and he is as mean as they come. He beat up Louis.  He killed my dog. And I'm pretty sure he has killed people too. Shit, I might well have dragged you into this mess now too....not intentionally, but my two rescuers by bringing me here."


Kat now called out that lunch was on as she stood by the door.


"I'd love to stay here, you got a great place but I would only make it unsafe for you. And Lucian and his brother, Attila the Hun, want to take me to some hideaway on another island I guess. We'll see if I can stand it there," Stephanie shrugged.



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"Ohhh...yeah, I know that place."  Well, no, Kat didn't, but why pass up a chance for some teasing?  "Yeah, no running water, generator for electricity, outhouse...and no internet!  Good luck out there.  But I do think you'll be pretty safe, no one would think of looking for you there, it's nearly uninhabitable."  She munched on a piece of pizza.  "Good luck.  I'll give you a couple extra blankets in case the generator doesn't work!"



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Stephanie blinked and set down the coke, "You do?"


After hearing that glorious description, she frowned, "Holy shit. I'm not some pioneer chick. I like the current century just fine, no interest in the Middle Ages. "


"Maybe I should just demand they put me up in a luxury hotel? That's more my speed. I'd demand they let me stay here but Iike I said.......I don't want to bring any more trouble down on you. "


"But I'll be damned if I'm gonna park my sweet little ass in some primitive dump," she huffed.

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