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The Storyteller

Returning a Bird to It's Nest

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  • With: Vitaly Lysenko, Stephanie Stroud, Open
  • Location: Local airport
  • When: May 2017
  • Time: Time of Day (early afternoon)





The Cessna Citation plane had no sooner come to a halt when the side door opened and in a moment a tall man dressed in a dark business suit with shiny expensive shoes stepped out onto the tarmac. Even as he glanced at his watch, another man also clad in a fine suit followed him out of the plane, talking on his cellphone.


"The car is already here, sir. They are not allowed to come out on the field," the man reported as he shut his phone.


"Very well, a little walk won't hurt us. Have our luggage sent to the hotel. I would like to get going  on this but we probably will have to spend at least one night here.  Come!"  Vitaly Lysenko snapped then set a brisk pace toward the airport terminal.


Mason Stroud had sent him to collect his wayward niece after her latest misadventure. Vitaly knew the girl well. Which is not to say there was anything between them but sheer hatred. He found her to be a nuisance, an irritant, and a complication that he had long grown tired of dealing with. Still his employer had forbade him to do what Vitaly felt needed to be done.  But that time would be coming soon enough, the bitch was almost twenty-one. His employer had long ago made it clear that would be a birthday she would never live to celebrate. But for now the mission was to find her and bring her back.



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