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Reagan MacLeod

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Bridget Monahan (preferred). However, it is negotiable.


Full Name: Reagan Willowtree MacLeod

DOB: 02/02/1971

Nickname: Rea (p. Ray)

Married Name: Hollister

Occupation:  CEO/CFO Coldwater Holdings, Ltd., Attorney

Residence: Sitka, AK (however, for story purposes, she can relocate back to Kodiak)


The eldest of the MacLeod siblings, Reagan is as brilliant as she is beautiful, able to think rings around both of her younger brothers. Reagan graduated from the University of Alaska with a degree in legal studies. She attended Harvard where she graduated with an MBA and a law degree. She returned to Alaska to practice law in Sitka where she met and married Benjamin Hollister, an attorney in the same firm where she worked. Soon after they married, Regan became the DA for the city and borough of Sitka. 


Not long after giving birth to twins, Reagan filed for divorce. She was no longer willing to put up with Benjamin's affairs and his constant harassment. He wanted the family money and was willing to go to almost any lengths to attain it, stopping short of murder. The last Reagan heard, Benjamin was living in Miami and engaged to another heiress. He has little interest in his children.


Reagan currently resides in Sitka with her fourteen-year old twins, Lily and Micah. Despite the lack of a father in their lives, the twins are happy and well-adjusted. She takes them to stay with their grandparents or their Uncle Lucian as often as she can. Reagan still keeps her hand in as an attorney but the majority of her time is spent as CEO and CFO of Coldwater Holdings. When she is not busy adding more billions to the family business, she takes delight in tormenting her two younger brothers, also twins.



Lily Hollister

Micah Hollister


Lily and Micah are fraternal twins. Like her parents, Reagan is a dedicated parent and only wishes her ex-husband was as attentive as her children's uncles. Benjamin Hollister lives with his new wife in New York and rarely interacts with the family.



Lucian MacLeod

J.D. MacLeod


Family Notes

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