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Stephanie Stroud

Looking for a Good Time

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As the cab pulled up in the parking lot of the Alibi, three curious sets of eyes studied the scene. Packed in the back seat of the rather aged cab car Stephanie and her two friends were looking for some place on this island to enjoy themselves. Granted the pickings were going to be sparse compared to Seattle or Tacoma even but there had to be something.


"This is it, miss. Real popular joint. Good food, serves alcohol," the cabbie declared though he kept to himself that these three didn't really look drinking age but that was none of his business. He was a cabbie not a cop.


"Well........shit....we'll go in and take a look," Stephanie sighed then reached for her money. The fare had to be paid afterall.


The cabbie's eyes lit up when the young brunette in the fancy outfit not only covered the fare but included a very generous tip as well, "Thank you, miss. Most kind of you. You want me to wait?"  Hell for that tip, he'd wait as long as she wanted.


"No, we can always call later. By the way, this weather of yours sucks you know," Stephanie declared which only drew an amused shrug from the man.


As the cab pulled away the unlikely trio headed for the front doors.




"Remember, act like you belong. Never let 'em see you're nervous," Stephanie reminded the other two. Earlier their discussion centered on their false IDs which were going to be a vital part of the plan if they planned on getting wasted.




"Hey, don't worry about me. We both know who the weak link is here, "  Ava flashed one of her snarky smiles at the lone male member walking next to her.




"Excuse me? Why do I always get the blame when one of Steph's schemes blows up in our faces?" Louis protested then changed subjects, "Honestly I'm gonna guess you are way over dressed for a place like this, Steph. I mean  in there are probably a bunch of beer bellied hunters and Eskimo fishermen crowding the bar and cheering for the football game."


"It's not football season, dumb ass," Stephanie ignored his fashion comment, she was quite sure she looked just fabulous thank you.


"Yeah, speaking of clothes do you even own something other than jeans and how old frickin' old is that jacket of yours? Your dad wear that when he was your age?" Ava looked the young man over then rolled her eyes.


"It's clean....sorta," Louis shrugged, there was no winning when both of the girls ganged up on him.


They had reached the front double doors and without hesitation continued right on inside, Stephanie, as was her way, in the lead strutting on in those big black boots.


"And we have arrived!" she announced with a big smile.


They paused to study the interior.


"Oh god.....bet they play country music here?" Ava winced.

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Lucian watched as three young people made their way into the building. He nodded toward them and cautioned the other bartender to keep an eye on them. They looked too young to be out drinking. The girl leading the way was quite striking and quite overdressed for the Alibi's usual clientele. They were probably tourists. He did not think any of the cruise ships were in port, but he might be wrong. The man that followed the youngsters in chose a seat at the end of the bar that Lucian was working that night. He thought he looked familiar, but could not immediately place him.


Rick had parked the GT and followed a group of three youngsters into the bar. He smiled when he heard the male bagging on football. Well, it had been pretty good to him. He slipped to the side of the trio and said: "Excuse me." He noted not many tables were open, but there was a group of empty stools at the bar, and he headed directly for them.


He caught the eye of the bartender as he slid onto the leather-covered stool. "Walker black and water, no ice, please." He ordered. Then he casually scanned the room, as he usually would. Habit from his cop days. Always look for troublemakers.


Lucian smiled and fixed the requested drink, being careful not to bruise the whiskey as he poured it into the glass. He did not drink, but had taken a course in mixology after acquiring the Alibi from his father. "Welcome to the Alibi," he said as he set the drink in front of the man. The face was definitely familiar! "I'm Lucian MacLeod, may I get you anything else? Our fish tacos are on special tonight."


"Rick, Rick Dryer. Might have to have a couple later on," Rick replied, referring to the fish tacos. "Nice place you've got here. Been meaning to get down here since I moved in." Though he was not much of a drinker, a chimney glass of scotch and water would last him quite a while.


Dryer! The name finally let Lucian put two-and-two together. "You used to play for Los Angeles." He made it a simple statement. Lucian had never followed football - or most other sports for that matter - but he had seen and heard enough to place the man. Gesturing at the bar, Wolf offered another smile, "Thank you," he added in response to Dryer's compliment on the bar. "Have you been on Kodiak long?"


"I did that, yes. If that wasn't enough I went on to a career with LAPD. " Rick replied referring to his career choices, though football had been a part of his life since his Pop Warner days, and playing in the NFL a dream come true. "Been here just under a month. Inherited a place outside of town. Andy Leatherman? Maybe you knew him?"


Lucian filed the mention of this Los Angeles Police Department away with the other facts he was gleaning about the man. At the mention of Andy Leatherman, he shook his head, "I knew him by sight and to speak to. Never heard anything but good about him," he told Dryer with a friendly smile. "After the LAPD, you are bound to find Kodiak Island dull fare. Nothing much ever happens here." Of course, after some of his assignments with the U.S. Marshals Service, the quiet life on the island was just what Lucian loved about it. "Are you planning to join the KPD?"


"Andy left me his place. We went back a ways. KPD?" He sipped his drink. "No plans to join, but I might be interested in any volunteer program they might have, maybe." Another sip. "I thought I'd stop by the high school, see if they have a football program. Might volunteer. Miss the game more than LAPD." He laughed softly.


Lucian nodded his understanding. Although he wanted to get answers regarding what happened on his last assignment, he found that he did not really miss the U.S. Marshals Service. "I believe Coach Kelinkof would appreciate the help. Small school, he wears many hats."


"Yah, small school I bst he has to cover a number of bases, thanks, I'll likely go see him tomorrow," Rick responded, happy to hear there was a program. "Now I wouldn't want you to think I didn't like or appreciate my time in law enforcement, because I did. I just preferred  the action of the game more than being shot at. Never had a problem responding to it, or dealing it out when forced to. In the game the risk was injury, on the force, it went from injury to death. But, hey I'm retired now."


Considering the low pay versus risk involved, Lucian was often surprised that more men and women did not leave law enforcement at their first opportunity. It made him wonder if he would have stayed had things gone differently? Probably. Lucian had enjoyed the work, even the mundane part of planning operations. Being out in the field went without saying. On the other hand, he also loved running the bar and his tour business. Since he also included a rescue service along with Storm Shelter's other options, he was still helping people, making a difference. Maybe that was all that mattered?


"I hear that," Lucian agreed with Dryer's summation of his law enforcement career. He rarely advertised his own time in law enforcement. Well, he really did not have to. Kodiak was a big island, but a small community. The town of Kodiak was home to less than seven thousand people. Most people knew of one another even if not to speak to. "I retired from the United States Marshals Service in early 2016. Before that, I was an Alaskan Wildlife Trooper."


Rick smiled. "Now that, that sounds a bit more peaceful than the Marshals service." To him, it did sound somewhat less dangerous, though he knew there were inherent dangers in any job where one wears a badge. "So tell me Lucian, do you miss it? I mean the pursuit. I know that I do, at times. Other times not. I still get the itch, still want to get the bad guy, and God knows there are a lot of them out there." Then he laughed. "Football, now that's a huge part of my life from Pop Warner through the pros. Hard not to miss that."


Lucian had to give Rick's question a bit of thought before answering. "I miss the tracking when I was assigned to fugitive recovery. I do not really miss working on witness protection details. Sometimes, I feel like I should have remained with the Alaskan Wildlife Troopers. That job was cut and dried, very few ambiguities and gray areas. It had its dangers - poachers can be a nasty bunch when cornered - but the job itself was pretty clear-cut. I do not think the urge to see justice done ever fades completely."


"I too liked the cut and dried part of my job, and homicide was always a challenge, one I thrived on. Dangerous for sure, but always a challenge. Robbery? Had its moments, and often led to other things. Narcotics has it all, including crazy people that will kill you if they can." So yah, there's parts that I really miss, and others I'd rather forget." He explained. Then he laughed, "as if any of it was actually cut and dried."

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"Is that a French flag over the bar?" Ava gestured to the green, red, and white tricolor.


"No, that's a Mexican flag, geezus, Ave.....its Cinco de Mayo," Steph shook her head.


"Oh," Ava nodded," So there are even lots of Mexicans up in Alaska now?"


"I doubt it but any excuse for a celebration," Steph eyed the bar, the place was quite crowded but there was some room at the bar at least. Besides there was something they wanted at the bar, "OK, let's go and for crisssake remember your names."


The youthful trio ambled up to the bar, there were two open bar stools so Louis gestured for the girls to sit, he really was a gentleman. And a truly nice guy, probably why Steph liked him, she didn't know hardly any nice males in her life. As they waited for a bartender to serve them, there were two bartenders but both were naturally busy, a male voice spoke up over the music turning Steph's attention to the speaker.


"Hey! I am pretty sure I know you!" it was a handsome enough man in his late twenties, early thirties, tall, blue eyes, scruffy facial hair as was the current fashion, and tanned from an outdoor life wearing casual clothing and workboots of a sort.


Steph eyed him, "I certainly don't know you, never seen you in my life, dude."


"No, you wouldn't of....but you're that one famous chick....in the youtube video from last year.....you had that golf club and did a number on that guy's car...that was hilarious," the man explained his reasoning, grinning as he did so.


He had it exactly right, Stephanie had freaked out with a particularly persistent paparazzi and smashed the hell out of the man's car, that was after knocking the guy's camera right out of his hands. Unfortunately her little tantrum was filmed by phone cameras of course and the vids went viral in no time.


"Oh....well..............maybe. Wanna find out more though, buy us a drink," Steph nodded toward her companions, Ava was already flashing her predator smile at the stranger, the girl was an insatiable flirt. Louis looked uncomfortable but that was nothing new.


The man was obviously tickled here he was talking to someone famous though to be honest he had never even been sure what she was famous for. Probably like the Kardashians, famous for being famous.  She was hot looking though, that was for certain.


"Really? Ummmm, yeah, why the hell not? I can do that.......name's Jake by the way," he agreed excitedly.


"Oh I bet it is," Steph nodded, "Thanks for the drinks though."


The bartender showed up and addressed the trio first, actually Jake already had a drink in his hand, a bottle of beer.


"Ladies, how can I help you?" the bartender was properly polite and flashed a customer service smile.


"Hey bartend.......I'm buying here for these beautiful ladies...and their friend," Jake announced immediately, one could tell by the way he said the last part he certainly wished Louis was not a part of this equation.


"Oh?" the bartender hadn't expected that.


"Go ahead, guys," Steph looked to Ava and Louis.


"Ummmm, welllll," Ava pondered then decided, "A wine cooler....strawberry?"


"A beer I suppose....like a Kilian's Red maybe?" Louis was aware of that brand because his dad bought that all the time and he'd had a few when they were grilling out, he wasn't much of a drinker actually. One reason he often would be the driver for Steph.


"I'll take a double scotch on the rocks and no cheap shit either.......I can tell the difference, trust me," Steph had no hesitation whatsoever about her order.


Jake was already holding out his money as if eager to pay...more likely eager to get to talk to this leggy brunette as they drank together.



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The bartender hesitated as the situation had suddenly changed, the man buying the drinks was definitely of legal age and in fact was a fairly regular customer in the place too. Listening to the young trio's drinks, only the tall brunette's order made him blink.  He did not know if she was just putting on a show to impress the man providing the drinks or if she honestly knew a good scotch from a cheap brand. Glancing toward Lucian, he realized his boss was busy and didn't want to pester him. So with a slight shrug he smiled and nodding, "Coming right up."


Jake was pleased how this was going and decided to find out a little bit more about why this at least semi-famous person was here on Kodiak. He leaned against the bar, hoping that looked cool and came right out and asked.


"So, why on earth are you here in this far away place? Vacation?"


Stephanie again eyed him and her expression was really hard to read, a cross between amused and ....smirking.


"To have a good time, Jack," she stated.


"Jake," he gently reminded her.


Ava grinned, she knew Steph was playing with the guy, this could be entertaining. She wondered if the dumb ass actually thought he stood a chance with her, Ava knew better.


"What are your names by the way?" he wished he could remember the name of the brunette but it had been a while since he had last watched the youtube clip which of course had mentioned it.


"Who wants to know, John?" Stephanie smiled.


"Jake...oh I know you're teasing me....." he suddenly got it and chuckled though it had not escaped him he still was finding out any names here.


"No shit, Sherlock," Steph rolled her eyes then glanced at her friends.


"I'm Gywneth Paltrow, nice to meet you," Ava piped up.


"Ok now that's a famous actress name," the man quickly pointed out.


"Well, she had it first, that's true," Ava nodded.


Just then the bartender was back to dispense their orders. Ava got her bottled wine cooler, chilled, and Louis a tall bottle of Killians Red. The liquor glass was a good sized one and filled to the brim with ice along with the bourbon, carefully set on a coaster by the man, "Here ya go, folks. Enjoy."


"Oh and miss, this is a good quality bourbon, Knott's Creek in fact," the bartender misstated the name to see if the girl even noticed, suspecting she wouldn't. He turned out to be wrong.


"Do you mean Knob Creek?" Steph placed her hand on the glass but did not lift it off the coaster yet.


"Oh..yeah, Knob Creek, my mistake," the bartender conceded easily enough.


Steph glared at him then raised the glass and took a rather impressive gulp of it then swallowed it with barely any reaction registering on her face despite the strength of the drink. She seemed to think and consider .....something for a few precious seconds then nodded, "Yeah, it's fine. Lucky for you."


The bartender wasn't exactly sure what the hell that was supposed to mean but she was a customer and his job was customer service, he nodded and then turned his attention to Jake to secure the money for these drinks. As he did so, Step clinked her glass with the bottles of her two friends, "To us!"

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Jake got his change then turned his attention back to the trio, "We could try and find a place to sit? Wanna see if we can snag a booth? More privacy than here at the bar."


"Oh, true..........I love privacy. One can be more...............revealing....when it's more private," Steph practically purred.


Ava grinned, her friend was really laying it on thick. Louis stayed poker faced, he neither liked nor trusted this guy who was, in the end, probably after one thing out of this act of generousity.


"Ummm...yeah, sounds great!" Jake was loving it and turned to find a nearby waitress pass by. It took a minute but he snagged one.


"Excuse me, miss.....would you able to get us a booth for four," he asked, though he wished it could be for three..........even better two. Maybe later he could narrow down the odds.


"Let me go see, sir, be right back," the waitress was willing and left to circle around and check, the Alibi was a big place.


"So....where do you guys come from?" Jake now asked.


"Wombs....all of us...well different wombs but..." Steph snapped a snarky reply then sipped her bourbon.


"Yeah....well ...sure but like what part of the country? It didn't say in that your tube video," Jake felt  getting anything out of these people was like pulling teeth.


"And you didn't google me to find out more? I'm really disappointed, Jimmy," Steph frowned.


"It's not like I thought I'd ever meet you for real. But you know, you could just cooperate and tell me a little about yourself ....especially since I was nice enough to buy you guys drinks," Jake was getting just a tad annoyed.


Just then the waitress was back, she'd found one quickly, "Excuse me, sir. Got that booth for ya, wanna follow me?"


"Oh goody!" Steph sounded like a little kid.


It was a short walk and there was booth against one of the interior walls, it was darker in here but also enough light to read a menu if desired. Jake gestured for them to take seats first, but with a plan, "Umm, maybe you two can sit across from us?" He was looking at Ava and Louis.


Steph exchanged looks with her friends, it was almost as if they didn't need verbal communication and suddenly all three scrunched into one side of the booth table leaving Jake the whole other side, "OK, we're good."


"If you insist," Jake sighed as he sat down, the feeling building he had been had and this was all a waste of time, "Since you won't tell me your names or where you're from....I get it, I'm a stranger in a strange place. What can we talk about?"


"So..............you married? I don't see a ring but just wanna be sure. I'd hate for you to be cheating on your wife with me," Steph answered.


"No...I'm not cheating. I was married but I'm divorced....two years now. Just didn't work out," Jake answered honestly.


"Awww, why? You cheat on her?" Ava pressed.


"No, I did not," Jake was not smiling anymore.

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The waitress was good at what she did and took some pride in her job too. She also valued the job and didn't wish to lose it. So it was with a bit of a frown on her face, she approached Lucian behind the bar.


"Excuse me, Wolf, sorry to bother you but I need to run this by you," she paused to frame her thoughts then continued, "I got a booth with a local - I know him - and he's got three young people with him. Nothing wrong with that except they are drinking and they don't look of age to me anyhow. Apparently the man bought the drinks for them and he has ordered a beer, which is what he was drinking, and................a double bourbon on the rocks which was what one of those young ones had....I checked with the bartender. He didn't ask for IDs because the man bought the drinks and he's definitely of age. Now he thinks that might have not been the right thing to do. So I feel real uncomfortable about bringing back that bourbon."


"Would you be able to check it out for me, please?" she asked.


"Of course," Lucian assured the young woman. "I wondered where that trio had wandered off to," he told her. Lucian had been distracted with his bartending duties and had lost track of the three very young-looking people that had entered the Alibi along with Rick Dryer.

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Jake was game, that much was certain, he was still trying here even though even he got by now that the young lady was toying with him. If he didn't know better, she was even trying to get him to lose his temper at her. But when she suddenly asked for a second round, he reluctantly nodded then waved over the waitress. His own beer glass was empty so he asked for another beer for himself.


"I'm good, thanks," Ava was still nursing her wine cooler, she wasn't the drinker Steph was, hell no one she knew was the drinker Steph was. Louis waved off another beer too.


The waitress looked hard at the brunette in her fine tight outfit and long boots over long legs. Definitely not a local, this one.


"Hon, I don't know. I don't think you are 21. You got some ID?"


Steph smiled, "I'm not ordering anything...........he is. Mine was soooo good, he wants to try one too."


Jake piped up, "I'm buying, it's alright. She's family."


The waitress gave up and nodded then left to go to the bar.


Jake let her leave then continued, "There, I even lied for you. And bought you your drink. Now, how about you treat me a little nicer and tell me your name and where you're from?"


Steph shrugged then leaned forward so she could speak to him from very close proximity, "I didn't ask you to lie but thanks for the drink. But be honest.........is that what you really want out of this whole thing? My name? My place of birth? Or is there something else you're hoping to get out of this?"


Jake was surprised, "You wanna be more exact with that?"


"I gotta draw you a picture, here I thought you were the adult here? So you got a place around here............or even a motel or hotel room?"


"Steph," Louis tried to interrupt.


"Shut up," she glared at her friend.


"Ah, so your name is Steph...like Stephanie?" Jake snapped his fingers as he savored just a little success.


"Maybe....." Steph smiled.


"And if I would offer to take you to my place, you'd actually agree to come along?" he couldn't help but be intrigued.


"Maybe...." the smile was accompanied by a slight wiggle of her well manicured eyebrows.


Ava could barely keep a straight face, her friend was soooo messing with this dude.

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Two beers, a wine cooler, and a top-shelf bourbon-on-the-rocks had been the original order. His prodigious memory for drink orders was one of the many reasons that Lucian kept Olaf on as a bartender. He was also very responsible, saving for a wedding, and in-tune with the younger crowd that also frequented the Alibi these days. The waitress had told him why Olaf did not card the three strangers and his reasoning made sense. That and the fact that Cinco de Mayo had the place about four times as busy as it usually was - even on a Friday night. Lucian resolved to speak to the young man later but saw no reason for him to lose his job.

In fact, were it not a case of his liquor license being rescinded and possibly jail time to boot, Lucian would have shrugged off the beer and wine cooler. However, the law was the law and as a former law enforcement officer - as well as a responsible citizen, he could not just let it go. As he approached the private booth, he surveyed its occupants.

"Jake," Lucian said and nodded a greeting at the older man with the group. Jake was a good customer and someone that Lucian liked. He hated offending the man. Sometimes, though, that was what good business required.

Expertly balancing the drinks tray - Lucian had done more than his share of bartending and waiting tables while in college - he turned his near-black eyes on the three strangers. "I do not believe I have seen you at the Alibi before. I need to see some ID," his voice was low and pleasant and determined. Jake might have been buying, but it was unlikely he was drinking both the beer and the bourbon. He sure as hell had not been drinking the wine cooler that was previously ordered.

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Jake looked up, the owner was now standing there, they knew each other. He smiled, "Hey there Wolf. Busy night, eh?"


He liked Lucian but also knew the man was very much on the straight and narrow, he was pretty sure why the guy had shown up now at this booth. The three young people also looked up. Louis had that nervous look on him, like that of a kid with his hand caught in a cookie jar. Ava was cool but glanced instantly to the leader of their trio. Stephanie went for direct eye contact, she knew the ID issue would crop up sooner or later.


"Well....that's cuz we've never been here before. We're out of towners, out of staters even," she smiled.


"We didn't buy any alcohol so we didn't need to show any ID..........Chief," that last word came out with a bit of a smirk behind it.


Louis lowered his head. Oh god, here we go.


Wolf had been the recipient of his fair share of Indian jokes. It happened and, over the years, his skin had grown thicker. It was now hard to offend him when those sorts of comments were aimed his way. Lucian would still bristle on behalf of someone else. It just made more sense to choose his personal battles. Therefore, his response was stated mildly as his eyes caught and held the girl's.

"I fear you do me more honor than I deserve, miss. I am not a chief of my people, and I still need to see everyone's IDs," Lucian restated his original request quietly. "Except yours," he added to Jake as he took the beer off the tray and set it in front of the man. The bourbon was still held hostage well out of reach.


Steph had expected annoyance or even a loss of temper at her attempted goad, the man did no such thing only kept on task, wanting to see the IDs.  Ava, very attuned to her friend's every tiny gesture or facial expression could detect surprise now.


"Well then technically you don't want to see everyone's............you're just picking on out of staters. Not good for the tourist trade, " Stephanie huffed but then reached into her wallet to extract her ID. It was her photo on it alright, a fake name however and looking at the birthdate that put the bearer of this ID at 22 years, 3 months by current date. The ID was from California and it had cost plenty to secure one of this quality.


Stephanie flashed it in front of the man for a bare few seconds before lowering it suddenly, "There you saw it.  I think that's my bourbon."


Ava and Louis just watched to see how this would go before reaching for theirs.


Fortunately, Lucian was a man of prodigious patience and had seen almost every trick in the book. He did not blink or change his expression, "I need to see your ID, miss," he repeated, keeping the bourbon out of reach, "and those of your friends." Her attempt to needle him over not asking for Jake's ID had the same affect on him as her attempt to piss him off with the sly comment on his native ancestry. "Now, please."


If you watched her eyes carefully, there was a slight change in them, sudden anger that and a certain tensing of her whole frame. Ava and Louis knew it, they'd been around her long enough.  The famous Stroud temper alright.


"No, no I don't think so. I know how this works with some of these places. They make up their mind they want to toss people out of their place so they ask for IDs then confiscate them and the customer is fucked. So nope, we aren't going to fall for that one, dude. And you can't make us. We know our rights," Steph now stood up. Immediately Ava did too, Louis rolled his eyes but in a few short seconds also stood.


"Jake, you said you had a place of your own? Let's go there and have us a good time," she glanced at her 'date'.


Jake felt a bit uncomfortable right about then, "Umm, sorry Wolf....probably best I walk them out huh?"


"You do not have to leave, Jake. However, I am afraid that if your friends refuse to have their identification properly inspected, they do need to leave," Lucian's tone was still mild, but his black eyes flashed coldly. "I will show you all the door." Lucian gave a hand signal to a passing waitress, "Please pour this down the drain. It was ordered by mistake." He handed the glass of bourbon to the woman and stepped back from the booth, indicating that the others should proceed him to the entrance of the building.


"I think I know where your damn front door is, Tonto," Steph snapped, one of her fists closed as she now openly glared at the guy.


"Steph...don't. If you get arrested, your .....well Mason will know and so much for our little vacation," Louis pointed out in as soft a voice as he could and still be above the music and crowd noises.


Jake stood up, "Just calm down. We can go to my place....just don't cause any trouble...I'm a local, I have to live here and..."


Suddenly the young lady moved fast, reaching for the man's full beer and throwing it right in his face, "You go to hell. You think you're getting into my panties? Dream on, you sleezebag!"


Ava jumped away, "God! Don't splash on my new dress!"


From all around the booth, eyes were now drawn to the sudden drama. as people turned to see what was going on.


"What the ? You little bitch!" Jake stood there dripping as he wiped his eyes with his hands.


"Jake, go clean yourself up," Lucian ordered quietly and firmly.


Jake glared daggers at Stephanie for a few seconds but nodded, he wanted no more trouble or embarrassment for that matter, "Yeah, Wolf. No good deed goes unpunished."


Then he turned and headed for the nearest Men's Room.


"Miss, you and your friends need to leave now. I do not want to have to resort to calling the police. That is bad for you and for me." He slid his cell phone out of his pocket, "However, if you do not exit immediately and quietly, I will report you." The Alibi had a good relationship with the local constabulary so Lucian had no problems with calling the KPD. He just preferred not to over a mild dust-up with unruly clientele.


"Oh we're going alright. You don't need to go crying to the cops. Come on," Steph gestured for her two companions to go and the trio turned to head in the direction of the front doors where they had come in. Steph haughtily ignored all the stares from the clientele but Ava smiled first one direction then another like she was on parade or something. This all was great fun to her.


Seeing the waitress who had first waited on her, Steph paused, "So I suppose you get stuck wiping that spilt beer up at your table there?"


"Umm, well yeah, least til some kitchen help can mop it down," the waitress was puzzled why this young woman even cared to know.


"Sorry 'bout that. Here, just in case Jakey boy doesn't leave a tip," Steph suddenly pressed a twenty into the waitress' hand.


"Thanks," the employee had not expected that alright as the trio continued on out of the Alibi.


When Lucian stepped up next to her, she turned and showed him the bill, "That is one weird kid alright."


Lucian looked at the crisp twenty dollar bill, and then at the door, "Definitely - at least you got something out of dealing with them. Hopefully, they will be okay." He did not like to think of the three out on their own in Kodiak or the surrounding villages. The borough could be really rough for outsiders.

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