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Bye Bye Birdie

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[ Character Notes ]

There should be roles in the site plot for anyone that wants to be involved in the case. As this is a first case, some roles might be limited at first. However, writing time can be fleshed out with character plots and interactions.


[ Other Details ]

The main part of the story will take place on Kodiak Island. Other settings will include the Alaskan mainland and Washington state. If needed, we will include other locations.


[ Plot Synopsis ]

The first plot involves killing two birds with one stone...so to speak.


Liam MacLeod is a world renown businessman and entrepreneur. He ran Coldwater Holdings for many decades, more than quadrupling the family's fortune. Now retired, he keeps his hand in the well as the manager and CEO of Coldwater Adventures, an eco-tourism and cruise line business he started in the late 1970s. Currently, Coldwater Adventures contracts a great deal of its local work to Storm Shelter Air & Rescue, the business owned by the eldest of his twin sons, Lucian.


The Old Bear, as Liam is known locally and by his family, is contacted by an associate of a business acquaintance. The associate relays a request that Liam find the man's missing ward. Reluctantly, Liam agrees. The next day while on his way to the Alibi Bar and Grill - the headquarters for Storm Shelter - he is shot and gravely wounded. When he regains consciousness in the hospital, he asks his sons to carry out the search for the missing heiress he agreed to do.


Lucian and his brother, J.D. - newly arrived from somewhere - agree in order to keep their father calm. They are, however, far more focused on who shot their father and why! Does one incident have anything to do with the other? Who else will be drawn into the web as the MacLeods begin searching for the runaway girl and their father's shooter.


@Admin @Characters

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Storm Shelter's first episode is open for posting...


Things to note...

  • Dates for opening / intro posts should be on Friday, May 5, 2017 or the week prior (May 1 to May 5).
  • Liam MacLeod has not been shot yet. He has not yet been contacted regarding the search for the heiress.
  • Day-in-the-life (i.e. character introductions) are encouraged.

Lucian will be available for interaction at the Alibi during the evening of May 5. After all, he'll need to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with his patrons. Note: Lucian does not drink but he can still party hard.



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A Shot in the Morning has been posted, please read it carefully before asking questions. :classic_cool:  Most of the answers are in the scene.


Rifle Make and Model

Common hunting rifle purchased from a hunting goods store in Anchorage, Alaska. The purchaser was a young woman, student at the University of Alaska, who has since gone missing.


August the Shooter

No information will be found about him. Many people in and around the harbor probably saw him coming and going for a few days. The only description they will be able to give is an average looking white man, average height, small build, glasses, wore baseball cap. Truth is, he mixed and mingled wearing various disguises. IDing him will be impossible.


Within a couple of weeks game-time, the unidentified body of a man will be found floating in Chenega Bay near Cyane Rock. Any and all means of identifying the body will have been removed (hands, feet, eyes, teeth). The man has never had any surgical procedures (no knee or other replacement parts). 


At this point, unless his boss is eventually caught (may not happen during this episode or ever), he will likely never be identified.


Liam and Naomi MacLeod

Naomi's gunshot wound was nothing more than a painful burn, mid-upper-right thigh. She did not need stitches. It is painful and she will be using a cane, but that is as much for the knee she damaged on a fall during a climb on Bogoslof Island volcano. 


Liam suffered a deep graze to his right temple and a concussion. The second bullet lodged in his chest, but did not damage vital organs (lung or heart), it did crack a couple of ribs and break one.


Liam and Naomi were taken to the Trident Medical Center's ER/Trauma Unit.


Liam's shooting will be a big deal locally and will probably make national news briefly. Liam is a billionaire and, as Wayfarer pointed out, there aren't many of those. He is likely the only one living in Alaska. Technically, he is retired and even prior to officially handing over Coldwater Holdings to his daughter, he was very low-key, no scandals, not a big news maker.


Trident Medical Center (TMC)

This is a fictional hospital, medical center, and trauma ER. It is state-of-the-art and only a couple of years old (opened in 2016). Most people refer to it as TMC specializes in trauma resulting from injuries. They also have a mobile sea unit, a helipad, and decompression chambers.


It is located on the fictional Trident Medical Boulevard (a short road built to accommodate the medical center - also fictional). This information will be added to the wiki later.


The medical center is named for a nearby eroded volcanic complex.


This is a discussion topic, so if you have ideas, suggestions, etc., feel free to chime in with them. My plots tend to be flexible and, where possible, I adapt them to use people's ideas.

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I will be starting the scene soon that introduces Longshot's character, J.D. He is Lucian's fraternal twin and returns home due to the shooting. I will keep details vague so if we want to, we can go back and do posts that fill in the gaps (not mandatory, we can also do this as retrospectives in ongoing scenes).


The scene will be set in the wee hours of Tuesday morning (May 9-2017). Scenes for May 8 can still be written.


I will also be setting up an open tagging scene for May 8, 2017 - directly after the shooting. Akela will be there in her new role as a CSI for CGIS. This will start out as a work in progress scene and I will come back and add to it.



Although we do want to tell the stories in a chronological event-based order, not all scenes have to be in exact chronological order to still tell stories logically. I would suggest that for scenes that are not dependent on previous events, you simply give them a general date / time such as Morning, May 2017. We will, however, give more specific dates to EP (episode plot) scenes. The goal is to get us accustomed to writing in a more time-fluid style while still telling a story (i.e. event driven vs. date driven).



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This will not be regularly updated. See the Helpful Hints at the bottom of this post.


[EP] Flown the Coop

Friday, May 5, 2017: Mason Stroud discusses Stephanie's absence with his head of security and a plan of action for locating her is put into place.


[EP] Asking for a Favor

Friday, May 5, 2017: Mason Stroud's lackey calls Liam MacLeod and asks him to look for Mason's niece, Stephanie.


[EP] A Shot in the Morning

Mid-Morning, Monday, May 8, 2017: Liam and Naomi MacLeod are shot. They are taken to Trident Medical Center's Trauma Unit. Naomi's leg wound is stitched. Liam spends the day being stabilized and going through surgery.


[EP] Too Many Clues

Late Morning, Monday, May 8, 2017: CSI Akela Noelani (Special Agent with CGIS) is at the crime scene tracking evidence.


[EP] East of Midnight

Early AM, Tuesday, May 9, 2017: Lucian MacLeod leaves the hospital to pick up his brother, J.D., at the airport. They will be returning to the Trident Medical Center. Presumably, the police will want to question the family. Also, friends are welcome to stop by once we list the post as open tagging.



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  • Timelines: Don't get hung up on exact times! Let the events drive the plot, keep timeframes more generic. The main thing is to make sure you are not referencing events that have only been discussed and not written and that your character is not in two places at the exact same time.
  • Read the Scenes: Involvement in any main plot is always optional. We will never mandate that everyone participate in any given plot. However, to be an interactive and collaboratively written game, everyone must also read the scenes we write. 
  • Character OOC Knowledge: This is a bad bad BAD thing! Characters can only use knowledge that they could logically know or have learned. Having a character magically just know things is bad RP etiquette! Characters should not know everything that the writers know.
  • Forum Roleplaying Basics: Each game site does things differently. However, this site offers good overviews of the forum roleplaying community. I refer to it often when considering new rules and formats.


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Good Day  @PLAYER


So, we've found Stephanie and with a few hiccups, rescued her. So what's next?

  1. Lucian and J.D. will need to get with Rick and Akela Noelani regarding the shooting of their father. More KPD interviews to come! LOL
  2. The body of Liam's shooter + the rifle used needs to be found. The shooter will be found floating in the harbor leading to questions that Akela will reveal when the time comes. ;)
  3. We need to get Steph and her friends sorted and settled.
  4. A nefarious employee of Uncle Mason's is on the way ... ooooohhhhh.
  5. Anything else anyone wants to come up with as part of these plots or new ones is fair game.

Note: As soon as we get the Free at Least thread concluded, I am going to move all of those posts to archive and set us up with a couple of Location specific forums. Although characters still cannot be in two places at the same time, they can be in different places at slightly different times. I'll set the tag system back up so that we can add specific "locations or times" as tags so they will show on the topic page.

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First, I am going to separate the shooting  of Liam MacLeod plot from the Stephanie Stroud plot. We do have a very few spare characters that can engage in each plot. Hopefully, we'll attract more members after the move and another round of advertising. And on a personal note: Things will settle down for me posting-time wise as soon as I get my medieval/high-magic fantasy RPG rebooted. Have people waiting for the launch.


Another reminder! This plot and the initial shooting of Liam MacLeod plot is taking place in May. But our current in-game timeframe is May - August to allow for side-plot writing. Y'all don't have to wait to find slots in the main plot.


Next Up!


We'll do a short thread or two (hopefully) set at Lucian's home in the basin.


@JulieS  Lucian will actually call Mark once the plans are made regarding moving Stephanie back to WA for the final scenes.


Current plan for that....

  • Reagan MacLeod will be enlisted, disguised as Stephanie (right down to make-up). Mark and David (?) will disguise themselves as Lucian and J.D. and take a commercial flight with Reagan to Seattle and disappear in the crowds, etc.
  • Lucian and J.D. will take one of Storm Shelter's planes or choppers and head to a private airstrip or water landing at a rental lodge with Steph and Kat (?).
  • In Washington, they all will meet up and start the investigation into Unky Mason Stroud's activities.

PS: This is @Wayfarer 's plot so there may be adjustments added.

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Sounds good to me.  I might put in that Mark being a little concerned that his brother will be getting pulled into this sort of life.  Since it will be a one-off situation, Mark will be eventually okay with it.  There is also a possible story that David finds he likes this kind of work and wants to do more, so it might end up creating some conflict between the brothers.

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