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  1. Lucian suddenly snatched the bottle right out of her hand. How rude! He followed that up with a condescending comment. I do not care what you were drinking under your family's watch. Here, you are still underage." He reached past her for a pitcher of cold water and poured himself and J.D. a glass. "And no, we will not be sharing a bed." "Boy, this guy is no fun. You sure you don't want to take your chances here?" declared Kat. "I'm definitely considering it," Steph was beginning a slow burn. One thing everyone who knew the young woman realized was she was terrible at taking orders. Be that orders given by family or people in authority or certainly.....................employees! Which is what these two men now were. They seemed to forget that. And then Lucian made the mistake of adding to the looming confrontation (even if he was unaware that was what it had suddenly become). "I will put Miss Stephanie to work on the Invictus. Might as well do a little lobster or crab fishing, make some money." "Work?" Steph raised one eyebrow. "Oh, seeing that would make all this worth it!" Laughing, Kat glanced at Steph. "And hey, at least it isn't negative eighty out, so it should be a cake-walk! Just watch those pinchy-claws, I hear they can take off fingers in, like, two seconds!" "Yeah, he's fuckin' hilarious isn't he?" Steph remarked the tone dripping in sarcasm. "Alright, I think we need to get something straight right here and now. I didn't ask for this whole situation. I got it dumped on me. I got humiliated publicly when I was taken against my will, but then I went to bat for you dudes with the cops so you wouldn't get into trouble. And now you work for me. I have never thought of myself as a demanding boss type at all. You can ask any of the hired help at the Stroud mansion, bet they'll tell you that I'm the really nice one to all of them. But I'm not going to take being treated and spoken to like a child, " she spoke out, hands on hips. "I want that beer. Hell, most underage adults drink. Take off the goddamn rose tinted glasses. It's one beer in the privacy of a residence not the end of civilization as we know it. And if I can't have it, then I'm firing the both of you. And your lawyer too. And I'll stay with Kat unless she kicks me out. Hell will freeze over before I will risk these nicely manicured hands handling crabs. I didn't agree to hire you so you could tell me how to live my life or fuckin' put me to work in some job I have absolutely no aptitude to do. Strouds don't do manual labor. I'd rather die first. " And with that she opened the fridge again and grabbed that beer bottle. Lucian thought hard about taking it away from her again. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he heard his father's voice say, "pick your battles, lad". Still, he was exhausted and his mouth engaged before his brain could stop it, "Suit yourself, Miss Stroud," he said quietly. "Thank you for your intervention with the police. Kat, I will return in a day or two. I need a long quiet ride in the wilderness." Nodding at J.D., Lucian rose to his feet and headed for the door. J.D.'s features had locked at Stephanie's display. He watched Lucian walk out and he knew he couldn't leave because someone still had to keep an eye on their charge until the situation was decided one way or the other. He then turned and watched her as she stood there with her beer. "My brother sometimes doesn't understand that not everyone gets a sense of fulfillment at doing manual labor out in the elements..." J.D. said before his eyes met hers. "...But I do know one thing. Protecting someone from harm works a lot better when you care whether they live or die...and if there is one thing I would think you cared about in this world, it would be yourself. " J.D. glanced around then picked up the first bottle from the fridge, taking a long drink in silence. @Wayfarer @Bongo
  2. Lucian had now entered the kitchen and immediately informed her that she was going to be taken to his own home in Hidden Basin and then later put on a boat. Steph nodded and grinned, "Ooh, you don't waste time, do you? Already inviting me into your place? So we going to share a bed too?" But Steph also wanted to say something to Kat too, "Oh yeah, I'd like to stay in touch too. You got a nice place here and I love the horses, dogs, etc. Who knows, if my jailers let me maybe I can come back and we go on another horseback ride......minus the moose in the mud." Kat was offering the two men cold pizza (ugh) and beer in the fridge. Steph stood up and got to the fridge first, opening the door and grabbing a beer, "Don't mind if I do." Turning around she pointed out, "Come on, everyone, we're in a private home and it's just one beer. I was drinking hard liquor at the mansion since I was thirteen and my family knew it. " @Bongo@Stormwolfe@Longshot
  3. Kat then admitted she had been only teasing about the conditions on this island place Lucian had been talking about sending the heiress. Stephanie nodded then replied, "Yeah I do need another phone, even if it's just some cheap one or a burner like in those spy movies. If I do call you though, you have to promise to bring pizza when you make your rescue run." "I think it's an island...not positive but while I have been in a canoe never was in a kayak. Sounds like it could be cool," she smiled. Kat assured her," Really, though, they'll take good care of you, and with Regan helping, they'll get this all straightened out and life can go back to normal." Stephanie sighed, "Honestly I've never had what most people would call a normal life. That's not how the Strouds live. We are one twisted bunch. I mean Unky Mason is the worst of us currently but ..........well...I wouldn't wish my family on anyone. But it must be nice to be like you.....I mean to have your optimistic outlook on things. You know what my definition of an optimist is? An optimist is somebody BEFORE the event happens." @Bongo@Stormwolfe@Longshot
  4. Stephanie blinked and set down the coke, "You do?" After hearing that glorious description, she frowned, "Holy shit. I'm not some pioneer chick. I like the current century just fine, no interest in the Middle Ages. " "Maybe I should just demand they put me up in a luxury hotel? That's more my speed. I'd demand they let me stay here but Iike I said.......I don't want to bring any more trouble down on you. " "But I'll be damned if I'm gonna park my sweet little ass in some primitive dump," she huffed.
  5. "Sorry..." Kat replied, "Are they all right? Do they need a place to stay?" Her grin widened. "I have plenty of tents for over night trail rides, and there's the barn...top-notch accommodations, and a shotgun...Uncle Mason won't get here." "None of it was your fault, nothing for you to be sorry for. But it is mine. It was my brilliant idea to bring them along on my little trip. They don't have any money so I offered to pay for everything. I should have thought it out better and realized that my uncle might lash out at them too," Steph confessed, she genuinely felt rotten about it. "But thanks for the offer, they're gone though. Lawyer lady bought them plane tickets to go back home - where they belong. The war is between me and my uncle," she answered Kat. "You won't ever see my uncle show up, he never does anything himself. He sends people to do his dirty work. Lawyers, thugs...he's got 'em all. Speaking of which, if a big dude with a Russian accent shows up here, do not let him in. He is my uncle's main thug and he is as mean as they come. He beat up Louis. He killed my dog. And I'm pretty sure he has killed people too. Shit, I might well have dragged you into this mess now too....not intentionally, but my two rescuers by bringing me here." Kat now called out that lunch was on as she stood by the door. "I'd love to stay here, you got a great place but I would only make it unsafe for you. And Lucian and his brother, Attila the Hun, want to take me to some hideaway on another island I guess. We'll see if I can stand it there," Stephanie shrugged. @Bongo
  6. "Coke! I'll take a coke please!" Stephanie called from upstairs as she grabbed her few things that she had left behind. Her top (and cell phone) were still back at that rave place where she got kidnapped...wait....rescued. She would have to get another phone, the top wasn't important. Soon enough she was back down to join Kat in her kitchen. "Ugh, I can't stomach cold pizza..........or warmed over pizza...........it's gotta be fresh and hot or it's not pizza," she made a face at the pizza but sat down for a salad. She ate a lot of those so she could keep that toned tummy of hers. Sipping the coke between bites of salad she looked over to Kat, "Thanks for everything. This is a cool place. And I'm sorry you got dragged into this mess but most of that was the fault of my .............employees. " "I know you didn't go into the motel room back there but one of my uncle's thugs really beat up my friend Louis. He threatened both of them. And little Ava is like the nicest mousiest girl you'd ever meet. She is the exact opposite of me. I hate that almost everyone I know gets sucked into this death struggle with my Unky Mason. It's bullshit." Tags @Bongo
  7. Stephanie was not normally one to just sit in a vehicle while riding, she liked to talk. Quiet was not in her nature. Still, the ride was pretty subdued, she couldn't even give Reagan any directions as she didn't really know the local roads and turns. Fortunately she did remember the name of the motel and that was all one needed in this era of GPS. Or maybe Reagan even knew where the place was on her own. It didn't take them long to pull into the lot and Steph pointed toward where their room number was. The three young friends shared a room, it had two queen beds. Louis slept in one and Ava and Steph shared. "OK, shouldn't be long," she assured Reagan then smiled at Lucien when he got the door for her, "Wow, you learn fast. You'd be a great menial for rich folk." Lucien warned her about the risk that word of mouth still held for her even if the police department was trying to shut this up. Frankly, she did not see how they could even get away with it. The rave had been crowded and umpteen people witnessed the so called kidnapping. Whatever....beyond her control. "Not my fault ya know, Wiley Coyote Super Genius," she laughed then headed for the door of the room. She didn't even get to knock before the door flung open and there was Ava practically leaping onto her in an embrace. "Oh god, Steph!We were so worried! I was a wreck," Ava bit back tears then blinked at the sight of Lucien. "Wait! Isn't that....OH MY GOD!" the petite blond backed up horrified. "Just calm, huh. Don't worry. It's fine. This ..................gentleman....is one of my bodyguards now," Steph grinned. "But...wasn't he....huh?" Ava was so confused, a state of mind Steph often found her in to be blunt. "Long complicated story that even if I explained it all right now, you wouldn't get it so let's wait til we have a few hours, chill out girl," Steph reached out and patted the other girl's cheek. "Oops, almost forgot. Lucien, this is Ava. Ava, Lucien," Steph did the whole intro thing. "Miss," Lucian smiled and nodded at Ava. "We apologize for alarming you. I promise you that all we wanted to do and want to do is keep her safe." He decided to leave it up to Stephanie on how much she told her friends about everything. He assumed they knew she felt she was not safe with her uncle. "I do not get it," Ava was being completely sincere. Of course Steph would tell you Ava didn't get a lot of things. J.D. came up behind Lucian and Steph as they passed by the girl and entered the house. He saw the wide eyes and the expression on her and leaned a bit in her direction, tugging his sunglasses down to show his eyes a bit as he said "Boo..." in a low voice before smiling and pushing them back into place and following his brother. Ava blinked and backed up a step not having any desire to get in this one's way as they entered the motel room. She then shut the door. She barely whispered once he went by her, "Boo yourself." Steph and Lucian were now looking down at the nearest bed in the room or rather at the young man lying on it. Steph knew him of course. It was Louis and obviously something was wrong. First off Louis was not the sort to just lie there and let Ava greet whoever came to the door and then when it was obviously Steph, he'd have normally raced up to her in a joyous reunion moment. But he was on his back on the bed, head propped up on a balled up pillow, shoes off, socks off, and clad only in boxer shorts. Was he sporting a black eye? On top of his chest and stomach were ice bags? Steph also noticed on the bed table an open bottle of Tylenol and a half finished plastic bottle of Coke. He was awake though and he gave her his best attempt at one of his goofy smiles though it was plain to see he was in some real discomfort. "Hey Steph, sorry I didn't get up. Not really all that mobile right now." That's when Louis then noticed the men with her, "Oh shit. Those guys." "Yeah dude, those guys. But don't worry about them. They work for me now. I'll fill you in later but what the hell, dude? You fall or something and what's with the ice bags? I think you put them over your eye," Steph frowned. "Your uncle's douchebag security man...that Russian you hate so much...he paid us a visit," Louis wasn't smiling now. "Oh shit!" Steph snapped.
  8. Kat and Steph's conversation paused as they were then joined by her not-kidnappers now employees. Lucian didn't waste any time launching into an apology, not just to her but Kat too. Steph let the other woman reply first, while she just stood there taking in the sight of the two men looking fairly uncomfortable despite their best efforts to remain cool. She wasn't going to be vindictive. Oh, she was very vindictive about a lot of things in her life but she'd already decided they weren't her enemies, she had enough of those already. Well....OK, except for one little matter. When Kat finished...... "Apology accepted, Lucian sweetie," Steph smiled cloyly then her eyes went to the other brother, "Now I'd like to hear it from you, dude. A nice sincere apology - that is if you even can get it out of your craw." J.D. blinked for a moment as he caught up with the conversation. He stared at the girl, then his eyes went to Lucian and then Kat then back to Stephanie. "Excuse me...a what?..." He straightened and his eyes narrowed. "You seriously want me to apologize for spending the night in jail because of You??..." J.D.'s gaze rotated back around to Lucian. "You better have something to say about this..." "Yes, I seriously do. You did not end up in jail because of me. I was dancing at the rave, didn't even know you from Adam, and having a good time and you and your brother took me against my will. You waved around that big ass gun of yours and for all I knew you were going to use it. None of that was my fault, dude," Steph countered with a glare. "And don't look to your brother. He already did the right thing and apologized. Now be a gentleman," she crossed her arms and waited. Tags @Stormwolfe@Wayfarer@Bongo@Longshot@Flip
  9. "Safe? Well, it was til all this shit went down. Now it's gonna be a newspaper article and whatever passes for local TV around here. That will alert the paparazzi and plus I think the authorities probably contacted my family ergo Unky Mason. So I won't be able to stay much longer," Steph fully admitted. "But right now I need to let my friends know I'm OK and get them taken care of. I mean in case they wanna head back home. Their families are actually pretty decent...mostly," she added. "Lucian's sister is getting them released now I would guess, she's some hot shot lawyer type." @Bongo@Flip Open
  10. With: Vitaly Lysenko, Stephanie Stroud, Open Location: Local airport When: May 2017 Time: Time of Day (early afternoon) The Cessna Citation plane had no sooner come to a halt when the side door opened and in a moment a tall man dressed in a dark business suit with shiny expensive shoes stepped out onto the tarmac. Even as he glanced at his watch, another man also clad in a fine suit followed him out of the plane, talking on his cellphone. "The car is already here, sir. They are not allowed to come out on the field," the man reported as he shut his phone. "Very well, a little walk won't hurt us. Have our luggage sent to the hotel. I would like to get going on this but we probably will have to spend at least one night here. Come!" Vitaly Lysenko snapped then set a brisk pace toward the airport terminal. Mason Stroud had sent him to collect his wayward niece after her latest misadventure. Vitaly knew the girl well. Which is not to say there was anything between them but sheer hatred. He found her to be a nuisance, an irritant, and a complication that he had long grown tired of dealing with. Still his employer had forbade him to do what Vitaly felt needed to be done. But that time would be coming soon enough, the bitch was almost twenty-one. His employer had long ago made it clear that would be a birthday she would never live to celebrate. But for now the mission was to find her and bring her back. TBC
  11. Stephanie spun about at the familiar voice. Kat and looking chipper (that was a word her dad used to like to use). "Oh hey, proof the justice system works, right?" Steph was hardly that optimistic but it had this time. She also now got a ride offer. There was just one flaw though. "Thanks for the offer but.....I really really wanna get back to the motel and see my friends, Louis and Ava. They must be all worried....if for no other reason that I'm paying for the room and I paid for them to get to this place and would need to pay for them to go back home again too," she explained. "And....before you say anything, yes, I AM capable of having friends," she grinned. @Bongo@Flip
  12. The chief was still puzzled by all this about the now not kidnapped girl's uncle? All he knew about the man was the background he had read on Stephanie Stroud's personal data. She had an uncle who was a rather rich and powerful businessman out of Washington state. There was nothing about any criminal suspicion. So Dryer was going on merely the hearsay statements of this Katherine Mercer? Why the DA would laugh him out of the office if he even tried to get an arrest warrant on something so flimsy. Not to mention talk about out of jurisdiction, this Mason Stroud lived in another state. "I honestly think you are certainly jumping to conclusions here. This is the first I've heard of any of this. And you got it from the woman whose house Miss Stroud was driven to while taken? But nothing from Miss Stroud? You didn't even question her on any of what Miss Mercer stated?" he frowned. "Just release 'em all. This is messed up big time but fortunately it turned out alright, no one killed or even injured. No one pressing charges. We should just count our blessings and move on, Dryer," he made his decision. @Flip
  13. With: Steph, Kat, Lucian, JD, anyone else Location: Police station When: May 2017 Time: Late Afternoon Soon after her new lawyer left the interrogation room, Stephanie was informed she was not to be charged with anything and was now free to go. She had been quite relaxed the whole time anyway because she had been confident they had nothing on her. She just hoped her newest employees, those McLeod brothers appreciated how she had went to bat for them. She could have made it much harder on them had she wanted to be a bitch. Lucky for them though, they weren't paparazzi. Steph couldn't wait to leave, hurrying on outside right after signing some boring release forms. First item on her agenda was to look up at the Alaska sky, raise her arms and give a loud shout. "Free at last, Lord, free at last!" She didn't care who heard her either. Most of all she just wanted to get back to the motel and see her two friends, Louis and Ava. They must be really worried about her. But before that, she had one other person to check up on. Kat. She had already heard Kat also was not charged with anything so that wasn't going to be an issue. But Kat would need a ride home. Come to think of it, she too would need a ride back to the motel. Normally she could call a cab but her phone was lost. At the rave where it fell on the floor. Oh well, she could always get another phone. @Bongo@Stormwolfe@Longshot
  14. "Fair enough. Though we responded to calls from the public about a possible kidnapping, don't see how the woman can now throw a false arrest suit on the department. We were within our jurisdiction and we could bring them in for questioning," Aiden responded. "How do you know that this young woman's uncle is the problem, wants her gone as you said? Did she tell you this?" he then asked, that he knew of Dryer hadn't even interviewed Miss Stroud at the station. @Flip
  15. Aiden was just finishing a conversation on his cell phone, "Alright, sounds good. Goodbye." He looked then to see who entered the office, "Well, how's it proceeding then? The Rave's manager says he has no interest in pushing any charges. Honestly he probably loves the publicity it's gonna get the place when the papers get ahold of the story. You know, young people wanna be where the excitement is kinda thing."

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