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  1. Rick smiled, "Take care, see you next time." And he knew there would be a next time, for something. "No, probably wouldn't be able to get away, but I'll be on the lookout for the results. Leads to follow up, people to talk to, you know that routine I'm sure." Not that autopsies were something he like attending, he would if he could sort of thing, and for this one, he doubted anything new would be revealed. It was pretty straight forward what had happened and what the cause of death was. Although , there was always a chance something might turn up from the procedure that was not evident at the crime scene. It had happened before and really wasn't all that uncommon. "Well anything comes up on my end I'll let you know." He offered.
  2. "I think it is all connected to the MacLeod shooting somehow. Too much of a coincidence to have this happen and find a rifle chambered for Lapua, same as the rounds that hit Liam. MacLeod" “I’m certainly getting that feel. Connected, that is a a real possibility. And actually, I can’t say I blame either of you. Your boss has a point, but having been in the field, well, that never goes away.” Rick responded. "Maybe gutting that man was meant to throw us...you...off the scent?" She slanted a look up at Rick. “I can see that as one possibility, a second might be a message to someone or several someones that are interconnected in whatever is going on.” Rick surmised. “And I believe that there is most certainly something afoot we have no idea about, that is for the moment.” He smiled. “I will say this Agent Noelani, you’re welcome on my case anytime, for any reason. Doesn’t need to be made public. Just so you know.” He liked her, liked her style and was well aware that she could be useful with her knowledge of those involved, or likely to be.
  3. Yeah, the rain. Well, it's part and parcel. LA, well you know that old time song, "It Never Rain In Southern California?'Not exactly true, but certainly not like it is here, and so we are not as lush and green as this is." He reported. we get some, not enough, but some. " He half chuckled and finished his coffee that was now a little less than lukewarm. He looked at her a moment, "so what do you gather from this mess? Anything?" Granted he had seen some pretty brutal stuff on the streets of Los Angeles, but this was beyond any of that. The gangs could be cruel, savage and wanton, this certainly had all the traits of a psychopath.
  4. "I've done a little work with Lucian on Storm Shelter cases. He is usually very careful about not crossing legal boundaries. However, when he takes on a client, their safety and needs come first with him." “Understandable. One can’t put the client at risk, poor business practice,” Dryer responded. To him, none of the MacLeods sound like poor business people.” Rick surmised, not really knowing much about the family other than the usual public knowledge things, and of course the legal record of Lucians time with the Marshals service. She sighed and began packing up her case. Indicating the launch that had brought her to the scene, Akela asked, "Want a ride back? Beats the rubber boat you came out in." She grinned and winked. He took a swallow of his coffee and smiled at the offer.”Missus Dryer raised no fools. I’ll take that ride and anything beats that rubber boat. At least the driver had the common sense to head back til I called for him." He scanned the dark sky with a crack of light in the east. "Think it'll rain? Tag @Stormwolfe
  5. “I was told your people were great to work with. Not duplicating work is always a plus, and the fact we get what we need without the long waits from the State labs. Makes a difference.” He said appreciative. “I’ve had the occasion to cross paths with Reagan McLeod, straight forward, no BS, and that’s a good thing. Lucian, well, I like him. Seems like he has info I like to have, but I suppose time will tell, and Liam? Well, we’ll see what happens.” He looked to the body. “Poor man, bet he thought he’d be set for life.” Rick knew that he'd have to have the McLeod's co-operation to get anywhere with either case. And, maybe Liam would be the key, or just another block in the way of solving these murders. Tag @Stormwolfe
  6. Rick smiled wryly, "Murder's murder. No two ways about it. But you're right about this one, we've zero to go on but the stiff, excuse me, the body. " He caught his faux pas, too much time on the streets of LA. "We'll see what the lab turns up, if anything, and I'll have a chat with Mister Liam MacCloud. Doubt we'll get anywhere with him, but hey, he could surprise us." He added. as his coffee arrived. He nodded to the seaman, "Thanks. So, what's left to do here, anything?" Tag @Stormwolfe
  7. "Ah yes, Reagan MacLeod dealt with her on the kidnapping fiasco. She's CEO material if I ever saw it." Rick recalled. "This, well this looks almost like revenge of some sort. More than just to silence someone. Hell, one round would accomplish that." The condition of the body bespoke of a disturbed individual either hired or working on their own to kill this man. But if it were a simple case of murder and not this disembowelment they were looking at, then why was the rifle found with the body? Was this in fact the shooter, or someone made to look like the shooter? "You have an ID on this guy yet?" Rick asked, hoping the ME had found something. TAG @Stormwolfe
  8. Rick looked at what had once been a man, a man that had been alive, possibly with family, friends, children, hopes and dreams. Dead, brutally gutted. He had to agree this was more than a shooting, a simple murder, far more. There was real anger in what had befallen this man, rage was more like it. "He was the CEO of Coldwater Holdings? Man, he pissed somebody off!" Rick observed. "Figure the fish got to his entrails, or are you hoping they're down there?" Not that it would matter much he supposed. It wasn't like they had found the body in a building, or a car and all that was missing. 'Sounds a hell of a lot like an episode of Fringe!' He thought, then immediately mentally shook his head to clear it. "You get much of this sortta thing up here?" Tag @Stormwolfe
  9. As the body was brought up Rick watched Akela with the rifle. ".338? Big shell to be used on a man. And the second time a big bore has been used in a murder." He paused a moment as the body was transferred onto the deck of the cutter. "I'm wondering if this isn't the same rifle, or at least the same killer using this type of weapon. It would seem, from what you just said that the Remington 700 is readily available everywhere in the state, much less in Kodiak. That would make tracking it down very difficult." Though he was not above attempting such an undertaking. Tag @Stormwolfe
  10. "There is always coffee on board," Akela replied with a saucy grin. "In fact, the USCG has been accused of fueling its cutters with the stuff." She turned to a young man, "Get the LT some coffee, Seaman." “Thanks, a bit on the brisk side out here.” Rick said, stating the obvious “Well, I guess it would be okay to bring him on board and we can get started. Let’s have a look, what say?” Water-logged bodies were his east favorite things to deal with. The carefully wrapped rifle was on board by that point so Akela forwarded Dryer's orders to Obrecht, "Go ahead and bring the body up. Let's hope bits of him doesn't sluff off before the ME gets him on the table." While the crew got busy on her orders, Akela turned back to Rick, "How are you liking the exciting life of working for the KPD?" She was not being sarcastic. In fact, although the KPD was very small, they did an amazing job of law enforcement. It was rare that visitors saw the darker side of Kodiak. Tourism was increasing and the Chief of Police was pushing hard to make sure they remained safe. “You know, I was a bit apprehensive about restarting my LE career, but it’s been pretty good...so far.” He smiled, accepting the cup of coffee from the Seaman, “thanks. It’s not the quiet small town force I mistook it for. Seems there’s far ore than meets the eye here." Tag @Stormwolfe
  11. Rick was smiling both at her and the firm handshake, even though he was not happy about the call, but he liked this woman. So in spite of the body, and whatever it would reveal, he had pleasant enough company. "Understood, can't have you guys doing all the work out here. Let's get him up and see what we've got, and maybe you've got some coffee on board?" He replied. as he walked along the deck with her toward where the hoist was. Tag @Stormwolfe
  12. Floaters. Rick knew what that meant a boat ride and probably getting wet, not one of his favorite things, as it was cold on top of it. But this was Alaska, and it was the job. He had seen Special Agent Akela Noelani from CGI as the approached, and to him this was good. Having worked with her before he suddenly felt more relaxed. She was extremely competent, yet easy to work with. He came aboard the cutter and walked directly to her with an extended had, “Good morning, such as it is. Good to see you again.” He greeted, “What have we got?” Not that he didn't know, but she may have some info he didn't on the floater.
  13. Officer Kent Cooper simply stood watching. He was about to say something pertaining to the lack of television reporters or camera when the former U.S. Marshal, Lucian MacLeod walked past him and began conversing with those outside. At that moment Lieutenant Dryer walked up. "Hard to fathom, retired US Marshal involved with a mess like this?" Rick said in a low voice as they both looked on. "It is." Cooper replied. "I mean it just doesn't ad up does it. The man has just about everything and ends up in here," "I mean to talk to him, and soon. I've head of cops going bad, but, after retirement, with all he has." Rick wondered aloud. "Chief thinks there's more to this. We'll see." Cooper smiled, studying the group. "We will."
  14. "By all means, Miss Mercer." Officer Cooper stated as he watched her push through the door to get to her jubilant friend.
  15. Rick stood, hearing the Chief out. "Yes Sir." He stated. He certainly did not presume to have intel the department didn't, however, a former U.S. Marshal stating that the Uncle was most certainly a threat to Stephanie Stroud was pretty strong evidence. The thing was, Rick was certain that he had heard the Department did have something on the man, but then had he really. No matter now. "It's taken care of, and if any new information comes my way, I'll pass it on to you." With that he turned on a heal and walked out, glad his rear end was still where it belonged. Open

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