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  1. J.D. finished securing the plane and then picked up his bags. One was a large carry on suitcase, and the other one was an old style military duffel that took a bit more effort for J.D. to lift. He walked with both as the group made its' way into the house. J.D. heard Lucian assigning the two of them to the smaller bedrooms so J.D. moved through the house to the bedroom that did not border the kitchen. Lucian was the chef, so he could be next to the kitchen. J.D. set the army duffel into the floor on the other side of the bed and set the clothing suitcase on the bed itself...beginning to methodically unpack and put items into the drawers and closet of the room. "Your spaghetti sounds great!" J.D. called out when he heard Lucian's question. He finished and set the empty suitcase into the floor of the closet. He then lifted the duffel and laid it on the bed. He unlocked the padlock and opened the end of the bag and began tugging out some weapons from the bag and laying them on top of the covers along with some ammunition. J.D. glanced along the bed and smiled to himself. "Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it." @PLAYERS
  2. J.D. smiled a bit to himself as he glanced at Steph in the mirror. It had taken J.D. a bit to realize that the best way to get under her skin was not to engage in her, but even J.D. had his own limits. "Steph, you would have to hire someone to fly you around...and that might end up costing you more than the price of the plane...Stephing and Handling Fee." @PLAYERS
  3. J.D. shook his head as he sat in the pilot's seat and began the engine start. The propeller turned over and then caught with a roar. It ran rough for several seconds then smoothed out as J.D. adjusted the fuel mixture. J.D, slipped a ball cap and some aviators on, then he then pushed the throttle forward enough to get the seaplane moving away from the dock. J.D. taxied the seaplane out until he was in the open water and then he lined up into the wind and pushed the throttle forward. The seaplane sped up and bobbed a few times before less of the pontoons were in the water. J.D. eased back on the control wheel and the Beaver lifted smoothly, climbing at a steady angle as J.D. cleaned the flaps up and settled the controls. He banked the seaplane and then leveled off. He took a last look around the instruments then looked around, speaking into the intercom since everyone was wearing headphones due to the engine rumble. "Ladies , this is your Captain speaking. You may unbuckle your seat belts and relax. There doesn't appear to be any weather issues between here and our destination. If you have any questions please direct them to your stewardess..." J.D. cast a nod toward Lucian before he returned his gaze to outside the aircraft, one hand resting on the control wheel in a relaxed but alert manner. @PLAYERS
  4. J.D.'s eyes narrowed as he looked from the carrier to his brothers to the two ladies. He muttered a few things under his breath and then threw his hands up as he turned back to continue checking the seaplane. "Fine! Bring him...but he sits in the back...the very back!" J.D. then opened the second door behind the one at the pilot's seat. "Ladies...your gear goes behind the last seats." He gestured to the open space that already held a few bags. @Stormwolfe @Bongo @Wayfarer
  5. J.D.'s head popped up from behind the control panel of the seaplane, looking around for the source of the squawking. He reached and grabbed an overhead handle and tugged himself sideways so he could clear the door frame. "No! Absolutely not! You are not bringing that bird!" J.D. hopped from the plane to land on the dock. "I am not kidding, Lucian!" @Stormwolfe @Bongo @Wayfarer
  6. J.D. moved around to stand beside the bed, careful not to touch the young man as his eyes moved over him. "Looks like a pretty thorough job..." J.D. said as he looked up at Steph, "...Who is this Russian he's talking about?" Before Stephanie could answer, Lucian moved quietly past his brother to crouch next to the bed. His eyes and expression was both kind and concerned. "This is a new game entirely if they would hurt someone like this." He directed his gaze at the boy, "We should get you to a doctor." Louis winced, "Umm, he told me not to go but get on the first plane out of here. Ava too. That was after he beat me up, his buddy held me and then he worked me over but nothing to the face. He said that way I could get on the plane without any questions of what happened." "Oh yeah, Steph! Almost forgot, we gotta leave today anyhow. Your credit card has been cancelled, the motel manager said today is the last day paid for and you know we can't afford it," Ava interjected. "Well, fuck! Unky Mason probably cancelled it. He's probably frozen my bank account too, that prick," Steph snapped then turned to the brothers. "To answer your question, the man who came here is Unky Mason's favorite thug....oh his official title is Head of Security but the only person he ever makes feel secure is my uncle. He's a Russian....green card or naturalized citizen I don't know but he came from Russia. Anatoly Lysenko. And he hates me with a passion. ," she calmly explained. J.D. smiled as he tugged out his cellphone. "Well then, he can't be all bad..." He said with a grin as he moved toward the door. Steph smiled back and gave him her middle finger. "Let me make a few calls...learn more about out mysterious Mr. Lysenko." He went out into the main room, phone now stuck to his ear. "You see what I have to deal with? And most people think I'm just making stuff up and am a Drama Llama. That guy is scary," she added. Avis eagerly chimed in, "He said to me if Louis or me called the cops, that would be very unwise. If we valued the well being of our families." Lucian offered Avis a reassuring smile, "We will get you taken care of and safely home. First, I have to get my SUV from where we left it. Then my sister, Reagan, can come back, get Louis to the clinic and then get you both on a flight home. Do not worry. We will do our best to make sure nothing happens to any of you." He rose to his feet and grinned at Stephanie, "I am willing to be that J.D. knows some people that are just as scary as Lysenko." "From what I know of your brother so far, they are no doubt his best friends," smirked Stephanie but then got more serious, "I don't know. Lysenko's threats are serious. Did you hear what Avis just said about his threat? I think they should do as they were told and just go home. You guys are gonna have to lend me some money so their plane tickets can be paid for. My spigot is shut off. Oh, and I want a new cell phone. A girl can't live without a cell phone you know." "I am pretty sure a girl with a cellphone won't live long, either..." J.D. said as he walked back into the room. "...you know they will probably try to track you by it. You can't call anyone because they will probably be tracking their phones also and would be able to trace a burner back to you." "Well crap," Steph frowned. She was pretty sure he knew more about such stuff than she did though so wasn't going to argue with the guy. J.D. held his phone up and waved it as he sat down. "We might need to all get new phones so we stop making their job easier. I am waiting on a few friends to call me back with information, then I am dumping this one. I am also expecting some files via email...It should prove to be interesting reading about your friend Lysenko." "Wonder if we'll find that he sleeps with Satan and his hobby is beheadings?" Steph grinned. "We need to also decide on a safe house for Stephanie. My place is defensible, but it is also across the bay from Coldwater and our parents home is not exactly low-profile," Lucian remarked. "Now that Liam knows there is danger, he can do his share of helping to keep her safe - once he is out of the hospital, of course. Until then, I recommend we use Invictus. She has four staterooms. Plenty of space and easy to defend." Not to mention that the biggest of his tour boats had more power and range than all but the bigger USGS cutters. "We had a really cool yacht," Steph declared then Avis giggled. "Well, until I wrecked it," Steph added, "by accident of course." That got Avis laughing all the more. Lucian trusted J.D.'s assessment of their situation and agreed on the issue of cell phones. They would need a good supply of burners. However, Stephanie had grown up in her current situation. Her worry and fear of Lysenko seemed genuine. He looked back at Avis and Louis, "We will book you on the first flight out of here. But, you, young man," he said mock-sternly, "will see a doctor as soon as you are home." At any other time, Lucian could have piloted them back to Washington himself. Right now, he was needed here. "I can't do that. The insurance and the hospital will be curious about these bruises. I can't exactly say I got them falling down the stairs when my face and hands and elbows etc are all fine," Louis had to disagree. "Well, not sure about your face," grinned Avis. "Shut up you," Louis retorted. "We will need to go by the house and pick up some hardware..." J.D. added. "The boat is a good choice but if they guess the location they won't be coming with handguns alone. If Lysenko is the professional he seems to be on first look, his people will be competent at the very least...they may have orders to bring Steph back alive but I doubt those orders will extend to any of the rest of us." "Oh I think Unky Mason wants me back without anything like murders to worry about. He is working on getting me committed for insanity. He's already got a psychiatrist in his pocket for it," Steph explained.
  7. J.D. sputtered, staring at Stephanie, then composed himself with obvious effort. "I...apologize..." He managed to grind out past clenched teeth, "...I hope that's enough for you." Steph could not help it, she laughed out loud. You'd have thought he had just had all his fingernails pulled out to elicit that little admission. Pig-headed man that he was. Still.......Steph was not going to be vindictive. "Alright dude, that was so totally unconvincing but I guess I'll take it," she shrugged. J.D. jammed his hands into his pockets and muttered something but it was pretty much inaudible to everyone as he looked down at his feet. Suddenly she stepped forward and gave him a quick peck on his cheek just above the beard, "You'n me are buddies now." J.D. blinked as his face flushed red from neck to hair. "Buddies? Now we're buddies?..." J.D. turned to Lucian. "This is totally your fault." With a Cheshire Cat grin she turned to the others, "OK, should we go now or we do all want to hold hands and sing Kumbaya or whatever that fuckin' song is called?" @Wayfarer@Stormwolfe
  8. J.D. walked out through the back door and out into the yard, he stretched and arched his back as he inhaled the cooler air outside. He then began walking around the house, keeping his eyes up as he tried to figure out which window was the room Kat was in. It was not like he did not trust the girl, but honestly...he did not trust the girl. between her lifestyle and her attitude since they had taken her from the club he just could not bring himself to believe she would not do something everyone, especially he and Lucian, would regret. J.D. paused on one side of the house, eyes moving along the windows on the second floor as his forehead furrowed. He thought about going back inside and getting a confirmed room for her but it felt good to actually be getting some air after his night dozing in the chair. He stopped and rolled his neck around slowly to loosen the tight muscles. He stuffed his hands into the coat pockets and then kept walking, figuring to make a complete round of the house before heading back inside. @Stormwolfe @Wayfarer @Bongo for responses
  9. J.D. shook his head to himself as he moved over to a chair a bit removed from the conversation. He reached around and drew his Browning and ejected the magazine. He fished some loose shells from another pocket and began thumbing them into the magazine to replace the ones he fired outside the club. The motion was familiar and let his mind wander a bit as he watched and listened. He had agreed to help Lucian because of the simple fact that his brother had asked him, but J.D. also remembered a lot of other times when he had done so and regretted it. J.D. seriously hoped his brother had some sort of plan to get them out of this situation without ending up in jail, but either way he would back his brother's play. J.D. slid the magazine back into place quietly and re-holstered the pistol Open Tags
  10. J.D. turned as he heard the increased commotion of Lucian and figured he had picked the girl up to make moving easier. He looked to pick out a path through the people toward the front door of the club. Some of the nearby club goers had already given them a space in reaction to the guy collapsing and Lucian dealing with the girl. J.D. began to push forward, moving people to each side as easily as he could but still moving them. A few reacted angrily or tried to push back. J.D. kept their progress steady toward the door. The crowd of dancing people suddenly gave way to a guy in slacks and a polo shirt with the name of the club on it. He was pretty well built but it looked like gym muscle instead of anything hard. The bouncer reached out and bounced a palm against J.D.'s chest. "Hey buddy, you can't just take a girl out of here like that..." The bouncer's eyes widened as J.D. brought a hand up and out to deflect his palm from his chest. He reacted pretty fast and launched a roundhouse that could have leveled J.D. if he had stayed where he was but he was already ducking the sweep of the muscled arm, popping back up to fire his arm straight out, the Y of his thumb and forefinger hitting the bouncer's throat and making him gag with a nasty sound. J.D. locked the bouncer's right arm with his hands and pivoted, sending the big man stumbling off to the side to knock over several of the dancers. He then glanced back to make sure Lucian was following before he resumed heading for the front door.
  11. J.D. had glided up behind the young lady's erstwhile defender as Lucian was dealing with the lady herself. His arms shot out, one going around the man's throat as the other slid behind his head to level his throat against the arm in place across the front. J.D. braced his legs a bit more apart to set the leverage as the man's comment to Lucian trailed off in an not very eloquent series of sounds. He did arch and struggle but J.D. had years of experience as well as a few inches and pounds on the man. Oxygen and blood flow were cut off instantly and due to his dancing and the chemicals in his body he lost consciousness faster than normal. J.D. gave him a few seconds to make sure he wasn't faking, then let him slowly drop to the dance floor, hanging on to him until he was slumped out flat...no need to fracture his skull by accident due to gravity. J.D. then straightened and looked around them, then back to Lucian. "Will you hurry up?" Tags @Stormwolfe @Wayfarer
  12. J.D. walked along beside his brother, his legs stretching a bit as he strode a bit faster to keep pace. He knew when his brother was in these kinds of moods. He was walking with purpose and about as talkative as a granite boulder. J.D. had gotten used to these times and kept his own council as they moved down the sidewalk. He looked on ahead of them at the approaching oasis of light that was the diner. He shrugged his shoulders a bit and tightened his fists in the pockets of his jacket. The weather was a bit of a change from California, and J.D. realized he was probably going to have to go shopping in the next few days. The two men walked into the diner and J.D. looked around, inhaling the scents and feeling his stomach growl, reminding him how long it had been since his last actual meal. "Oh, wow...this is exactly what I needed." He said as he followed Lucian. Lucian grinned, "Would I drag you to a gutter dive?" J.D. nodded. "You would and you have, but you get a pass for this place." Lucian slid into a booth at the rear of the old-style diner. Out of habit, he chose the seat against the wall that gave him a clear line of site to the door and other patrons of the small restaurant. He pulled two menus from where the holder and handed one to his brother. He was just starting to realize how tired he was and, looking over at J.D., he could see his twin was feeling it too. Possibly even worse for Jameson since he had had to travel up from the lower forty-eight. "I have some spare jackets and gloves you can borrow until you can update your wardrobe." Lucian's words were without rancor of any kind. "I might even have some of your gear on the boat or at the apartment. Almost sure I do out at the house." It was innocuous conversation because Lucian was not ready to delve into the shooting or the favor their father had asked of them. After a cup of coffee or three maybe, just not now. J.D. nodded while he looked over the menu. "Good. I can go shopping when the stores are open. I know it's hardly cold here yet but it's pretty chilly compared to California..." He lifted his arm and looked at his watch. "Damn, I don't know if I am eating breakfast or supper." Lucian smiled tiredly, "I have lost all sense of time as well. It does not matter. I cannot pass up Java's double cheeseburger and onion rings." He stretched his legs out beneath the table, taking care not to kick J.D. "I wish Liam had been more forthcoming on...things."
  13. J.D. walked toward the door of the warehouse. He could feel the thumping beat of the music even outside and he exhaled. He seriously hated club music, and he hated these secret raves even more. He had had to go into a few of these in the past and his head usually rang for a few days afterward. J.D. usually had less ear ringing after shooting at the range without his ear covers. He walked up to the door and nodded at the doorman. The younger man gave him a once over, obviously tagging him as not a normal club goer but he shrugged when J.D. fished out a few bills and handed them over to pay his cover charge. J.D. pushed through the inner set of doors and winced as the music washed over him. "Jesus, I hate club music..." He said to himself as he moved through the crowd, finding a point near a wall as far from the DJ area as he could. He pulled out his cellphone and texted Lucian. "I'm inside. Can't hear a thing." He then stood quietly, head moving slowly as he scanned the mass of moving bodies, hoping to maybe spot his quarry but not really feeling too confident in this mob.
  14. Fortunately, at that hour of the night, traffic was virtually non-existent. In less than fifteen minutes, Lucian was pulling into a parking spot behind the building that housed the rave. He looked toward the old warehouse, noting its black painted windows. He looked at his brother again, "Björn is not known for keeping armed goons at his raves, but we should be ready for anything." Now, it was confession time. J.D. was not going to like this. "I have met Miss Stroud. She and her friends were in the Alibi last Friday night. I booted them out for being underage although they had really good paper. Top notch, in fact. It would have probably fooled anyone." Lucian sighed, "It is unlikely that she and her friends will come with us quietly." J.D. sat quietly for a moment, then turned and looked at his brother. "How do you do that? I mean seriously, how?..." J.D. brought a hand up and rubbed his forehead slowly. "The one person we need to get our hands on peacefully and...this." Lucian slanted Jameson a sharp look, "It is not as if I can see into the future, brother. How could I know that Liam would decide to do a favor for some millionaire a thousand miles away from here - or get himself shot and land us with the job." J.D. nodded. "Okay, okay...point taken..." He turned his head to look at the warehouse again. "...So I am guessing you going inside would be a bad idea?" "Oh no, you will need backup, trust me!" Lucian responded with a grin. "I will make my way in from the back. At the Alibi, our target had two people with her. Her posse, I believe the modern term is." Before heading toward the back of the rambling old warehouse, Lucian turned to J.D. and added, "Remember, bro, this is not our kind of place. It is a chaotic sensory overload. Finding Miss Stroud will not be easy and we do not have photos of her friends. Our target is her." @Longshot Tags for J.D. to do his thing. Probably should start new post.
  15. Longshot

    East of Midnight

    As if on cue, Liam stirred, shifted restlessly in the narrow hospital bed and slitted his eyes open. It bothered Lucian to see his father looking his age and obviously in pain. It was Reagan that gestured for her mother to stay seated while she got the cup of ice chips for her father. As soon as his thirst was assuaged, Liam looked around, noting his two sons and then fastening his eyes on Naomi. He managed a smile but waved her back into her chair when she started to stand up. "No, ye stay where ya are, darlin' girl," he said to his wife. Despite the pain showing in his dark eyes, his gaze sharpened as he saw all three of his children. At the same time, Liam remembered the call from the Strouds' attorney. He would have to hand that task off to his sons. Not yet though. First things first. "Lucian, Reagan," Liam said with a tired smile before looking at J.D., "Jameson, I am glad ye were able to come home." "Try and keep me away, Dad..." J.D. smiled. "We have all wanted to shoot you at some point...do you have any idea who might want to actually do it?" Liam stretched his hand out, trying to reach the remote control for the bed, "Help me raise this thing, will ya?" He said to Lucian who was the closest. "Be still, you old goat," Naomi said sternly as Lucian picked up the remote and pressed the button to raise the head of the bed a few inches. When he was settled again, Liam indicated the second bed, "If your mother is not ready to lay down, the three of you might as well use it as a sofa. Your standin' around makes me fidgety." The old Scot turned his dark eyes on his younger son, "I ken I may have made enemies but I canna figure who might want to hurt Naomi." "Liam," Naomi said, a note of steel in her voice, "you need to tell them before the police come to talk to us." Lucian exchanged looks with his siblings, "Tell us what?" Jameson leaned back slightly until his back rested on the wall behind him, his arms crossed solidly as his gaze settled on his father. "For a man who always chewed our tails for beating around the bush or evading an answer, you sure aren't being a very good role model...now spill." Liam sighed audibly. He looked from his wife to his children and saw only steely determination in their gazes. He muttered a soft imprecation in Scots Gaelic before beginning to speak. "As you all know, I am former SAS," he said, his Scottish burr very much in evidence. "You also know I have a reputation as a wilderness survival expert. After all, I trained all of you. What I have never shared is that I also worked for various...organizations...as a survival expert, a trainer. I...er...trained the experts and sometimes worked as a consultant or advisor when things went...wrong." Reagan narrowed her dark brown eyes, "These organizations... CIA, MI6...what?" The elder MacLeod coughed, "I canna say beyond military and intelligence organizations." J.D. nodded. "Sure, you've told me parts of this in the past. It happens still today. A plane goes down or an asset has to go on foot in Indian territory. They bring in someone who worked with the person or taught them to help make guesses as to where they will go or what direction they might take..." J.D. smiled. "...It works. I've seen it work." His eyes then narrowed. "But that has never led to an assassination attempt. You have made someone very angry, Dad. This is not a professional disagreement." Liam regarded his children for several moments. Reagan looked wary, as if she did not want to hear what her father might have to say. Lucian's expression was impossible to read. He had retreated into his old habit of guarding himself against revealing too much. Of the three, Jameson was likely to be the one that got it. "I was the man that did the training and, sometimes, led the operations. I was most often used in SERE type training, mainly in the US and UK, but for other allied government organizations as well. I really don't ken how anyone from that life would bother with me now. I've been out of that game for a number of years." The last part was only partially true. Liam still ran training programs, but now it included private military contractors. "There's one other thing," Liam added, "I was asked to do a favor for an old...acquaintance. I need you boys to help me out. Let the police sort out the shooting. Likely it was just a nutter having a go at a convenient target." Lucian's expression shifted from neutral to wary. He had long suspected there was more to his father's extended trips away from home than the old man had shared. For one thing, most parents brought home gifts and souvenirs for the family from business trips abroad. Naomi always had even if it was just rocks from her latest volcano explorations. As far as leaving the investigation to the police, that was unlikely. Lucian would talk to J.D. and Reagan about that later. "What kind of favor, Liam?" "Mason Stroud's niece and ward has gone missing. Last known destination was here. He asked me to look into her whereabouts and contact him once she was located." Liam looked from one son to the other, "Find her, make sure she is safe, but don't call Stroud or his people." J.D.'s head came up at that. "Wait...you want us to find this missing girl without notifying the police...and if we find her, you DON'T want us to tell her uncle?" J.D. looked at his sister and brother then back to his father. "This makes absolutely zero sense, you realize that, right?" "You are correct. Find the girl, make sure she is safe. Contact me, not the police or Stroud's people," Liam stated. He turned his sharp gaze to Lucian, "Consider me a Storm Shelter client. One of the services you've provided for other people in the past is discreet private investigations. That is what this is." He looked at his other son, "This stays in the family until I say otherwise." The old man's voice was firm, adamant, and commanding. "Storm Shelter will take the job, Liam," Lucian agreed. He also had concerns about what his father was asking, but did not wish to upset his father although the man seemed to be in very good shape all things considered. "Does this intersect with why you were shot?" "One doesna have naught to do with the other," Liam said. "You should leave the matter of the shooting to the police. Likely as not it was just random, some nut. I need to rest now."

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