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  1. [ FAMILY HISTORY ] Eric Macintyre was born on April 27, 1948 to Darcy and Brigid Macintyre,, Darcy working in construction and Brigid took a position as a chambermaid with an upper class family. They didn’t have a lot of money but love was never short in the home. He had a fairly routine childhood; a couple of accidents and scrapes, chicken pox, a couple of nasty cases of flu. Graduating in June of 1966, Eric went on to the University of Alaska, Anchorage for medical school. However, an accidental fall down the stairs resulted in a torn ACL in his right knee the fall of his sophomore year. Being on crutches was no easy task and a chance meeting with a young woman would change his life permanently. October 21, 1968, a day not unlike the ones before it. Eric was hobbling with his crutches to one of his classes and stumbled when the heel of one crutch snagged on a crack in the sidewalk.A young woman with dark blond hair and pretty blue eyes stopped and offered her help. Once Eric was off the ground, he thanked her and learned her name. MaryAnne Bennett, who usually preferred just being called Mary. Mary’s family had migrated from the Boston area in the early 1930's, having been in Boston since 1912 when her grandmother, Catherine Johnston, had come over on the Titanic. Catherine had only been seven at the time the great ocean liner made history and sank. As a third class passenger, Catherine was quite lucky to survive. Her father, who had raised her alone after her mother had died in childbirth, was not as fortunate. Eric and Mary dated the rest of their college years, getting engaged the evening of their shared college graduation, June 2, 1971. They married within a few months in a small family affair, and they had their first child, a son, Thomas, in the summer of 1972. Theresa, or Tessa as she’d preferred to be called, was born a little over two years later. [ CHILDHOOD ] Nov 19, 1974: Theresa Madelyn Macintyre is born to Eric and MaryAnne Macintyre of Kodiak, AK. She is a happy and inquisitive baby with bright blue eyes and golden curls. Aug 1980 - June 1986: Tess attends elementary school at East Elementary, the same school her mother is a teacher at. Aug 1986 - June 1989: Tess begins her middle school years at Kodiak Middle School. Aug 1989 - June 1993: Tessa attends Kodiak High School, graduates in June 1993 in the top 5% of her class with a 3.99 GPA. October 1991 - (age 16): During her junior year of high school, Tessa was part of the Varsity Cheerleading Squad. During the Homecoming game of the season, the squad took the field during half-time. An accident occurred during one of the more complicated stunts and Tessa was injured when she and another girl collided during a tumbling pass. She ended up with a fractured wrist, actually requiring surgery to pin together a couple of small bones. She was in a cast for six weeks and was also able to remain on the team doing cheers but no acrobatic stuff. May 1993: Prior to her high school graduation, Tessa applied to, and was accepted at the University of California, Los Angeles. She received a partial scholarship due to her high grades and glowing recommendation letters from several staff members at KHS. [ PERSONAL HISTORY ] Aug 1993 - Jun 1995: Tessa attends UCLA, getting all of her undergrads and required classes out of the way. At the beginning of her sophomore year, she declares Pre-Med and applies to the UCLA Medical program. She is accepted. Aug 1995 - Jun 1998: During her four years of medical school, Tess does extremely well, scoring high on all of her exams and labs. During her final year, she applies to several hospitals on the west coast, hoping to match at one nearby in the area as she loved living in California. She matches with Cedar Sinai Medical Center right there in L.A. Aug 1998 - Jun 1999: Intern Year Aug 1999 - Jun 2003: 3 years Residency September 2003: Tessa is accepted into an Attending Physician position at Cedar Sinai Hospital. Sept 2003 - Sept 2008: Tessa is one of several attendings at Cedar Sinai, and she loves her job. She finds that she enjoys Trauma Medicine more than the others, and ends up specializing in Emergency/Trauma Medicine. February 2005: Tessa meets John Mallory when he brings in a couple of guys that were injured at a restaurant he owns. There are sparks and John returns to the hospital a few days later to ask her out. February 2005 - January 2006: Tessa and John date exclusively, and she falls in love with the bar owner. After just under a year of meeting and becoming involved, John proposes, and she says yes. They are married in a small, intimate ceremony, attended by both of her parents and some of his family. January 2007 - April 2014: Life is fairly normal for the couple. Tessa continues to work at Cedar Sinai and is highly regarded for her skills and bedside manner. April 2014 - January 2016: John begins showing slightly disturbing behavior. He shows signs of jealousy whenever he sees Tessa speaking to another man, even while she was at work. Over the next several months, things get worse. They’re fighting almost non-stop, about everything. Work, money, etc. Tessa is unhappy and knows this is not the life that she wants. By January of 2016, she decided she was done. John’s behavior and attitude are too much to deal with, she’s miserable and she’s done. January 2016: Tessa files for divorce from John, stating irreconcilable differences. John lawyers up however, the judge denies John’s motion for spousal support. January 2016 - November 2016: Once the divorce is final and John has moved out of the house, Tessa tries to continue on with her life, continuing to work at the hospital. John begins harassing Tessa, leaving her threatening voicemails on her phone and at the house, following her when she went out on errands. He even went so far as to physically manhandle a male co-worker that Tess was sitting with one day at lunch. Tessa really started to worry about her safety, and so she enrolled herself in a couple of self-defense classes. She also worked with a local police officer that was a friend and he helped her train on how to use a handgun. The basics were simple, point and shoot but she went the extra step and got certified to carry a concealed weapon, just in case. It was a good thing too as John decided to escalate his stalking and harassing, even trying to break into the house one night. Cops were called and he was arrested and sentenced to time in jail. November 2016: After everything that had gone on, Tess decides that it’s a good idea to get herself out of the area. Get a fresh start in a brand new place, so to speak. However, to Tess, it was returning to a place she’d once called home. Alaska. It seemed like the perfect place. She hadn’t really told John much about her childhood and years in school before leaving Alaska for warmer climates. By the end of 2016, Tessa had packed up her life in Los Angeles, rented a U-Haul and moved back up to Kodiak. Her father was also getting on in his years and needed help at his private office, Horse & Buggy MedCare. Tess agreed to sign on as her father's partner in the office, also taking on shifts over at the local hospital on the island.

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