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  • The Playby List is displayed alphabetically by the first name of the playby. If the Playby you want is claimed, you should click on the character's name and look at the group to make sure that character is active. If it is not, you can contact the Admin via a PM, in Discord, or by leaving a post in the Help Me! forum. The Player will be contacted and asked if they are returning to the RPG or not.


    Once a character bio is started, the playby is considered reserved. If the player drops out without completing their character, the bio will be removed and the playby will once again be available.

About Storm Shelter

Storm Shelter brings crime drama and not quite soapy soap-opera to the online written RPG world. Set in one of America's last frontiers, the residents of Kodiak Island and Storm Shelter Air & Rescue encounter bad guys and storm gales in equal measure. The RPG offers guided site-wide plots and open character driven stories..

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