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All IC threads set in the United States or rest of the world goes here. Remember to use the site's tag system and thread header form to designate place and time.




LOCATION INFORMATION: Alaska Wikipedia (use for all information on Alaska, USA).



  1. Click on Create New Topic.
  2. Title = Thread Title
  3. Tags: These should be tags specific to your thread such as specific location (i.e. Kodiak Police Department, etc.). IC tags will go at the ends of posts as always.
    1. Note: Please keep your location tags as short as possible. Use standard abbreviations. For example, Kodiak Police Department would be KPD.
  4. Item Prefix: Use your location tag.
  5. Fill out the preloaded template (example below)
  6. Write!


  • With: Lucian MacLeod, Stephanie Stroud (List characters and NPCs in the thread.)
  • Location: Storm Shelter Offices (Add specific location information here.)
  • When: May 2017 (General or specific date)
  • Time of Day: Morning  (morning, afternoon, evening, etc.).


Start writing post below the image.



  • If the Time of Day has changed, note that at the top of your post (make it stand out by bolding the text and/or underlining it).
  • Add your tags for the next character (unless you do your tagging in Discord).
  • After you finish adding your post, scroll to the bottom and select the character you are posting as from the Characters' dropdown list.
  • If it is also an open tag to all played characters, choose Players from Group Mentions.
  • Click Submit Reply


Now that you've started your scene, you need to send out tags so people know to respond. You can add your tags to the #tags channel in Discord along with a link to the scene. However, our forum application makes it easy to send out tags from the scene after you finish writing.


If the tag is going out to the entire group (i.e. an open scene), choose Admin and then Players from the Group Mentions drop down. Optional: Go to the #tags channel in Discord, do an @everyone mentions and leave the link.


If you are tagging a specific Player/Character, type the @ and the first letter or three of the Player's screen name, choose the Player from the pop-up and put the character's name in parenthesis along with any notes you have for that Player. Optionally, do an @player name on Discord in the #tags channel, add a note, and the link to the post.


Example Tags in post on forum: @Stormwolfe (Lucian, you can move J.D. if you need to).


Before clicking Save or Submit, you should do a copy all in case your computer glitches!


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