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  2. "You mean there's another lodge here?" Maybe they'd mentioned it, but this was so extravagant, and to think there was another...well, if they had earned it, at least they were enjoying it! After grabbing a bit of cheese and some crackers, she commented, "Sure, we can help with salad, if you trust her with a knife." Grinning, she nudged Steph. "Show us where the stuff is and we'll get to it." She wasn't particularly fond of chopping lettuce, especially when you could get it in a bag already ready, but if was something to do to feel useful and would stave off boredom, she didn't mind. "So, what, besides lettuce, will the salad have? Cucumbers...tomatoes...carrots...anchovies?"
  3. "I'll try fishing, I did it once ....well, kinda. My dad took me along on the family yacht...I think I was like twelve. Him and his brother, Henry, decided they wanted to spend the day fishing. Well, naturally since it was Uncle Henry, the drinking commenced in the morning and by late afternoon both of them were plastered. Fishing went downhill even before then so I was pretty bored. Luckily we Strouds were prepared, they had one of the staff come along to drive the boat and he got us all back safely," Stephanie recalled with a shrug. That was a slice of life - Stroud style. "I do like spaghetti - well if there is a decent meat sauce," she added her culinary opinion. Surprisingly perhaps, Stephanie was also willing to help with fixing the dinner like Kat suggested so the two young women entered the kitchen even as Lucian declared he had appetizers available on a tray. "Nice," Stephanie placed a bit of cheese on a cracker and popped it in her mouth as she eyed the kitchen. It was a very good looking kitchen, no surprise but it didn't mean the cooking would match, that was up to the human being. "Kat thought we could help. Oh and I'd like a nice glass of wine with spaghetti....wine goes well with Italian you know," she remarked. "Good luck with the wine request," Lucian replied dryly, "I do not drink alcohol. However, once the sauce is simmering, I will take you over to my parents' lodge. They might have something." He still disapproved of her drinking, but had decided that it was not his job to police her bad habits. No doubt, he would still be on the hook for providing alcohol to a minor should anyone find out, but Lucian would deal with that when the time came - if it ever did. "Do you want to work on the salad?" Tags @Wayfarer
  4. Lucian moved what he needed out of his bedroom, deciding to ignore Stephanie's comment about the architect. After all, the place had been built as a get-away from town life. It had taken him years to complete it. Having the Lair near his parents' home also meant he did not have to stay there where privacy was at a minimum. Liam and Naomi tried hard not to interfere in their children's lives, but sometimes they just could not help themselves. In the kitchen, Lucian took a vacuum-sealed package of ground venison and top sirloin out. It was pre-cooked and just needed to be put into the microwave to thaw. He also found packages of chopped and pureed tomatoes. Since the meat and vegetables had been vacuum-sealed, they would be as good as if he had gone to the garden to get them. While the main ingredients for the sauce thawed in the microwave, Lucian found his stash of vacuum-sealed herbs and spices. Fortunately, his small kitchen garden had plenty of garlic and fresh basil. He hated relying totally on dried ingredients. A trip outside to the larger garden shared by him and his parents yielded the ingredients for a decent salad to have with dinner. Returning to the kitchen, Lucian put his garden items into the sink to be rinsed. He walked back in just in time to hear Kat's comment float out from the bedroom. Lucian had an issue with Stephanie drinking beer due to her age. He did not even want to think about the trouble he, J.D., and Kat could get into for giving alcohol to a minor. However, it also fell within the category of picking your battles. He would lay down the law about keeping it private and make it clear that no adult in the house could offer the beverage. It was a fine line, but Reagan could actually argue in court that no adult had actually offered the beer to Stephanie. Lucian set out some cold-cuts, cheese, and crackers to tide everyone over until he could get dinner on the table. "Hey!" Lucian called out to everyone, "I do not have a good array of appetizers but have set out what I do have. We also need to discuss what is next before I put in a call to Mark Carson." @Bongo @Wayfarer @Longshot
  5. "The comfortable side.........of course," Steph quipped. "Of course, always the best!" Kat rolled her eyes, then laughed. "At least this is better than most motels, and there's spaghetti for dinner!" For the fact that this was not a trip for pleasure, the place was really nice, and they may as well get what they could from it. "Hey, maybe tomorrow we can go fishing! Nothing like fresh fish." It had been a long time since she'd been fishing, although as much as she enjoyed it, she didn't really like cleaning them. "And we can con the men into doing all the icky part with the guts and scales!" After all, a sweet word and bat of the eye went a long way in swaying a man. Tossing her bag in a corner, she shrugged. "Guess we can go help with dinner? Maybe they have beer?" Oh, right, Steph was too young for that! @Wayfarer
  6. Stephanie stayed quiet after landing then approaching where they were going to stay for awhile. It was quite the place even the millionaire heiress had to admit. These people had money and plenty of it. Lucian ushered them inside and oh yeah, the inside was just as magnificent. The young brunette gave a barely audible whistle as she exchanged looks with Kat. "Extravagant comes to mind, ya know?" she grinned. "Trap us huh?" she smirked at Kat's remark about the house, "Unless you can pilot a plane, it seems we are already trapped here in effect." "Ladies, you can take my room. I will get what I need out of here in a little while. J.D. and I will take the two smaller rooms," offered Lucian. "You guys spent all this money and don't even have any guest rooms? I'd question that architect's competence," Steph commented but then nodded, "Anyhow thanks." Much as she hated to do it, Steph found herself having to ...........geez...painful.........agree with JD, "Spaghetti sounds good. Hope you make a good sauce though. I mean no one can fuck up the pasta part." The ladies went to check out their temporary room. "Looks like we're bunking together..." Kat remarked, "The dogs will like this, though...hope you don't mind a few fleas!" "I don't mind sharing a bed with you. Besides we can make passionate love together," Steph grinned, "I mean you and me...not the dogs." "So, which side do you prefer?" Kat was kindly giving her a choice. "The comfortable side.........of course," Steph quipped. @Bongo@Stormwolfe @Longshot
  7. "Oh, wow...." Kat took the place in, shaking her head. The setting was amazing, but, in her opinion, the house was a bit over-kill. "Looks a bit like an overgrown Hobbit habitat," she murmured to Steph, then shrugged. "And...well I've seen those movies about these houses...eventually, they turn on you and trap you." Laughing, she stepped inside and looked around, then glanced at Steph again as they got their room assignment. "Looks like we're bunking together..." Which was that and more, as there was only one bed in the room. No matter, they could work it out, and if push came to shove -- literally -- there was a small couch that Kat could sleep on. "The dogs will like this, though...hop you don't mind a few fleas!" At the moment, they were out running around and exploring the territory, but Kat wasn't worried...there was no where for them to go and they'd come in when food was offered! "So, which side do you prefer?" @Wayfarer
  8. J.D. finished securing the plane and then picked up his bags. One was a large carry on suitcase, and the other one was an old style military duffel that took a bit more effort for J.D. to lift. He walked with both as the group made its' way into the house. J.D. heard Lucian assigning the two of them to the smaller bedrooms so J.D. moved through the house to the bedroom that did not border the kitchen. Lucian was the chef, so he could be next to the kitchen. J.D. set the army duffel into the floor on the other side of the bed and set the clothing suitcase on the bed itself...beginning to methodically unpack and put items into the drawers and closet of the room. "Your spaghetti sounds great!" J.D. called out when he heard Lucian's question. He finished and set the empty suitcase into the floor of the closet. He then lifted the duffel and laid it on the bed. He unlocked the padlock and opened the end of the bag and began tugging out some weapons from the bag and laying them on top of the covers along with some ammunition. J.D. glanced along the bed and smiled to himself. "Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it." @PLAYERS
  9. "We are coming in for a landing now," Lucian answered Stephanie, "so we will be having dinner soon and discussing what is next." Out of the windows, everyone could see the magnificent landscape of Hidden Basin. Ugak Bay, which led to the basin, was a stunning stretch of water lined by soaring mountains. Here and there, valleys opened to the bay, evidence of ancient glaciers. Hidden Basin had earned its name. It was tucked away just beyond a narrow inlet that could fool the average person into thinking it was a small river. Then everything opened up to the MacLeod's private cove. High up and overlooking the cove was the stone and log family home. However, the plane banked away from there and descended toward Lucian's floating home. For all that it appeared to be the epitome of a rugged home on the water, Wolf's Lair was a haven of peace, quiet, and high tech security. Taking his share of the luggage, Lucian led the way along the pier and into the area beneath the house that served as a docking area for some of his toys. A wide stairway led to a door that was secured by keypad and a handprint pad. Lucian plugged in his code and placed his hand on the sensor. A quiet snick sounded inside the wall as several deadbolts slid back into the thick, solid wood door. As the last lock released, the door slid back as well. The home reflected its owner's love of nature. Huge windows let light in from outside and showed off views of the water and forest that surrounded it. Large decks surrounded the front, sides, and rear of the house, encouraging people to live outdoors. The interior was tastefully decorated with wood, stone, and leather. Splashes of color were provided by hand-woven rugs and wall hangings which managed to give the home a warmer feeling than it would have had otherwise. Lucian opened the door to the right of the living area, "Ladies, you can take my room. I will get what I need out of here in a little while. J.D. and I will take the two smaller rooms." He set their bags down before disappearing to get his and J.D.'s things sorted. When everyone was sorted, Lucian returned to the kitchen, padding quietly across the natural stone floor. Stephanie had mentioned being very hungry. He checked the cabinets, pantry, and refrigerator. All were well-stocked with everything except for alcohol of any kind. Oddly enough since he owned a bar, Lucian did not drink. Alcohol had come close to leading him down a very dark path. It was not a place that he ever wanted to go again. "How does spaghetti with meat sauce and garlic toast sound?" Lucian called out to the other three, "And Stephanie, I have not forgotten your question about what comes next. We will discuss it as soon as I get dinner started." @Wayfarer @Longshot @Bongo House Floor Plan
  10. Lucian explained a bit about the costs of a seaplane and how it depended a lot on variable such as age and condition of the plane, model of course. But he did give some ball park figures at least too. "Oh, gee, maybe I will get a couple of them then," Stephanie nodded, she was joking of course. Not that she couldn't actually afford such things, she could - in theory anyhow - but she was just goofing around. Besides, her uncle may well have syphoned off much of her parent's inheritance to her. It was what she strongly suspected. Then it was back to Kat, "I absolutely do not wish to swim with orcas. I am familiar enough with sharks from my own family, thank you." JD then piped up. Oh she heard him alright - caught the zing at the end of his remark. Well two could play that game alright. She refrained from any retort, much as she would have loved to. Instead she turned again to Lucian. "So let's get down to specifics. When we arrive at this place of yours, what happens next to me? Since I'm the employer here, I think I have a right to know all the details of your next brilliant plan. Oh yeah....one other thing. I'm starving....when are we going to sit down to a big meal? You don't want Kat and I to waste away now do you?" J.D.'s eyeroll was almost audible he suspected but any response he might have given was cut off by a beep from his instrument panel. J.D.'s eyes drifted over to the small mounted GPS unit. He sat up a bit straighter and reached over to silence the alarm. He glanced over at Lucian and pointed out ahead of them. "We're at the point to begin our descent..." @Bongo@Stormwolfe@Wayfarer
  11. J.D. smiled a bit to himself as he glanced at Steph in the mirror. It had taken J.D. a bit to realize that the best way to get under her skin was not to engage in her, but even J.D. had his own limits. "Steph, you would have to hire someone to fly you around...and that might end up costing you more than the price of the plane...Stephing and Handling Fee." @PLAYERS
  12. "Well, at least the seatbelts will help keep you in one place," Kat observed, "make it easier to find you....well, unless the sharks get you...are there sharks in cold water?" Then Lucian suggested sight-seeing tours, and Kat grinned as she leaned to whisper, not at all quietly, to Steph, "Uh huh, 'tours' (air quotes), so no one will ever find the bodies!" She laughed, reaching to scratch Hammy's ears. "Do you have kayaks there? I've always wanted to try that...so long as there aren't any sharks." She really was having more fun than she should harassing the men. J.D. tilted his head up a bit as he responded. "No sharks, but you might get to paddle with some orcas. They eat sharks, ya know..." @Stormwolfe; @Wayfarer; @Bongo
  13. Lucian looked up and over at Stephanie, his near-black eyes sparking with humor, "Assuming your inquiry is serious, Steph darling, it depends on the age of the plane and how you want it outfitted. For an older bird like this one, two-hundred to five-hundred thousand. New ones soar to over three-million. As far as crashing, despite his negative suggestion that Freud or I are the flight's stewardesses, he is one of the best bush pilots I know." Settling into tour-guide mode, Lucian pointed out various landmarks. His sharp eyes spotted a large Kodiak bear on the prowl far below. He picked up his camera and snapped off several shots as he indicated the animal to Stephanie and Kat. The sound of the airplane seriously ignored the huge bear and it rose onto its back feet before dropping to all fours and racing off into the bush. "While we get things sorted at the house, I can take you both on some short tours around the sound, help alleviate some of the boredom. There is usually quite a bit of wildlife and sealife to see." @PLAYERS
  14. Steph's razing fell on deaf ears, not that JD didn't hear it, he wasn't deaf afterall. Yeesh, what a grumpus. The guy didn't have a stick up his ass, he had a tree trunk, Steph decided, a bit miffed. Oh well. And they were off, Steph had been on a lot of planes in her life so this was nothing new though this was only the second time she was in a seaplane. They were kind of novel and cool. Kat was her usual bright cheerful self. Pretty much the total opposite of the dour private eye or whatever they called themselves. She glanced at the other girl. "You know if the plane goes down and smashes into the water, that's like hitting cement? And seatbelt or not we all die. Pretty ironic actually, now that I think about it. My Unky Mason would get his wish and this time he'd actually be innocent," Steph smirked. "It is a nice view from up here though," she had to admit as she settled in to look out the window. "Soooo, Lucian dearie, what does one of these babies cost? Maybe someday I will buy me one?" she mused. @players
  15. "Oh, so now the chicken is a stewardess?" Kat laughed, then shrugged. "I'm not to worried about the pilot, after all, he has on his official 'redneck pilot' uniform on!" Had Lucian really realized what he was getting into when he had decided to give two women the opportunity to collaborate in harassment! "Even so, I'm leaving my seat belt on, so that I can survive and bear witness!" As they took off, she glanced out the window, enjoying the scenery, and the novel experience of taking off on the water. @Wayfarer; @Stormwolfe; @Longshot
  16. J.D. shook his head as he sat in the pilot's seat and began the engine start. The propeller turned over and then caught with a roar. It ran rough for several seconds then smoothed out as J.D. adjusted the fuel mixture. J.D, slipped a ball cap and some aviators on, then he then pushed the throttle forward enough to get the seaplane moving away from the dock. J.D. taxied the seaplane out until he was in the open water and then he lined up into the wind and pushed the throttle forward. The seaplane sped up and bobbed a few times before less of the pontoons were in the water. J.D. eased back on the control wheel and the Beaver lifted smoothly, climbing at a steady angle as J.D. cleaned the flaps up and settled the controls. He banked the seaplane and then leveled off. He took a last look around the instruments then looked around, speaking into the intercom since everyone was wearing headphones due to the engine rumble. "Ladies , this is your Captain speaking. You may unbuckle your seat belts and relax. There doesn't appear to be any weather issues between here and our destination. If you have any questions please direct them to your stewardess..." J.D. cast a nod toward Lucian before he returned his gaze to outside the aircraft, one hand resting on the control wheel in a relaxed but alert manner. @PLAYERS
  17. Steph just laughed, "Aha! JD, you lose again. You poor dearie. Maybe you should try and date me, seriously a hot girlfriend would really lighten up that grumpy personality of yours." She then looked at Kat, "A woman of many talents. Including bird psychology......wow." When it was her turn to clamber into the plane, she stowed her bags first then climbed on in, "Hey, do we get parachutes? I only ask because while I trust the plane, I'm feeling a bit shaky about the pilot." She grinned at JD. @Longshot
  18. Kat chuckled at the interplay, and even though she didn't quite understand rooster separation anxiety. But everyone had their own quirks, so if Lucian wanted to take along the rooster she wouldn't protest. Heck, he was letting her bring the mutts, who would be perfectly fine if they had to stay home. "Well," she quipped as she stowed her gear, "I have some training in psych crisis intervention, so if Foghorn has a problem, I can talk with him." Grinning, she settled into the seat and secured the belt. @Wayfarer; @Stormwolfe; @Longshot
  19. J.D.'s eyes narrowed as he looked from the carrier to his brothers to the two ladies. He muttered a few things under his breath and then threw his hands up as he turned back to continue checking the seaplane. "Fine! Bring him...but he sits in the back...the very back!" J.D. then opened the second door behind the one at the pilot's seat. "Ladies...your gear goes behind the last seats." He gestured to the open space that already held a few bags. @Stormwolfe @Bongo @Wayfarer
  20. Lucian waited patiently through all of the chicken jokes. It was not like he had not heard it all before. Still, he could not imagine trying to explain that Freud got really depressed after being left on his own too long. His bar manager could easily go up to the apartment and feed him, but the rooster became seriously morose without regular company. Unfortunately, Freud was seriously picky about that company. He liked most people. Freud did not like J.D. in the least and had been known to follow him around, waiting for an opportunity to try to flog him. It did not matter that Lucian kept Freud's spurs trimmed and filed. The rooster was still a monster-sized fowl compared to others of his species. He could leave some serious bruises. Lucian had told J.D. over and over that he just needed to feed Freud a few times, give him some treats... No, the antipathy went both ways. Raising the carrier, Lucian stated calmly, "Freud is going to the house." @Longshot @Wayfarer @Bongo
  21. Steph was carrying her belongings, no where near as much stuff as she usually brought with her on trips but then she realized she was going to be roughing it. Besides she could always buy replacements when she got back to civilization. She was in a good mood, surrounded by dogs and her new friend Kat though she did miss Ava and Louis. But they were back home and safe. As they approached the seaplane, the grumpier brother popped out on cue. Only this time he was angry at Lucian not her. Over a rooster too. Siblings. Though she had never had one, she had always wondered if she would have made a good sister? Eh, she was a Stroud - probably not. The Stroud family was like a nest of vipers. She had to laugh now at this scene though. That and Kat's remarks. "Well, if I can't have pizza then fried chicken sounds a whole lot better than raw fish or whale blubber," Steph quipped.
  22. Things had been happening pretty quickly, but fortunately for Kat, she was just along for the ride and to chaperone Steph, so there really wasn't much for her to do but, well, go along, and that didn't require any thinking, so she was happy. Besides, it really was a bit of an adventure and a chance to see more of Alaska, even if it meant being away from home for a few days. Wrinkling her nose up, she glanced at JD. "So, if we leave the chicken behind, what are we going to do for dinner? It's my understanding that we can't just order pizza or something, right?" Of course, she knew it was a rooster, not a chicken. And she knew that roosters could be mean cusses, given a chance. Heck, her rooster tried to jump on her and scratch her if she didn't keep an eye on him. "A little breading, toss in a fryer, and yum!" @Wayfarer; @Stormwolfe; @Longshot
  23. Sounds good to me. I might put in that Mark being a little concerned that his brother will be getting pulled into this sort of life. Since it will be a one-off situation, Mark will be eventually okay with it. There is also a possible story that David finds he likes this kind of work and wants to do more, so it might end up creating some conflict between the brothers.
  24. So, is someone going to do the math and think, 'Ward = Steph'?
  25. J.D.'s head popped up from behind the control panel of the seaplane, looking around for the source of the squawking. He reached and grabbed an overhead handle and tugged himself sideways so he could clear the door frame. "No! Absolutely not! You are not bringing that bird!" J.D. hopped from the plane to land on the dock. "I am not kidding, Lucian!" @Stormwolfe @Bongo @Wayfarer
  26. At some point down the line Steph and Liam have to meet. Might be a fun conversation.
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