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  2. Steph just laughed, "Aha! JD, you lose again. You poor dearie. Maybe you should try and date me, seriously a hot girlfriend would really lighten up that grumpy personality of yours." She then looked at Kat, "A woman of many talents. Including bird psychology......wow." When it was her turn to clamber into the plane, she stowed her bags first then climbed on in, "Hey, do we get parachutes? I only ask because while I trust the plane, I'm feeling a bit shaky about the pilot." She grinned at JD. @Longshot@Bongo@Stormwolfe
  3. Kat chuckled at the interplay, and even though she didn't quite understand rooster separation anxiety. But everyone had their own quirks, so if Lucian wanted to take along the rooster she wouldn't protest. Heck, he was letting her bring the mutts, who would be perfectly fine if they had to stay home. "Well," she quipped as she stowed her gear, "I have some training in psych crisis intervention, so if Foghorn has a problem, I can talk with him." Grinning, she settled into the seat and secured the belt. @Wayfarer; @Stormwolfe; @Longshot
  4. J.D.'s eyes narrowed as he looked from the carrier to his brothers to the two ladies. He muttered a few things under his breath and then threw his hands up as he turned back to continue checking the seaplane. "Fine! Bring him...but he sits in the back...the very back!" J.D. then opened the second door behind the one at the pilot's seat. "Ladies...your gear goes behind the last seats." He gestured to the open space that already held a few bags. @Stormwolfe @Bongo @Wayfarer
  5. Lucian waited patiently through all of the chicken jokes. It was not like he had not heard it all before. Still, he could not imagine trying to explain that Freud got really depressed after being left on his own too long. His bar manager could easily go up to the apartment and feed him, but the rooster became seriously morose without regular company. Unfortunately, Freud was seriously picky about that company. He liked most people. Freud did not like J.D. in the least and had been known to follow him around, waiting for an opportunity to try to flog him. It did not matter that Lucian kept Freud's spurs trimmed and filed. The rooster was still a monster-sized fowl compared to others of his species. He could leave some serious bruises. Lucian had told J.D. over and over that he just needed to feed Freud a few times, give him some treats... No, the antipathy went both ways. Raising the carrier, Lucian stated calmly, "Freud is going to the house." @Longshot @Wayfarer @Bongo
  6. Steph was carrying her belongings, no where near as much stuff as she usually brought with her on trips but then she realized she was going to be roughing it. Besides she could always buy replacements when she got back to civilization. She was in a good mood, surrounded by dogs and her new friend Kat though she did miss Ava and Louis. But they were back home and safe. As they approached the seaplane, the grumpier brother popped out on cue. Only this time he was angry at Lucian not her. Over a rooster too. Siblings. Though she had never had one, she had always wondered if she would have made a good sister? Eh, she was a Stroud - probably not. The Stroud family was like a nest of vipers. She had to laugh now at this scene though. That and Kat's remarks. "Well, if I can't have pizza then fried chicken sounds a whole lot better than raw fish or whale blubber," Steph quipped.
  7. Things had been happening pretty quickly, but fortunately for Kat, she was just along for the ride and to chaperone Steph, so there really wasn't much for her to do but, well, go along, and that didn't require any thinking, so she was happy. Besides, it really was a bit of an adventure and a chance to see more of Alaska, even if it meant being away from home for a few days. Wrinkling her nose up, she glanced at JD. "So, if we leave the chicken behind, what are we going to do for dinner? It's my understanding that we can't just order pizza or something, right?" Of course, she knew it was a rooster, not a chicken. And she knew that roosters could be mean cusses, given a chance. Heck, her rooster tried to jump on her and scratch her if she didn't keep an eye on him. "A little breading, toss in a fryer, and yum!" @Wayfarer; @Stormwolfe; @Longshot
  8. Sounds good to me. I might put in that Mark being a little concerned that his brother will be getting pulled into this sort of life. Since it will be a one-off situation, Mark will be eventually okay with it. There is also a possible story that David finds he likes this kind of work and wants to do more, so it might end up creating some conflict between the brothers.
  9. So, is someone going to do the math and think, 'Ward = Steph'?
  10. J.D.'s head popped up from behind the control panel of the seaplane, looking around for the source of the squawking. He reached and grabbed an overhead handle and tugged himself sideways so he could clear the door frame. "No! Absolutely not! You are not bringing that bird!" J.D. hopped from the plane to land on the dock. "I am not kidding, Lucian!" @Stormwolfe @Bongo @Wayfarer
  11. At some point down the line Steph and Liam have to meet. Might be a fun conversation.
  12. Continued from Forward and Backward With: J.D. MacLeod, Stephanie Stroud, Kat Mercer, some dogs and a rooster. Location: Wolf's Lair (Lucian's home in Hidden Basin) When: Week of May 8, 2017 Time of Day: Afternoon to start, various days and times throughout thread. Lucian sent J.D., Kat, and Stephanie on to Kodiak. They were going to make their way to the MacLeod's marina that was located across the street from Lucian's bar, The Alibi. While J.D. got the DeHaviland Beaver seaplane checked out and ready to go, the two women would wait in the marina's waiting area. Meanwhile, Lucian would wait for Mac and Lily March who had phoned to say they were on their way. He then would stop by the hospital, leave word with the family on what was up and glare at his father for getting them into this mess. J.D. would take Lucian's SUV and Lucian would borrow Kat's vehicle. It would be good to have it in town for her in case it was needed. There was also the fact that Liam knew everybody on Kodiak Island and a majority of everybody who was anybody in the state of Alaska. Lucian wanted to get some more information on Mason Stroud and ask if Liam knew anything about Mark Carson. Just over an hour later, Lucian had completed his errands, including glaring at his father. On the plus side, Liam looked stronger and had said he was being discharged from the hospital the next day. Instead of returning to the family lodge in Hidden Basin though, Liam and Naomi were going to stay in one of their rental cabins near town so that he would be able to make his required doctor's visits. That had been good news for Lucian. He had buried his genuine worry about his parents to focus on dealing with the case Liam had dropped on him and J.D. Lucian's last stop was by the Alibi to make sure the manager knew that he was going to be gone on Storm Shelter business. He also went up to his apartment and threw a few needed items in his go-bag and stuffed his huge Brahma Giant rooster, Freud, into his carrier. A few moments later he was walking along the pier where the plane was tied up, shepherding Kat and Stephanie ahead of him. He had to grin as the huge rooster set up a round of squawking. It was almost as if Freud knew that J.D. was nearby. @Longshot
  13. This is where the shooting plot started: It has been less than a week and Liam will be released from hospital soon. The body of the man that actually pulled the trigger has been found, gutted and floating in the bay. We probably need a thread in the hospital or at the MacLeod's Kodiak home. They won't return to the lodge in Hidden Basin until Liam is pronounced fit. This will be an ongoing and frustrating investigation. As the plot unwinds, other small attacks will happen that are obviously meant to frighten more than kill. There will be incidents involving Liam's children and maybe even the grandkids. Any and all ideas are welcome.
  14. @PLAYERS This is where the shooting Liam plot is branching off. Synopsis The first plot involves killing two birds with one stone...so to speak. Liam MacLeod is a world renown businessman and entrepreneur. He ran Coldwater Holdings for many decades, more than quadrupling the family's fortune. Now retired, he keeps his hand in the well as the manager and CEO of Coldwater Adventures, an eco-tourism and cruise line business he started in the late 1970s. Currently, Coldwater Adventures contracts a great deal of its local work to Storm Shelter Air & Rescue, the business owned by the eldest of his twin sons, Lucian. The Old Bear, as Liam is known locally and by his family, is contacted by an associate of a business acquaintance. The associate relays a request that Liam find the man's missing ward. Reluctantly, Liam agrees. The next day while on his way to the Alibi Bar and Grill - the headquarters for Storm Shelter - he is shot and gravely wounded. When he regains consciousness in the hospital, he asks his sons to carry out the search for the missing heiress he agreed to do. Lucian and his brother, J.D. - newly arrived from somewhere - agree in order to keep their father calm. They are, however, far more focused on who shot their father and why! Does one incident have anything to do with the other? Who else will be drawn into the web as the MacLeods begin searching for the runaway girl and their father's shooter. Characters Requested Main: Liam and Naomi MacLeod, All Played Anything Else Some elements will be modified.
  15. @PLAYERS First, I am going to separate the shooting of Liam MacLeod plot from the Stephanie Stroud plot. We do have a very few spare characters that can engage in each plot. Hopefully, we'll attract more members after the move and another round of advertising. And on a personal note: Things will settle down for me posting-time wise as soon as I get my medieval/high-magic fantasy RPG rebooted. Have people waiting for the launch. Another reminder! This plot and the initial shooting of Liam MacLeod plot is taking place in May. But our current in-game timeframe is May - August to allow for side-plot writing. Y'all don't have to wait to find slots in the main plot. Next Up! We'll do a short thread or two (hopefully) set at Lucian's home in the basin. @JulieS Lucian will actually call Mark once the plans are made regarding moving Stephanie back to WA for the final scenes. Current plan for that.... Reagan MacLeod will be enlisted, disguised as Stephanie (right down to make-up). Mark and David (?) will disguise themselves as Lucian and J.D. and take a commercial flight with Reagan to Seattle and disappear in the crowds, etc. Lucian and J.D. will take one of Storm Shelter's planes or choppers and head to a private airstrip or water landing at a rental lodge with Steph and Kat (?). In Washington, they all will meet up and start the investigation into Unky Mason Stroud's activities. PS: This is @Wayfarer 's plot so there may be adjustments added.
  16. Lucian smiled. He enjoyed the company of dogs. In fact, his dog was at the Hidden Basin house. "Bring them along as long as they will not eat my chicken," he told Kat. "I will need to get my dog and the rooster too. They are at my parents' house in the Basin." Continued in A Time to Plan
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  19. "Miss Stroud, we can only agree to visits to Kat if it is determined that it will not endanger either of you. Personally, I would prefer to keep Kat with us, providing she would agree to that. The problem with that is getting someone out to watch her place and care for the animals," Lucian told Stephanie. "Right now, we do not know what is coming at us. It makes it very difficult to know what course of action is safest for you." "Steph, you can call me Steph, don't be so damn formal," the brunette rolled her eyes, these two were impossible, "And neither my uncle or his well paid chief thug are going to simply show up and attack me...us. That's all too obvious. Unky Mason's whole act is based on him looking innocent, pure as snow, and setting me up gradually. Then when he can't be connected to whatever goes wrong, that'll be when it happens. I still think he's setting his hopes on the whole insane thing..getting me in some out of the way institution where there will be an accident or even better a suicide." They agreed to let Kat come along, that was something. Steph had not meant to take her away from her place and her animals but to visit her here. Still Kat seemed quite willing...make that eager to go along so she wasn't going to complain then. It didn't take her long to pack either. Stephanie petted the two dogs, "Alright, looks like we can go now. " @Stormwolfe@Bongo@Longshot
  20. Lucian actually smiled, "Sounds like a plan. Kat, I can reach out to a couple of people that used to help out Griselda. Mac and Lily March are good people, reliable and know the place." He pulled out his burner mobile and placed the call. After speaking to someone on the other end of the line for a few moments, he shut off the phone and put it away. "All set." "Okay, we will keep with the original plan for now and head to my place in Hidden Basin. It is secluded, but not totally off-the-grid. It will be a breather before having to consider other alternatives." Lucian glanced over at J.D. "Sound good, bro?" "Anywhere but here is great...if the police could find us here, then Steph's uncle's folks know where it is as well...and sooner rather than later." J.D. said, glancing out the window to keep an eye on the driveway. It helped to reassure her, knowing that Lucian knew who would be watching the place, and Kat was able to pack quickly...she was pretty simple, didn't need fancy clothes or frills like makeup, so it was a matter of tossing a few essentials into a duffel and heading back down the stairs. "Ready as I'm going to be," she declared, then grinned as Hammy and Scout joined her. "Well, looks like We're ready!" Well, she didn't expect them to take the dogs, but it was worth a try! @Stormwolfe @Wayfarer @Bongo @Longshot
  21. "Oh, visitation rights!" Kat commented dryly, "yipee!" She grinned, then shrugged. "I can find someone to watch the place," she added, "I'd prefer not to leave for too long, I guess I can cover shifts." She loved it here and was just getting settled, plus she had a business to get started, but she knew that if she didn't go with them they would worry about her, and that would divide their attention. Plus, if she was with them, Miss Steph couldn't scream abuse and get them into trouble. "Well, let me pack some things," she finally sighed. "How long do you think this is going to be?" @Stormwolfe; @Wayfarer; @Longshot
  22. Lucian sighed and shook his head. It was probably a good thing that the girl was so strong willed and determined. However, it made securing her safety far more difficult than it needed to be. "Miss Stroud, we can only agree to visits to Kat if it is determined that it will not endanger either of you. Personally, I would prefer to keep Kat with us, providing she would agree to that. The problem with that is getting someone out to watch her place and care for the animals," Lucian told Stephanie. "Right now, we do not know what is coming at us. It makes it very difficult to know what course of action is safest for you." @Wayfarer @Bongo
  23. The one brother left then. Stephanie did not try to make him stay but she also had not indicated in actual words his family were really truly fired. She was making a point. Yeah, that was it. The first sip of the beer was good, though to be honest, she had always preferred hard liquor. But one made due with what one had. The more quiet of the two brothers eyed her then stated his views. "My brother sometimes doesn't understand that not everyone gets a sense of fulfillment at doing manual labor out in the elements..." J.D. said before his eyes met hers. "...But I do know one thing. Protecting someone from harm works a lot better when you care whether they live or die...and if there is one thing I would think you cared about in this world, it would be yourself. " J.D. glanced around then picked up the first bottle from the fridge, taking a long drink in silence. "If you mean whether you guys care whether I live or die. I'm quite aware you have nothing but contempt for me and are only doing this because of your father...and maybe the money. Though let me point out, I did say that currently I do not have any access to funds so guess you'll have to rely on my word," she replied then took another big gulp of beer. "And as far as to whether I value my life...........I do. I at least want to live long enough to see my uncle dead," her smile was telling. Of course Kat, who truly was nicer than the two brothers and the heiress combined in Steph's opinion tried a little levity to lower the tension. Bless her heart. "So, you prefer dipping your crabs in Cholula Sauce over actually catching them and plunging them into boiling water? Who would have guessed!" "I don't even like crab. I do love lobster dipped in butter and I'm also a big shrimp fan too but I'm not gonna jump at their every order like I'm some menial to them. Not when they can't even let me have a drink once and awhile. Hell, I bet I could drink the both of them under the table," Steph grinned and drank from the bottle again. She was a bit startled when there was Lucian back again. He had come back out of nowhere. Now what? Steph gripped the bottle tighter just in case he was back for round two and was going to try and wrench it out of her hand. Nope, not this time. But no, he just had something to say. As usual Steph listened, letting him have his say. Now he conceded on the beer. Then made a very good point about the lawyer, it was true her uncle was trying to have her committed as insane. He also indicated he believed her, that was nice to know. She doubted JD would believe her if she stated that water was wet. He went on and she let him finish before responding. "Pro bono...that's like for free, right? Or payment deferred to later," she guessed, "If I get my hands back on my parents' fortune, you will get paid, more than fairly. I'm not a cheapskate." "As for terminating your service, honestly dude, I haven't fired either of you or your sister. I just want to treated better. That's all." He explained then in detail other possible options now on the table for keeping her from her uncle's grasp. "I love camping. What I don't love is working on some fishing trawler ruining my hands. Oh, and another thing, I want to be able to visit Kat anytime I feel like it. Agree to that and I won't try and run off and do it on my own anyhow," she named a condition of her own then. J.D.'s eyes widened a bit in surprise as he was not expecting her to put Kat in as a condition. The hundred headaches of keeping her safe around here flooded into his mind, but he could think of worse problems from their charge. @Bongo @Stormwolfe
  24. Lucian walked around the yard for a few moments and then over to the SUV. He got in, leaned forward, and pressed the ignition button. For several moments, Lucian sat still, letting the engine idle. He really wanted to drive off, leaving Stephanie Stroud and her problems in the rearview mirror. What stopped him was the fact that J.D. had not followed him out of Kat's cabin and the fact that he could not bring himself to leave the two women to fend for themselves against a man like Anatoly Lysenko. Giving in to a rare display of pure temper, Lucian pounded the sturdy steering wheel with his fists. He took a deep breath and switched the engine off. Schooling his thoughts and his emotions, Lucian opened the vehicle's door and stepped out. He might walk out on a client that did not want to continue the contract, but he could not leave his brother. Resolutely, Lucian strode back to the house and into the kitchen. Lucian had entered quietly, his stealthy manner of moving about was so ingrained, it was now second-nature. When he spoke, his voice was pitched low as always, his tone mild and non-combative. Lucian's manner of speech was also ingrained in him. He had found that he did not need to raise his voice or shout to command his teams when he worked for the United States Marshals Service. "Miss Stroud, you may, of course, have one beer or fifty. I am not your guardian and cannot force you to do what is smart. You also have every right to fire Storm Shelter and your attorney, although I would advise against the latter. Reagan may be all that stands between you and the nuthouse, providing what you have said about your uncle's plans is true, and I have no reason to doubt that it is." "However, we need to get the terms of our employment settled. In return for your intervening with the police, Storm Shelter agrees to take you on as a client - pro bono. We will see to your personal safety and security. You may terminate employment at your discretion." There was a moment's pause as Lucian thought about how to explain things to the girl in a way she would understand. "Part of keeping you safe is to make sure you blend in with the population of Kodiak. We started out badly, but you need to understand that our one and only concern is your safety. Invictus is primarily a fishing charter and eco-tourism vessel. I have some people I can trust to play the part of tourists. No one will remark us going out to sea. I also have a fishing trawler that is unremarkable, which will work as an alternate safe house. Other places we can use are my parents' lodge, my place, here, and the wilderness. I hope you like camping as long as you do not have to expend any effort?" @Wayfarer
  25. Kat watched the exchange in silence, trying not to grin too much. To her thinking, they all deserved each other, and as annoying as it was sometimes, it was amusing to watch, and really no harm. "Long ride in the wilderness...got it!" She nodded to Lucian, then grinned at Steph. "So, you prefer dipping your crabs in Cholula Sauce over actually catching them and plunging them into boiling water? Who would have guessed!" In a way, though, she did feel a little sorry for the kid...it was going to be a rough time for her, if she wanted to survive her uncle's nefarious plots, but at least she had a good bunch of people who were willing to help her out, if she would only accept the hand. @Wayfarer @Stormwolfe @Longshot
  26. Lucian suddenly snatched the bottle right out of her hand. How rude! He followed that up with a condescending comment. I do not care what you were drinking under your family's watch. Here, you are still underage." He reached past her for a pitcher of cold water and poured himself and J.D. a glass. "And no, we will not be sharing a bed." "Boy, this guy is no fun. You sure you don't want to take your chances here?" declared Kat. "I'm definitely considering it," Steph was beginning a slow burn. One thing everyone who knew the young woman realized was she was terrible at taking orders. Be that orders given by family or people in authority or certainly.....................employees! Which is what these two men now were. They seemed to forget that. And then Lucian made the mistake of adding to the looming confrontation (even if he was unaware that was what it had suddenly become). "I will put Miss Stephanie to work on the Invictus. Might as well do a little lobster or crab fishing, make some money." "Work?" Steph raised one eyebrow. "Oh, seeing that would make all this worth it!" Laughing, Kat glanced at Steph. "And hey, at least it isn't negative eighty out, so it should be a cake-walk! Just watch those pinchy-claws, I hear they can take off fingers in, like, two seconds!" "Yeah, he's fuckin' hilarious isn't he?" Steph remarked the tone dripping in sarcasm. "Alright, I think we need to get something straight right here and now. I didn't ask for this whole situation. I got it dumped on me. I got humiliated publicly when I was taken against my will, but then I went to bat for you dudes with the cops so you wouldn't get into trouble. And now you work for me. I have never thought of myself as a demanding boss type at all. You can ask any of the hired help at the Stroud mansion, bet they'll tell you that I'm the really nice one to all of them. But I'm not going to take being treated and spoken to like a child, " she spoke out, hands on hips. "I want that beer. Hell, most underage adults drink. Take off the goddamn rose tinted glasses. It's one beer in the privacy of a residence not the end of civilization as we know it. And if I can't have it, then I'm firing the both of you. And your lawyer too. And I'll stay with Kat unless she kicks me out. Hell will freeze over before I will risk these nicely manicured hands handling crabs. I didn't agree to hire you so you could tell me how to live my life or fuckin' put me to work in some job I have absolutely no aptitude to do. Strouds don't do manual labor. I'd rather die first. " And with that she opened the fridge again and grabbed that beer bottle. Lucian thought hard about taking it away from her again. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he heard his father's voice say, "pick your battles, lad". Still, he was exhausted and his mouth engaged before his brain could stop it, "Suit yourself, Miss Stroud," he said quietly. "Thank you for your intervention with the police. Kat, I will return in a day or two. I need a long quiet ride in the wilderness." Nodding at J.D., Lucian rose to his feet and headed for the door. J.D.'s features had locked at Stephanie's display. He watched Lucian walk out and he knew he couldn't leave because someone still had to keep an eye on their charge until the situation was decided one way or the other. He then turned and watched her as she stood there with her beer. "My brother sometimes doesn't understand that not everyone gets a sense of fulfillment at doing manual labor out in the elements..." J.D. said before his eyes met hers. "...But I do know one thing. Protecting someone from harm works a lot better when you care whether they live or die...and if there is one thing I would think you cared about in this world, it would be yourself. " J.D. glanced around then picked up the first bottle from the fridge, taking a long drink in silence. @Wayfarer @Bongo
  27. Rick smiled, "Take care, see you next time." And he knew there would be a next time, for something. "No, probably wouldn't be able to get away, but I'll be on the lookout for the results. Leads to follow up, people to talk to, you know that routine I'm sure." Not that autopsies were something he like attending, he would if he could sort of thing, and for this one, he doubted anything new would be revealed. It was pretty straight forward what had happened and what the cause of death was. Although , there was always a chance something might turn up from the procedure that was not evident at the crime scene. It had happened before and really wasn't all that uncommon. "Well anything comes up on my end I'll let you know." He offered.
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