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    Amy Brennerman
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    London Kyler Ridley
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    L, Riddler
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Physical Description

london-bio.jpg.1eb30a1c5ba1cbe3aec2394f6ccceaff.jpgGiven all her years working in hospital settings, correctional settings and then with law enforcement, London has learned to prioritize comfort and professionalism over style when it comes to her wardrobe. While she would never dress in sweats or anything that showed too much skin while working, she has learned to consider the people she’s working with when choosing her clothing so that she doesn’t present as someone who is either too rich or too poor to relate to those she’s trying to help. She usually wears slacks and blouses, but she also enjoys wearing long dresses and long skirts on occasion, freedom she did not always have when she was required to wear a hospital lab coat over her apparel. Because she is naturally tall, she doesn’t usually wear heels, but she doesn’t mind them if she’s getting particularly dressed up. Most of the time, however, she wears comfortable flats or sandals. When it comes to jewelry, with the exception of gold studs and a small gold cross on a gold chain that belonged to her biological mother, London doesn’t like to wear much else, out of concern for safety and out of concern not to appear too ostentatious.


Off-duty and while relaxing at home on a rare day off, London likes to be as comfortable as possible and doesn’t mind staying in sweats or pajamas all day.


Briefly describe their usual accessories such as watches, jewelry, etc.


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Traits & Characteristics

Character Traits

  • Intelligent
  • Compassionate
  • Workaholic
  • Ethical

Personality Details

Intelligent: London is a fast learner who genuinely enjoys learning new skills and new information, and she isn’t afraid of a challenge. She enjoys keeping up with the latest research in her fields of interest and doesn’t mind exchanging ideas with people who have different perspectives or points of view. Because of her intellect, she aspires to excel in whatever roles she takes on, which unfortunately, often times leaves little time for a personal life.

Compassionate: Since childhood, London has always been concerned about the welfare of others and has been driven to help them overcome whatever challenges they faced. Although this compassionate side didn’t always apply to London’s own biological mother, whom young London saw as someone who abandoned her and chose drugs over parenthood, when she was old enough to understand the truth about her mother’s struggles, London allowed the concern and genuine affection she had always felt toward her mother to surface fully. Since her mother’s death, London’s compassion for trauma survivors and others with emotional struggles has only deepened, and she sees her work as a way to honor her mother. Unfortunately, her strong sense of compassion sometimes clouds her objectivity and she struggles at times to render the plain objective judgments required of her as a forensic evaluator.

Workaholic: Because London has spent much of her working life on-call, she has been conditioned to devote much of her time and energy to her career. Consequently, it’s difficult for her to completely relax while on vacations or to form personal relationships with people outside of work. She has yet to find a man who respects and appreciates how dedicated she is to her work and is willing to put in the time and effort to be a true partner at the same time.

Ethical: London has a strong sense of right and wrong when it comes to the practice of psychiatry and she isn’t afraid to speak her mind if she feels someone is being mistreated or she has been asked to do something that violates her professional ethics. At the same time, she is open-minded when it comes to her patients and believes ethical practice requires her to help them discover what is right for their personal circumstances. She isn’t afraid to bend or even break rules that get in the way of good patient care, but that’s the only reason she would consider breaking the rules. Consequently, she sometimes clashes with administrators who demand she comply with the rule book even when the rules hinder, or even represent the opposite of, common sense.

Mannerisms: London loves to laugh, and with those who know her well, her voice can take on a sarcastic tone at times to match her sense of humor. She isn’t loud, however, and with patients, her words tend to come with a sense of warmth and sincere interest. Despite her height and overall build, London is distinctly feminine and moves with grace. She isn’t quick to anger, but if she gets angry or particularly passionate about something, her voice can take on an intense edge and her eyes seem to shine brighter.


Current Employer(s)

Horse and Buggy MedCare (2016, 1 year)

Storm Shelter LLC (2017)

Position and Title

Clinical and Forensic Psychiatrist


Clinical, Forensic, Trauma Psychiatry

Professional Skills

  • Clinical Psychiatry: London completed her psychiatry residency with Massachusetts General Hospital, in which she learned to assess and treat chronic and severe mental illnesses as well as psychological problems associated with everyday living. During her residency, she worked in an inpatient unit as well as an outpatient clinic associated with the hospital where she provided individual, group, and family therapy to children, adolescents, and adults.
  • Forensic Psychiatry: Upon completion of her general psychiatry residency, London went on to complete a fellowship in forensic psychiatry, the application of psychiatric theories and practices within the legal system. During her fellowship, she learned such things as how to develop psychological profiles of criminal offenders, assess the psychological competency of individuals to stand trial, how to assess individuals as to determine sanity at the time of criminal offenses, how to provide psychiatric expertise during interviews and interrogations, as well as how to provide crisis counseling to traumatized victims and witnesses. In addition, London learned how to communicate her findings in a court of law as an expert witness.
  • Trauma Psychiatry: Building upon the work she began in her forensic psychiatry fellowship, London completed a second fellowship, which expanded her knowledge concerning the assessment and treatment of trauma survivors, including crime survivors as well as members of law enforcement.



Languages: English (USA), Some Spanish, Some American Sign Language

Self Defense

London’s self-defense skills are limited to the safe holds she learned when treating patients in the hospital or prison, and what she learned in a couple of women’s self-defense classes sponsored by the crisis center and law enforcement agencies she worked with.

London currently has no weapons training or experience. She will be taking training on basic firearms safety and skills with Storm Shelter's trainer, Akela Noelani.

Hobbies and Interestes

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder/Rape Trauma Syndrome/Battered Woman Syndrome: As a trauma psychiatrist, London makes every effort to keep up with the latest research and treatments for PTSD. She is particularly knowledgeable about trauma related to domestic violence and sexual assault and is a recognized expert witness on these topics for the local community.
  • Police Psychology: Having worked alongside members of law enforcement for several years as a forensic psychiatrist, London has taken particular interest in the subspecialty known as police psychology, which focuses on the hiring, assessment, and mental health care of law enforcement members. As a trauma specialist, she became naturally drawn to helping her colleagues cope with the unique challenges of the work.
  • Understanding the psychological needs of under-served groups: The longer London has worked with trauma survivors, the more aware she has become of those people who don’t receive the attention and support they need, including male survivors of domestic and sexual violence, members of the LGTQ community, disabled survivors, and survivors from outside the United States. She has made every effort to become more knowledgeable about these groups and spends free time fundraising and raising awareness of these issues as much as she can.
  • Time with good food and good company: London loves spending time with her few close friends, mostly colleagues, especially over a good meal. The food doesn’t have to be gourmet, and in fact she prefers comfort food or take-out most of the time, though she would never say no to a good steak or plate of pasta.
  • Watching TV: London rarely gets to watch TV live, but she has a deluxe DVR and TV package so she can record her favorite TV dramas. These include medical shows, legal shows, and even crime dramas. Law and Order: Special Victims Unit is her favorite, and although she knows they rarely get criminal investigation entirely accurate, she loves the shows’ twists and turns.
  • Reading: Like watching TV, Ridley rarely has time to read for pleasure, but when she does, she will read mystery and suspense novels as well as anything by Joyce Carol Oates.

Aliases / Nicknames

L, Riddler


Current Residence
681 Tranquility Road, Kodiak, Alaska

Place of Birth
Cincinnati, Ohio

Kith & Kin



Charles Ridley (adoptive father, a. 70, rtd. Family Court Judge, Kodiak, AK)

Biological father is unknown.


Elizabeth Ridley (adoptive mother, a. 70, rtd. social worker, Kodiak, AK)

Miri Marlow (birth mother; part-time waitress, full-time alcoholic, addict, and prostitute).



The MacLeods


TBD in game play.

Life Events

[Family History]

London’s family line is an in the flesh example of the cycle of poverty, substance abuse, violence, and its consequences. Her mother, Miri Marlowe, grew up with two alcoholic parents in Cincinnati, Ohio who barely acknowledged her existence, let alone provided for her most basic needs or gave her any sort of affection. According to Miri, her own mother told her the only reason Miri was born was because her mother underestimated how far along she was when she sought an abortion and she believed no one would adopt Miri if they knew how much her mother drank during her pregnancy.

Miri’s earliest memories involved observing both parents either passed out, beating each other up, or beating her. During those rare periods when her parents were able to hold down jobs as a waitress and simple handyman, respectively, Miri was left in the care of random neighbors or drug using acquaintances of her parents, who themselves were neglectful and in some cases, sexually abusive. During Miri’s childhood, teachers weren’t as attentive to child abuse and neglect, but even if they had been, Miri came from a long line of Marlowes who were labeled “trailer trash smart asses” who were criminals that had defiantly resisted any attempts by “the government” to tell them how to live their lives.

By the time Miri turned 16, she had dropped out of school and was living on the streets. Having decided life on her own couldn’t be any worse than what she had experienced in the first 16 years of her life, Miri made the decision to turn to prostitution to make money to survive. It wasn’t long before Miri met her Romeo pimp, who promised to love her and take care of her mere hours before he beat her and gave her to his friends to “break in.”

For the next two years, Miri’s life consisted of what seemed like the endless repetition of the same awful day over and over again. Eventually, Miri was arrested for the first time for prostitution and possession. Traumatized and strung out, she didn’t believe the nurse who told her she was pregnant by some rapist john, but she was filled with relief when the judge sentenced her to a residential program out of consideration for her circumstances and her lack of prior criminal history.

[Childhood Events]

January 22, 1976 
London Kyler Marlowe is born a healthy 7lbs, 6 ounces at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, thanks to the His Honor, Judge Charles Ridley, and his wife, Elizabeth Ridley, Miri’s social worker, who grant Miri a placement at the Bishop Maternity Home. London is named after the foreign city her mother would most like to visit someday.

February 1, 1976 
Miri and a newborn London move into the maternity home’s transitional shelter, where for the next two years, the two are allowed to stay while Miri completes her GED, finds work as an administrative assistant, and saves money toward an apartment of their own.

February 1, 1978
Miri and two year old London leave the shelter and move into a small but comfortable apartment. Miri works as an admin assistant and a waitress at a local diner by night while London spends most of her time in daycare. Social worker Elizabeth Ridley continues to periodically check- in out of concern for London.

1980 – 1983 
The financial strain and stress of single parenthood begin to take its toll on Miri, and it isn’t long before she resumes her old bad habits. London is removed 3 times over the next 3 years due to parental neglect.

March 1984
In an unusual turn of events, Miri is convicted of murdering a john and sentenced to life in prison. Miri implores her former social worker and her husband, the benevolent judge, to adopt 8 year old London and raise her as their own. The formerly childless couple can’t deny their feelings for London, and agree. London visits her mother for the first time with glass between them in the visitor’s area. She is outwardly shy but inwardly seething over her mother’s abandonment.

December 1984
Now officially London Kyler Ridley, the family of three moves to Kodiak, Alaska to give their daughter a fresh start.

1984 – 1991
London attends elementary and middle school. She is a top student with lots of friends, but counselors express concern that she isn’t entirely bonding with her new family and seems to carry a great deal of anger over her biological mother’s absence. London expresses fierce affection and gratitude toward her adoptive parents but acknowledges feelings of confusion and anger. Miri continues to reach out to London by mail, but most letters go unanswered.

September 1991 – May 1993
London completes her first two years of high school and quickly distinguishes herself at the top of her class. She isn’t in the most popular crowd, but she develops a close circle of friends and is active in the academic honor society, debate club and student service organizations. A class project on her family tree re-ignites her interest in her biological mother.

May 1994 – August 1994
The summer of her junior year in high school London asks to return to Ohio to visit her mother whenever she can over the break. She expresses a desire to hear her mother’s side of the story of London’s life, and the Ridleys agree, relieved London may finally let go of her underlying anger and depression. The visits are tense at first, but as Miri starts to recount the circumstances that led to her choices and imprisonment, London begins to feel more empathetic toward her mother and to become more aware of how easily vulnerable and traumatized people can fall through the cracks of the system. Her mother does not make excuses for her crimes and the two begin to bond again as mother and daughter. 

May 1995
London graduates high school in the top ten percent of her class. She is shocked to learn she has been accepted to her “pie in the sky” college, Harvard University, which she attributes to her excellent grades and raw essay about her life as the child of an addict. She calls her biological mother to tell her the good news and to plan their summer visit and is devastated to learn her mother died. The official word from the prison is she overdosed, but London isn’t convinced, having heard from her mother all about the abusive and corrupt practices by staff on inmates. Still, she has no evidence either way and is left dazed and in shock.

[Major Life Events]

September 1995 – June 1999
Following her mother’s death, London is eager for a fresh start and throws herself into her studies in Boston. As a biology major and a pre-medicine student, she finds herself in the toughest academic program she has ever encountered and she has virtually no social life. For four years, she suppresses her grief, only talking to her parents on any sort of regular basis.

July 1999
London learns she has been accepted to Harvard Medical School. A trusted professor reaches out to express concern for London’s welfare as by now she has dropped 30 lbs. and is looking frail. London agrees to enter grief counseling and ultimately comes to respect and admire the therapist who helps her process her trauma. This experience shapes the course of her future career.

September 1999 – June 2003
London completes medical school and graduates in the top twenty percent of her class. 

June 2003 – June 2007
She is selected to complete her psychiatric residency with Massachusetts General Hospital. During this time, she gains exposure to a broad range of psychiatric specialties, including neurology, adult inpatient psychiatry, child and adolescent psychiatry (inpatient and outpatient), emergency psychiatry, psychiatric consultation, addiction, psychiatry in correctional settings and community psychiatry.

June 2007 – June 2009
London is selected for dual Trauma and Forensic Psychiatry Fellowships. During this period, she continues to assess and treat inmates in the local area jails but also gains experience assessing and treating juvenile offenders, completing threat assessments and providing expertise in other civil and criminal court matters. Her favorite rotation, working with the Boston Police Department, teaches her how to compile psychological profiles and how to assist traumatized victims, witnesses, and officers alike.

June 2009 – 2013
Upon completion of her fellowship, London accepts a position as a forensic psychiatrist and victim advocate with the Massachusetts State Police. She enjoys the opportunity to continue the work begun during her fellowship on a much larger scale, and she also appreciates the variety of her work, but the experience also helps her realize her passion for working with a specific group of trauma survivors: domestic and sexual violence survivors. 

2013 – 2015
London ultimately leaves the MSP to take a position as the senior clinician with the Boston Area Domestic and Sexual Violence Center. In her position, she provides crisis counseling and safety planning to survivors, individual and group therapy for survivors and their non-offending family members, develops and facilitates support groups, and provides medical and legal accompaniment as needed. It is rewarding but ultimately emotionally taxing work, and after so many years away from her family, London knows it is time to come home to Alaska.

2016 - 2017
London has taken a job as a clinical and forensic psychiatric consultant with Storm Shelter Air & Rescue. and provides psychiatric services with Horse N Buggy MedCare. London believes she can be of use to both companies given her combined skills while enjoying a somewhat slower pace and better benefits. The chance to reconnect with her family is also priceless to her.

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  1. Dr. London Ridley
    London Ridley exhaled slowly and tried to imagine the tension gradually leaving her shoulders as she allowed the comfort of warm air and delicious smells to wash over her. She had taken a chance coming to the diner, but she had no choice. It had been some time since she had been home so she no longer knew the best restaurants and places to shop like the back of her hand. Of course, Alaska wasn’t exactly known for its avant-garde shopping and cuisine, but having grown up in the area, she did have her favorite places.
    Whatever vague knowledge and memory she might have had, however, left her when she learned of the shooting of Liam and Naomi McLeod. She would never say the words out loud, but it may well have been the attempted murder of her own parents as far as London was concerned. Since returning, she’d experienced her share of warm memories and flashbacks - passing by familiar houses that had aged ever so slightly, walking past the bakery that sold the best donuts she had ever tasted and provided the friendliest and most nurturing conversation one could ever hope to experience - but not even those memories captured even half of the good feelings she felt for this place compared to her memories of time spent with McLeods.
    London would be the first to admit her feelings surrounding the McLeods were complicated, primarily because of her feelings for Lucian McLeod. He had been her first love, her high school sweetheart in fact, and the tenderness and warmth she felt about that time in her life was as much about her love for the family as it was for their son. Liam and Naomi had been another set of parents to her at a time when her family relationships and her feelings toward family in general had been quite complicated. Liam and Naomi had always kept things simple - they left her as one of their own and she loved them in return.
    Even when she and Lucian had decided to go their separate ways because they wanted different things, London never felt, and was never made to feel, as though she were divorcing herself from the family. In fact, London had been a bit incredulous at that initially, and even felt a little guilty the family had chosen not to cut ties with her to spare their son, but that’s just how they were. Sure, they didn’t keep in touch as frequently as they once did, but that was to be expected. London just appreciated she had been thought of at all.
    Unfortunately, she’d had to learn of the shooting from the television. To the credit of the local police department, she’d received a phone call just a few minutes later. She would not be the victim advocate assigned to the case. She couldn’t exactly be sure whether that was because she hadn’t officially started as a victim advocate and trauma support specialist or whether it was because the local authorities were familiar with her relationship to the family. Ridley couldn’t be sure what exactly they knew, but she wouldn’t have been surprised. The area wasn’t the equivalent of New York City, after all.
    She met the news she wouldn’t be officially professionally involved with mixed feelings. This wasn’t the way she wanted to see the family again after all these years, and the professional in her knew it would be better if the victim advocate assigned to the case could be more objective. London knew the McLeods weren’t inclined to show emotional vulnerability to anyone, let alone someone they knew intimately. In particular, she knew that to be true Liam and Lucian, whether because of their sex or experience. Still, part of her believed her familiarity with the family would be an asset. Besides that, she needed to do something.
    That need to do something was what had brought her to Java on the recommendation of colleagues she barely knew. Taking a chance the family would benefit from access to decent coffee and even some pastry, she’d ordered coffees and mixed baked goods to go, carrying her offerings with care, letting the warmth radiating from the cups to warm her shaking, nearly numb fingers.

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