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Lucian MacLeod

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About Lucian MacLeod

  • Storm Shelter LLC

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    Main Character
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    Lou Diamond Phillips
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    Lucian Mahingan MacLeod
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    Tracker, Guide
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    Owner / CEO
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    6' 2"
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    Dark Brown

Physical Description

lucian3.jpegLucian is tall and lean with the long, sculpted musculature of a runner or swimmer. He is in excellent physical shape for a man of his age and activity levels. He has thick, wavy black hair. There is more than a little gray in it since he was nearly killed on the job. Lucian's eyes are black and almond shaped with well-shaped black brows and long, thick dark lashes. Lucian exhibits more of the Saulteau heritage than his siblings, being dark with a slightly dusky skin-tone.

Marks & Scars: Since Lucian is a very active man who works in the outdoors, he has the usual array of scars. He also has a surgical scar, hidden by his hair, from where an operation was done to relieve pressure on his brain after he was injured in 2015.

Clothing: Most often wears rugged, good-quality denims or tough khakis and work pants. He does not own a suit or any ties. Lucian's idea of dressing up is donning one of his leather sports jackets over a nice shirt and his least faded denims. Footgear usually consists of sturdy hiking boots although he does own a pair of black leather dress boots (ankle height).

Accessories: Military style chronometer (always), small golden crucifix (always)

Grooming: Lucian keeps his hair cut short most of the time. On rare occasions when he is spending time with his mother's people, he will let it grow longer. He also wears it longer when participating in tribal celebrations on the island. In recent years, Lucian has taken to growing a neatly trimmed goatee and mustache in winter. It has far more gray in it than his hair.

Traits & Characteristics

Personality Traits

  • Quiet (+/-)
  • Unassuming (+/-)
  • Confident (+)
  • Highly Intelligent (+)
  • Good Sense of Humor (+)
  • Calm, Even Tempered (+/-)
  • Determined (+/-)

Personality Details

Lucian is that man that, at first, would likely be overlooked in a crowded room. He has a stillness about him that means most people just do not take notice of him immediately. Inevitably, their eyes are drawn back to him because there is "something" about Lucian that cannot be easily dismissed, a certain iron-will lurking behind his nearly black eyes.

Known to be calm in a crisis and have a calming presence overall, Lucian is quiet spoken and even-tempered. He rarely gets truly angry, and when he does, he does not raise his voice. Instead, it goes an octave or two lower and acquires a steel-edge that usually results in obedience by those receiving his orders.

Lucian is proud of his accomplishments without being vain. He has a well-developed sense of humor that endears him to friends and family. Lucian is also a very determined man. When he starts something, he doesn't stop until it is finished to his satisfaction. Whether it is scaling on of Alaska's daunting mountain peaks or working a rescue job, Lucian does not quit. This trait is usually an asset but can cross over into being a negative aspect of his character. Sometimes, the determination becomes obstinance leading Lucian into situations that are hard to get out of.

Surprisingly, since he owns a bar, Lucian does not drink alcohol or smoke. His vice is a love for expensive coffees and teas.


Lucian is a quiet spoken man. He rarely raises his voice even in anger. In fact, his voice usually drops and octave or two the angrier he gets. The lowering of his voice and a sudden stillness is usually all the warning anyone gets that they have crossed a line. Lucian is also very formal with his speech, rarely using contractions. When talking, he uses minimal hand gestures.

His voice is a medium or soft baritone with near perfect pitch and tone. His singing voice matches his speaking voice and is quite pleasant to listen to. On occasion, patrons of the Alibi have suggested he try to break into the music business. Lucian's usual reply is, "Then it would be work..."


Current Employer

  • Storm Shelter, LLC. (2015 - Present)
  • Alibi Private Security (2015 - Present)
  • Alibi Saloon (2015 - Present)

Position and Title

  • Owner / CEO
  • Investigator, Security Specialist
  • Tracker, guide, tour operator


Lucian is the owner, CEO and CFO of Storm Shelter, the business he started after leaving the United States Marshals Service. The business was initially started for the legal reporting of taxes from income earned for his various work endeavors: private investigations, private security, fugitive recovery, search and rescue.

Previous Employment

  • 2000 - 2015: United States Marshals Service
  • 1997 - 2000: Alaska Department of Public Safety (Alaska Wildlife Troopers)

Professional Skills

  • Marksmanship
  • Hunting
  • Tracking
  • Investigation
  • Pilot: Lucian is an accomplished pilot and flies both fixed wing and rotary-wing aircraft. He excels with sea planes and landing aircraft on the ice.

Schools and Training

  • FLETC (Glynco, Georgia)
  • Alaska State Trooper Academy (Sitka, AK)
  • University of Alaska Anchorage (Bachelors of Arts in Justice, Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies)


  • English
  • Algonquin
  • Koniag Alutiiq
  • Spanish


lucian13.jpgHand-to-Hand Combat: Lucian has taken training per United States Marshals Service regulations. He is proficient up to level 3. However, his main teacher has been his father, Liam. He also learned various techniques from the Saulteau and Alutiiq sides of the family. He has blended the skills learned from them and his father into a unique hand-to-hand combat style. 

ASP Batons: Lucian carries two ASP batons that he uses very effectively in close combat. 

Bladed Weapons: Lucian considers knives to be utility tools, not weapons. He is moderately skilled with a fighting blade due to his FLETC training, but it is not his weapon of choice. Lucian tends to carry a bladed multi-tool (Swiss Army Knife) and the penknife his father gave him when he was ten years old at all times. Otherwise, he only carries what is needed for the job he is doing.

Rifles / Shotguns: Lucian is a natural marksman. If he can see it, he can shoot it. He consistently ranks as one of the best marksmen in the world. He began competitive shooting in high school. Lucian's skill-level is on par with any Olympic gold medalist. Although he was approached several times to join the US Team, he had no interest in that level of competition. He is competent with all weapons using a variety of aids, but equally accurate with open sights.

  • M1A SOCOM. .308 Winchester, short barrel (everyday rifle)
  • Accuracy International AXMC Sniper Rifle (Caliber: .338 Lapua (reconfigurable to .300 Winchester Mag or .308 Winchester; Weight: 15 lbs.)
  • Accuracy International AX50 (Caliber: .50 BMG; Weight: 27 lbs.)
  • Anschütz 1903 .22 long rifle (customized competition rifle)
  • Henry .357 steel Big Boy repeating rifle, large loop lever.


  • Smith & Wesson Pro Series Model 627, .38/.357 8-shot cylinder (shoulder holster)
  • Para USA Warthog, .45 ACP (Backup, ankle holster)
  • Para USA Black Ops Combat .45 ACP (Back Holster, Shoulder Holster)
  • For images and more details on Lucian's weapons, see Lucian's Locker (photo album).

Hobbies and Interests

  • Music: Lucian plays a beautiful 12-string Dreadnought guitar that his parents got him for his twelfth birthday. It was almost too big for him to play, but he learned and it is now one of his prized possessions. He writes and sings folk ballads, often performing them at his bar.
  • Fishing, Hunting, Hiking, Rock climbing: Anything adventurous and that will keep him outdoors.

See Lucian's Locker for images and details on boats, planes, automobiles, weapons.

Aliases / Nicknames

Wolf: In the Algonquin language, Mahingan means wolf. This is Lucian's preferred nickname as he despises all shortened variations of Lucian. Almost everyone calls him Wolf.

Little Wolf: Mother's nickname for him.


Current Residence
#13 Coldwater Harbor

Kodiak Island, AK 99615

#1 Alibi Harbor & Marina

Kodiak, AK 99615

  • Lucian has renovated the upper floor of the Alibi Bar & Grill into a nice apartment. He splits his time between his home in Coldwater Harbor and Kodiak.

Place of Birth
Coldwater Lodge

Coldwater Harbor

Kodiak Island, AK 99615

Kith & Kin



  • Liam Angus MacLeod
  • Nickname: The Old Bear
  • DOB: 07/04/1946


  • Naomi Dalton MacLeod
  • Nickname: Mama Bear
  • DOB: 02/04/1946


  • Jameson Dalton MacLeod
  • Nickname: J.D.
  • DOB: 03/13/1976 (fraternal twin)


  • Reagan Willowtree MacLeod
  • Nickname: Rea (p. ray)
  • DOB: 02/02/1971

Other Family

  • Lily Hollister (niece, a. 14)
  • Micah Hollister (nephew, a. 14)
  • Benjamin Hollister (Reagan's ex-husband) 
  • There are more uncles, aunts, and cousins on both sides of the family than Lucian can keep track of.


London Ridley: Dated in high school, have remained good friends since.

Lucian has made enemies during his years as a US Marshal. Enemies will be established and added as they reveal themselves in game play.

Life Events


See The MacLeod Family for details.


March 13, 1976 (a. 0)
Lucian Mahingan MacLeod was born at 3:00 AM. One hour later, his fraternal twin brother, Jameson Dalton, was born. One of the worst storms ever recorded raged outside preventing Liam MacLeod, their father, from taking his wife to the medical center in Kodiak. He delivered his sons with the help of an elderly Alutiiq midwife. As soon as the storm abated, Liam flew Naomi, their newborn sons, and his five-year-old daughter to Kodiak. Doctors at the hospital pronounced mother and infants in good health.

Lucian's middle name was chosen because he was born during the hour of the wolf. Mahingan means wolf in the Algonquin language and is the anglicized spelling of Ma'iingan. His brother was named for their father's favorite Scotch, Jameson, and Dalton was their mother's maiden name, hence that was chosen for Jameson's middle name. Nicknames were soon established. Lucian became known as Wolf since his mother called him her Little Wolf and Jameson's father began calling him J.D.

1977 to 1993 (a. 1 - 17)
lucian6.jpegAlong with their older sister, Reagan, the twins had a good, well-rounded childhood. Both of their parents had demanding careers but were fully engaged in raising their children. If their father was away on business, Naomi was home or had the children with her if she had to travel for her work as a volcanologist. Although the family was phenomenally wealthy with a net worth in the billions of dollars, they did not hand their children off to nannies or other caregivers. If both parents had to be away, the children were looked after by some of their Alutiiq or Saulteaux relatives.

As he got older, Lucian preferred to remain at home in Alaska whenever possible. He enjoyed the trips with his mother, found the lands and cultures exciting and her work as a volcanologist fascinating. Lucian was always anxious to return home to Kodiak and his life there. The only place he enjoyed being as much as at home was with his Saulteau relatives in British Columbia. The local Alutiiq nation also had a significant influence on his life, teaching him respect for the land and its natural resources.

Liam MacLeod also spent time teaching all three of his children survival skills and how to live with and off the land. He showed them how to disappear into the wilderness and to leave no trace of having been there. By their teen years, Lucian, J.D., and Reagan could track a bear or a man with relative ease. They could fly bush planes and navigate the sea.

Wolf grew into a quiet, watchful and highly intelligent young man. Occasionally, he played the role of the angry young Indian, usually after a long visit with his Saulteaux relatives. His grades always placed him in the top three of his class. He enjoyed a close friendship and sibling relationship with his twin brother and older sister. Like most twins, Wolf and J.D. exhibited a sense of one another's well-being. This ability did not fall into the fabled paranormal abilities attributed to many twins, but it was more pronounced between the brothers than with their older sister.

In the spring of 1993, Lucian and Jameson graduated high school in the top one percent of their class. After spending the summer working for the family's fishing fleet, Lucian packed his bags and headed to Anchorage to join his brother at the University of Alaska.


1993 to 1997 (a. 17 - 21): University of Alaska Anchorage
In the fall of 1993, Lucian and Jameson moved to Anchorage to attend college at the University of Alaska Anchorage. Lucian majored in Justice and Legal Studies with minors in Ecology and Alaskan Native Culture while J.D. went into Civil Engineering. During his college years, he augmented his savings by working at a small tavern near campus as a singer and bartender. His mellow baritone and folk-rock music hearkened back to the 1960s and 1970s. He became a favorite stand-in for the tavern's regular performers.

1997 to 2000 (a. 21 - 24)
Shortly before graduation with his dual degree, Lucian applied to the Alaska Department of Public Safety. He wanted to join the Alaska State Troopers. To his delight, he was accepted and assigned to the Alaska Wildlife Troopers division. Once he completed his training at the State Troopers Academy in Sitka, he would be stationed on Kodiak Island.

Lucian loved his work. He was popular with the other troopers and excelled at his job. In 2000, he was asked to assist a team of US Marshals in tracking down a fugitive who had taken hostages and fled into the wilderness on the island. When the assignment was over, he was offered a job with the United States Marshals Service. They had an office at Kodiak Station, and Lucian was assured that he would be stationed there. He accepted and headed to Glynco, Georgia for training at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC).

2000 to 2015 (a. 24 - 39)
For the next fifteen years, Lucian worked his way up through the USMS. In 2010, he was promoted to Supervisory Deputy. He was almost a legend within the rank and file of the service. Lucian was known to be an excellent officer in the field and a great supervisor. His operations were always smooth and flawless. Lucian had experience in almost every branch of the USMS including the Special Operations Group (SOG).

Along with his general reputation, Lucian had gained near-legend status as a long-range marksman. The killing of another human being was not something he enjoyed, and each time it had to be done, it weighed on him; however, he understood that sometimes there were no other options.

On March 13, 2006 Lucian and his fraternal twin, J.D., turned thirty years old. As he had with their older sister, Reagan, Liam gave both of his sons their inheritances in the form of a lump payout into trusts set up for each of them. They were encouraged to invest some of it, save some of it, and use what they needed. However, their inheritance came with no strings attached. Each man could use it as they saw fit. Lucian used some of his inheritance to build a house in Coldwater Harbor and to purchase the Alibi Harbor and Marina from his father. The old warehouse-turned-bar had a second floor that he had renovated into a nice loft-style apartment for his use when he had to stay in town.

In 2015, Lucian and his team were given a Witness Security assignment. His orders were to see to the protection and security of a high profile federal witness against one of the largest and worst Mexican drug cartels that had ever operated in the United States. The safety of the witness was vital. Without him, there would be no prosecution, no trial, and no justice. Lucian's team was chosen for the assignment because the USMS felt that the organization would not look in Alaska for the witness.

The team scouted several locations while Lucian put together the operation. The plan was to move the man and his family every two to four weeks to one of the safe houses selected at random. The assignment appeared to be working flawlessly. Lucian's team took charge of the witness and his family, and the moves from one location to another were seamless. The very randomness of the relocations would guarantee the operation's success.

On November 12th everything went wrong. With a storm coming in, Lucian decided to move Cragen and his family ahead of schedule. He put his unease down to feeling the approach of the storm. Lucian would forever wish he had listened to his instincts more closely. The helicopter picked the team and the Cragen family up as scheduled. Lucian made the final check of the premises to be sure they had cleared them and headed toward the chopper. He was only a few feet away when it exploded.

When the helicopter did not return to base, backup and support was dispatched. Lucian was the only survivor. He suffered multiple injuries including a severe head trauma. He remained in a coma for three weeks. Lucian came out of the coma to find that he had a long road to recovery. Once he finally returned to the job, he was given a desk assignment while the internal investigation was ongoing. In the end, Lucian was cleared of any criminal suspicions. He tried to get on with his work but there was still the fact that someone higher up the food chain than him had sold his team out. He also could not shake the guilt of their deaths. Lucian felt he had messed up somehow and that had cost the lives of his four team members, a man, his wife, and two small children. It would continue to haunt him for many years.

In 2016, Lucian handed in his badge and service weapon and walked away.

2016 to 2017 (a. 40 - 41)
Some years previously, Lucian had formed a small company called Storm Shelter. At the time, its purpose was to make sure all additional income from his family's holdings, his extra work as a guide and search and rescue expert were legally accounted for and reported. In 2016, he had the company rebranded as Storm Shelter Air & Rescue and set up business in the back half of The Alibi, his second business and home-away-from-home.

The Alibi quickly became a popular hangout for the local population and tourists. Storm Shelter provided a variety of services although ostensibly it was an air transport service for eco-tourism. The rescue service was on an as-needed basis. However, Lucian's reputation garnered him other work well. He became sought after as a tracker, guide, and for fugitive recovery work. 

Lucian enjoys his new work and the freedom to pick and choose which jobs he takes. The shadow of what really happened on that last disastrous USMS assignment still hangs over him. Someday, he will find out how the cartel knew when and where to strike. For now, his business is thriving and he is even considering adding more employees. Lucian recently added his private investigators license after being asked by the local police department to look into a couple of things - off the books.

Character Notes


Lucian has a mellow baritone speaking and singing voice.

Voice Avatar (singing): Gordon Lightfoot (Lucian's musical style and sound is based on Gordon Lightfoot and meant as a tribute to a folk-rock legend.)

From a very young age, Lucian has suffered from periodic bouts of insomnia. Rather than take medication to help him sleep, he walks. His nocturnal rambles have covered almost every walkable area of Kodiak Island, sometimes going as far as flying or boating to an area that he cannot reach easily on foot, and then hiking until just tired enough to sleep when he gets home.


Jack (Belgian Malinois)


Jack is a mahogany and fawn Belgian Malinois. He is large, standing just over twenty-four inches and weighing nearly eighty pounds. Lucian believes Jack might be a mixed breed rather than full husky because of his size.

Both pet and working dog, Jack is trained to pull a very small sled or cart, usually loaded with supplies when Lucian is out hunting or on a tracking job. The dog is also a superb hunter and tracker. Jack is very athletic.

Jack and Sigmund, the rooster, are quite attached to one another. Many times, Lucian comes home to find the rooster snuggled down and sleeping between Jack's paws. 

Orca (American Paint)


Orca is a seven-year-old American paint stallion that Lucian uses when guiding wilderness tours or for riding when hunting and tracking. The horse is calm, well-trained, and a superb wilderness trail horse. Overall, Orca is well-mannered, but he does have a strong, bold personality and is not a horse for amateurs.

The gelding stands right at sixteen hands and is very strong. If needed, he will pull a litter or a sleigh. Orca is sure-footed and athletic.

Orca is not for use by the general public (i.e. tourists on day trips, etc.).

Freud the Chicken


Freud is a huge golden partridge Brahma rooster. He rules the roost (pun intended) in the house and in the coop. The rooster weighs in at just over ten pounds. Like most of his breed, he is very friendly and quite gentle.

Lucian got Freud right after he left the US Marshals Service, picking him out of a bunch at a local farmers' co-op. The small rooster was being attacked and picked on by the rest of the chicks in the pen. Always a sucker for the underdog, Lucian brought him home. Since it was still too cold to have the rooster outside, he brought him into the house - where he stayed.

Storm Shelter's Horses

Storm Shelter keeps several horses to use for their tourist business at the Mercer Ranch. Most of them are Quarter Horse / Tennessee Walking Horse crosses which give them smoother gaits. All of them are trail trained and cross-trained for carrying packs or pulling light wagons / carts.

  • Moses: Bay gelding, no white.
  • Simone: Sorrel mare, flaxen mane and tail, white blaze, white stockings.
  • Caligula (Cal): Chestnut gelding, left hind sock, white star, strong personality (not good for amateurs).
  • Swiftfoot (Swift): Black mare, registered Tenn. Walker, trail trained, can keep up with most horse's canter and not break out of a running-walk.
  • Felix: Gray Quarter Horse / Arabian cross, small, good for teens and children.

Player Notes


You betcha! I am open for all kinds of plots for Lucian. He is a quiet and unassuming man who is very proud of his Native heritage and close to his family. Hit me up for plots in Discord (preferred) or drop a plot request in the Ruses and Intrigues forum.


Lucian is not a lady's man or really very promiscuous. He has had two or three long-term relationships that did not work out for one reason or another. The longest was with his high school sweetheart,


Bring it! Lucian's best friends are his family. However, he is a fierce and loyal friend.

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Recent Posts

  1. Lucian MacLeod
    Lucian moved what he needed out of his bedroom, deciding to ignore Stephanie's comment about the architect. After all, the place had been built as a get-away from town life. It had taken him years to complete it. Having the Lair near his parents' home also meant he did not have to stay there where privacy was at a minimum. Liam and Naomi tried hard not to interfere in their children's lives, but sometimes they just could not help themselves.

    In the kitchen, Lucian took a vacuum-sealed package of ground venison and top sirloin out. It was pre-cooked and just needed to be put into the microwave to thaw. He also found packages of chopped and pureed tomatoes. Since the meat and vegetables had been vacuum-sealed, they would be as good as if he had gone to the garden to get them. While the main ingredients for the sauce thawed in the microwave, Lucian found his stash of vacuum-sealed herbs and spices. Fortunately, his small kitchen garden had plenty of garlic and fresh basil. He hated relying totally on dried ingredients.

    A trip outside to the larger garden shared by him and his parents yielded the ingredients for a decent salad to have with dinner. Returning to the kitchen, Lucian put his garden items into the sink to be rinsed. He walked back in just in time to hear Kat's comment float out from the bedroom. Lucian had an issue with Stephanie drinking beer due to her age. He did not even want to think about the trouble he, J.D., and Kat could get into for giving alcohol to a minor. However, it also fell within the category of picking your battles. He would lay down the law about keeping it private and make it clear that no adult in the house could offer the beverage. It was a fine line, but Reagan could actually argue in court that no adult had actually offered the beer to Stephanie.

    Lucian set out some cold-cuts, cheese, and crackers to tide everyone over until he could get dinner on the table. "Hey!" Lucian called out to everyone, "I do not have a good array of appetizers but have set out what I do have. We also need to discuss what is next before I put in a call to Mark Carson."
    @Bongo @Wayfarer @Longshot
  2. Lucian MacLeod
    "We are coming in for a landing now," Lucian answered Stephanie, "so we will be having dinner soon and discussing what is next."
    Out of the windows, everyone could see the magnificent landscape of Hidden Basin. Ugak Bay, which led to the basin, was a stunning stretch of water lined by soaring mountains. Here and there, valleys opened to the bay, evidence of ancient glaciers. Hidden Basin had earned its name. It was tucked away just beyond a narrow inlet that could fool the average person into thinking it was a small river. Then everything opened up to the MacLeod's private cove. High up and overlooking the cove was the stone and log family home. However, the plane banked away from there and descended toward Lucian's floating home.
    For all that it appeared to be the epitome of a rugged home on the water, Wolf's Lair was a haven of peace, quiet, and high tech security. Taking his share of the luggage, Lucian led the way along the pier and into the area beneath the house that served as a docking area for some of his toys. A wide stairway led to a door that was secured by keypad and a handprint pad. Lucian plugged in his code and placed his hand on the sensor. A quiet snick sounded inside the wall as several deadbolts slid back into the thick, solid wood door. As the last lock released, the door slid back as well.
    The home reflected its owner's love of nature. Huge windows let light in from outside and showed off views of the water and forest that surrounded it. Large decks surrounded the front, sides, and rear of the house, encouraging people to live outdoors. The interior was tastefully decorated with wood, stone, and leather. Splashes of color were provided by hand-woven rugs and wall hangings which managed to give the home a warmer feeling than it would have had otherwise.
    Lucian opened the door to the right of the living area, "Ladies, you can take my room. I will get what I need out of here in a little while. J.D. and I will take the two smaller rooms." He set their bags down before disappearing to get his and J.D.'s things sorted.  When everyone was sorted, Lucian returned to the kitchen, padding quietly across the natural stone floor. Stephanie had mentioned being very hungry. He checked the cabinets, pantry, and refrigerator. All were well-stocked with everything except for alcohol of any kind. Oddly enough since he owned a bar, Lucian did not drink. Alcohol had come close to leading him down a very dark path. It was not a place that he ever wanted to go again.
    "How does spaghetti with meat sauce and garlic toast sound?" Lucian called out to the other three, "And Stephanie, I have not forgotten your question about what comes next. We will discuss it as soon as I get dinner started."
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    House Floor Plan
  3. Lucian MacLeod
    Lucian looked up and over at Stephanie, his near-black eyes sparking with humor, "Assuming your inquiry is serious, Steph darling, it depends on the age of the plane and how you want it outfitted. For an older bird like this one, two-hundred to five-hundred thousand. New ones soar to over three-million. As far as crashing, despite his negative suggestion that Freud or I are the flight's stewardesses, he is one of the best bush pilots I know."
    Settling into tour-guide mode, Lucian pointed out various landmarks. His sharp eyes spotted a large Kodiak bear on the prowl far below. He picked up his camera and snapped off several shots as he indicated the animal to Stephanie and Kat. The sound of the airplane seriously ignored the huge bear and it rose onto its back feet before dropping to all fours and racing off into the bush. "While we get things sorted at the house, I can take you both on some short tours around the sound, help alleviate some of the boredom. There is usually quite a bit of wildlife and sealife to see."
  4. Lucian MacLeod
    Lucian waited patiently through all of the chicken jokes. It was not like he had not heard it all before. Still, he could not imagine trying to explain that Freud got really depressed after being left on his own too long. His bar manager could easily go up to the apartment and feed him, but the rooster became seriously morose without regular company. Unfortunately, Freud was seriously picky about that company. He liked most people. 
    Freud did not like J.D. in the least and had been known to follow him around, waiting for an opportunity to try to flog him. It did not matter that Lucian kept Freud's spurs trimmed and filed. The rooster was still a monster-sized fowl compared to others of his species. He could leave some serious bruises. Lucian had told J.D. over and over that he just needed to feed Freud a few times, give him some treats... No, the antipathy went both ways.
    Raising the carrier, Lucian stated calmly, "Freud is going to the house."
    @Longshot @Wayfarer @Bongo
  5. Lucian MacLeod
    Continued from Forward and Backward With: J.D. MacLeod, Stephanie Stroud, Kat Mercer, some dogs and a rooster. Location: Wolf's Lair (Lucian's home in Hidden Basin) When: Week of May 8, 2017 Time of Day: Afternoon to start, various days and times throughout thread.  

    Lucian sent J.D., Kat, and Stephanie on to Kodiak. They were going to make their way to the MacLeod's marina that was located across the street from Lucian's bar, The Alibi.  While J.D. got the DeHaviland Beaver seaplane checked out and ready to go, the two women would wait in the marina's waiting area. Meanwhile, Lucian would wait for Mac and Lily March who had phoned to say they were on their way. He then would stop by the hospital, leave word with the family on what was up and glare at his father for getting them into this mess. J.D. would take Lucian's SUV and Lucian would borrow Kat's vehicle. It would be good to have it in town for her in case it was needed. There was also the fact that Liam knew everybody on Kodiak Island and a majority of everybody who was anybody in the state of Alaska. Lucian wanted to get some more information on Mason Stroud and ask if Liam knew anything about Mark Carson.
    Just over an hour later, Lucian had completed his errands, including glaring at his father. On the plus side, Liam looked stronger and had said he was being discharged from the hospital the next day. Instead of returning to the family lodge in Hidden Basin though, Liam and Naomi were going to stay in one of their rental cabins near town so that he would be able to make his required doctor's visits. That had been good news for Lucian. He had buried his genuine worry about his parents to focus on dealing with the case Liam had dropped on him and J.D.
    Lucian's last stop was by the Alibi to make sure the manager knew that he was going to be gone on Storm Shelter business. He also went up to his apartment and threw a few needed items in his go-bag and stuffed his huge Brahma Giant rooster, Freud, into his carrier. A few moments later he was walking along the pier where the plane was tied up, shepherding Kat and Stephanie ahead of him. He had to grin as the huge rooster set up a round of squawking. It was almost as if Freud knew that J.D. was nearby.
  6. Lucian MacLeod
    Lucian smiled. He enjoyed the company of dogs. In fact, his dog was at the Hidden Basin house. "Bring them along as long as they will not eat my chicken," he told Kat. "I will need to get my dog and the rooster too. They are at my parents' house in the Basin."
    Continued in A Time to Plan
  7. Lucian MacLeod
    Lucian actually smiled, "Sounds like a plan. Kat, I can reach out to a couple of people that used to help out Griselda. Mac and Lily March are good people, reliable and know the place." He pulled out his burner mobile and placed the call. After speaking to someone on the other end of the line for a few moments, he shut off the phone and put it away. "All set."
    "Okay, we will keep with the original plan for now and head to my place in Hidden Basin. It is secluded, but not totally off-the-grid. It will be a breather before having to consider other alternatives." Lucian glanced over at J.D. "Sound good, bro?"
    "Anywhere but here is great...if the police could find us here, then Steph's uncle's folks know where it is as well...and sooner rather than later." J.D. said, glancing out the window to keep an eye on the driveway.
    It helped to reassure her, knowing that Lucian knew who would be watching the place, and Kat was able to pack quickly...she was pretty simple, didn't need fancy clothes or frills like makeup, so it was a matter of tossing a few essentials into a duffel and heading back down the stairs. 
    "Ready as I'm going to be," she declared, then grinned as Hammy and Scout joined her.  "Well, looks like We're ready!"  Well, she didn't expect them to take the dogs, but it was worth a try!
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  8. Lucian MacLeod
    Lucian sighed and shook his head. It was probably a good thing that the girl was so strong willed and determined. However, it made securing her safety far more difficult than it needed to be.
    "Miss Stroud, we can only agree to visits to Kat if it is determined that it will not endanger either of you. Personally,  I would prefer to keep Kat with us, providing she would agree to that. The problem with that is getting someone out to watch her place and care for the animals," Lucian told Stephanie. "Right now, we do not know what is coming at us. It makes it very difficult to know what course of action is safest for you."
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  9. Lucian MacLeod
    Lucian walked around the yard for a few moments and then over to the SUV. He got in, leaned forward, and pressed the ignition button. For several moments, Lucian sat still, letting the engine idle. He really wanted to drive off, leaving Stephanie Stroud and her problems in the rearview mirror. What stopped him was the fact that J.D. had not followed him out of Kat's cabin and the fact that he could not bring himself to leave the two women to fend for themselves against a man like Anatoly Lysenko.

    Giving in to a rare display of pure temper, Lucian pounded the sturdy steering wheel with his fists. He took a deep breath and switched the engine off. Schooling his thoughts and his emotions, Lucian opened the vehicle's door and stepped out. He might walk out on a client that did not want to continue the contract, but he could not leave his brother. Resolutely, Lucian strode back to the house and into the kitchen.

    Lucian had entered quietly, his stealthy manner of moving about was so ingrained, it was now second-nature. When he spoke, his voice was pitched low as always, his tone mild and non-combative. Lucian's manner of speech was also ingrained in him. He had found that he did not need to raise his voice or shout to command his teams when he worked for the United States Marshals Service. 

    "Miss Stroud, you may, of course, have one beer or fifty. I am not your guardian and cannot force you to do what is smart. You also have every right to fire Storm Shelter and your attorney, although I would advise against the latter. Reagan may be all that stands between you and the nuthouse, providing what you have said about your uncle's plans is true, and I have no reason to doubt that it is."

    "However, we need to get the terms of our employment settled. In return for your intervening with the police, Storm Shelter agrees to take you on as a client - pro bono. We will see to your personal safety and security. You may terminate employment at your discretion."

    There was a moment's pause as Lucian thought about how to explain things to the girl in a way she would understand. "Part of keeping you safe is to make sure you blend in with the population of Kodiak. We started out badly, but you need to understand that our one and only concern is your safety. Invictus is primarily a fishing charter and eco-tourism vessel. I have some people I can trust to play the part of tourists. No one will remark us going out to sea. I also have a fishing trawler that is unremarkable, which will work as an alternate safe house. Other places we can use are my parents' lodge, my place, here, and the wilderness. I hope you like camping as long as you do not have to expend any effort?"
  10. Lucian MacLeod
    Lucian reached out and snagged the beer out of Stephanie's hand, returning it to the refrigerator, "I do not care what you were drinking under your family's watch. Here, you are still underage." He reached past her for a pitcher of cold water and poured himself and J.D. a glass. "And no, we will not be sharing a bed." Although his voice was low and stern, there was an amused twinkle in his dark eyes. He had to admire the girl's spirit, all things considered.
    J.D. looked at the glass of water, wishing deeply that it was soda, but he shrugged and took a drink as he nodded in agreement with Lucian about their party girl.
    "Kat, we owe you several weeks of chores. Once we get this case settled, I will try to make good on some of it," Lucian said to the other woman. "I never meant to bring you trouble. Once we know more about Stephanie's situation and the level of danger, we will see about bringing her to visit. Reagan will be able to legally block her uncle from having her committed, at least temporarily. It does sound like he will likely try other means if thwarted."
    J.D.'s head came up. "Yeah, Kat. I for one apologize for my brother's behavior..." He said as he reached for a pizza slice.
    Settling at the table, Lucian picked up a slice of the cold pizza. "I will put Miss Stephanie to work on the Invictus. Might as well do a little lobster or crab fishing, make some money."
    A sigh came from J.D. as he chewed pizza. "I have been home approximately a day...maybe a day and a half and I have been press-ganged into being a farmhand and a commercial fisherman. Can we have some more people shoot at us instead?"
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