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David Carson

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About David Carson

  • I.T. Expert/Investigator

ID Card

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    Main Character
  • Playby
    Dalton James
  • Full Name
    David Carson
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  • Profession
    Private Investigator
  • Rank/Title
    I.T. Expert
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    5' 11"
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Physical Description

carson1.jpgWeight: 160 pounds

Build: Average

  • Clean shaven
  • Slighty muscular
  • No visible scars

Traits & Characteristics

  • Determined
  • Quick learner (always keeping up with the latest advances in I.T. and try them out)
  • Easy-going
  • Makes friends easily
  • Likes to keep fit but isn't a fanatic
  • Calm and practical
  • Loyal and responsible


June 2010 - August 2016

Working part-time at an I.T. store in Laramie that dealt with a variety of customers.  He spends two years in sales before going on to networking and troubleshooting.  During this time he also applied the knowledge he learns in university and helps clients with electronic surveillance and other I.T. related tasks.

September 2016 - Present

Works as a freelance I.T. expert and investigator in Kodiak.


Computer Engineering, BS degree from University of Wyoming

From his years working in an I.T. store  in Laramie, he has experience in networking and troubleshooting, as well some web development skills.  He has varying levels of expertise in a number of  areas including hacking and electronic surveillance.

Aliases / Nicknames



1994 - August 2016

Laramie, Wyoming

September 2016 - Present

Kodiak. Alaska

Kith & Kin

Parents: Stephen and Marie Carson (both deceased)

Brother: Mark Carson

Life Events

April 1994 - September 2012

Second son born to Stephen and Marie Carson.  Growing up and attending school in Laramie.

September 2012 - June 2016

Attends University of Wyoming, where he studies Computer Engineering.

Late July 2016 - September 2016

Both of his parents die in a car accident, which brings back his older brother Mark, who he has had minimal contact with over the last ten years (mainly through emails).  He is happy when Mark decides to leave whatever it was that he was doing as he wants to know him more.

Having no fixed employment and no real ties to Laramie, now that his parents are gone, he goes with Mark to Kodiak.


Resides in Kodiak with his brother, working freelance out of an office located above their garage.

Character Notes

Player Notes

Will add more as the story progresses.

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  1. David Carson
    With: David Carson, @Aanyone who wants to join (not necessary to do so) Location: Kodiak Police Department car park When: May 2017 Time of Day: Late Afternoon  

    The sound of a girl shouting something about being free at last, broke Dave out of his thoughts.  He had just finished fixing a computer in the records room that had decided at some point earlier in the day to stop working and was about to leave.  It had been a case of another old computer that should have been replaced ages ago.  The Kodiak Police Department ran a shoestring budget, with the money going to more important things than keeping up with technology.  Still, he was grateful for the work and smiled when he remembered how fortunate he had been to get the contract to be the Department's I.T. expert so soon after arriving.
    The job was an on-call one and it fitted in well with his other work commitments.  There weren't too many people in town who did or had his expertise in his line of work, so it had been easy to find a few clients and make a fairly decent living.  Freelance work had also given him the opportunity to find out about more of the island and the people who lived there.
    As he continued to watch the young woman, he saw her being joined by a few others.  One, he recognised as Lucian MacLeod.  He hadn't met the man, but he knew who he was.  His brother, Mark probably knew more than he did about the MacLeod and his family but wasn't letting on how much.   The MacLeod family were well-respected and when news of the shooting came, both he and Mark were concerned.
    They had been living here for about nine months and the place seemed to relatively trouble free.  Sure, there had been the usual crime sprees and Mark had even been hired as security consultant and investigator for a couple of businesses who had been hit by a spate of robberies but nothing like the shooting that happened the other day.  It seemed to Dave that people like Liam and Naomi MacLeod could be targets then anybody could.  When he had voiced this concern to Mark, he could sense Mark was thinking that there was more to it.
    For over ten years, Mark's life had been and was still a mystery to him.  The only contact he had had with his older brother during these years was an email address.  Dave would send emails on a regular basis but only received a reply every now and then.  When their parents had been killed in the car accident, Dave had been relieved to find out that Mark hadn't totally locked him out.  Mark had given him an apology of sorts but declined to go further into the reasons why he stayed away for so long.  Then,  a month or so after the accident, Mark had decided to stay and give up whatever it was that he had been doing, Dave decided not to question it.   To have Mark around for good, was more than he had hoped for and he knew with time, Mark may even learn to trust him enough to tell him what he had been doing all those years.
    After watching the group for a few more minutes, Dave decided it was time to leave.  He closed the trunk and made his way to the driver door.

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