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About Mark Carson

  • Private Investigator

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    Main Character
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    James Drury
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    Mark Carson
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    Private Investigator
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Physical Description

mark-carson2.jpegWeight: 165lbs

Build: Average

  • No noticeable scars.
  • Clean shaven most of the time.
  • Able to maintain his weight.

Traits & Characteristics

  • Is very secretive and private, especially where one part of his past is concerned.
  • Even though he is good with guns, he prefers not to use them unless necessary.
  • Can defend himself in a fight.
  • Is a man of integrity
  • Has a sense of humour and is generally congenial but can become very serious at a moment's notice.
  • Confident
  • Independent and decisive
  • Open-minded



September 2000 -  June 2004

Various odd jobs to help pay his way through college.  Jobs included being a courier, a janitor and a tutor.

July 2004 - December 2005

Working part-time as a courier driver and in the local gunsmith shop in Laramie, Wyoming.

January 2006 - July 2016


September 2016 - Present

Freelance private investigator in Kodiak, Alaska


  • Has a good knowledge of guns and how to use them.
  • Has a degree and expertise in forensic investigation.


Aliases / Nicknames



January 1982 - August 2000

Laramie, Wyoming.

August 2000 - June 2004

Richmond, Virginia

July 2004 - December 2005

Laramie, Wyoming

January 2006 - July 2016


September 2016 - Present

Kodiak, Alaska

Kith & Kin

Parents: Stephen and Marie Carson (both deceased)

Brother: David Carson

Life Events

January 1982 - August 2000

First child of Stephen and Marie Carson.  Growing up and attending school in Laramie.

Brother David is born in 1994.

Graduated from high school in June 2000.

August 2000 - June 2004

Instead of going to the University of Wyoming as everyone expects he would, he instead takes up a scholarship at the Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond.  Over the next four years, he only comes home during the summer vacation once (after his freshman year) and three times for Thanksgiving (freshman, sophomore and junior years).

At the end of his time he comes out with a degree in Criminal Justice (Forsensic Crime Scene Investigation).

July 2004 - December 2005

Once again, surprising everyone, instead of pursuing a career in law enforcement, he decides to stay in Laramie, working part-time as a courier and in a local gun shop.   Shortly, after Christmas 2005, he decides to move away.

January 2006 - July 2016


Late July - September 2016

Upon the death of his parents in a car accident, Mark decides to go home to be with his younger brother and to help sort his parents' affairs out.  It is during this visit, that he decided it is time to take his life in another direction.

Needing to go somewhere that was fairly remote and quiet and so he picks Kodiak.  David decides to join him and they start a business where they can both work as investigators and David can freelance with IT work to help pay the bills.

He has plenty of money saved from what he was doing over the last ten years to buy a three bedroom home in Kodiak.


Resides in Kodiak with his brother, working freelance out of an office located above their garage.

Character Notes

Relationship status is unknown - part of his past that he keeps hidden (his brother doesn't even know what it is exactly).

Player Notes

Relationship status will change in the future (when I work out his story a bit more).

Will add more details as they come up during the course of the story.

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  1. Mark Carson
    "You can count on it," Mark said cheerfully.
    Making his way to the door, he gave Liam one last look and a wave before he exited.  It was good seeing Liam again and that he was well on the road to recovery.   Now he had to work out a way to introduce himself to Liam's sons.  The only option he could see at the moment was to go straight their headquarters at Storm Shelter.
    As he continued walking out of the hospital, he decided that he would leave it until tomorrow.  From Liam told him, his sons were busy with Stroud's niece and probably wouldn't be there anyways.  As for what he would do for the rest of the day, that was easy.  There were a couple of places he hadn't checked out on the island yet and now would be a good time to do it.  To him, knowing the lay of the land in the literal sense was necessary just in case.  With people like Stroud having an interest here, just in case could be sooner rather than later.
  2. Mark Carson
    "Sounds good to me."  Mark smiled, "We can work out how I can meet your sons later on but for now I think I'd better be going.  It will be lunch time soon and I don't particularly want to be around if you find it not to your liking."
    Standing up, he pushed the chair back a little and placed his hand on Liam's shoulder, "It's great see you again.  Later on when you're up to, you can take one of your boats and do some fishing.  I've heard the salmon around here is very good."
  3. Mark Carson
    "Well maybe the simplest explanation would be the best.  We just tell that we've worked with each other in the past and leave it at that."
    Mark half-smiled, "I know that my brother has questions about what I did in the past but thankfully he isn't pushing me to tell him.  I expect your sons are the same."
  4. Mark Carson
    "I understand about not being able to tell your family about what you do. "  A look of sadness appeared on Mark's face, "My parents went to their grave not knowing what I was doing.  Except for the occasional email and ones for birthdays and Christmas, I didn't have much contact with them.  The last time I saw them was about six months before the accident and then it was only a brief stopover on my way to another assignment.  As far as they knew I worked for some big international firm as a troubleshooter.   In a sense that was true, but not in the way they thought it was.  Even my brother, Dave thinks I worked for some sort of big financial group.  I haven't bothered to correct him and I don't know if I ever will."
    For all the years, he had known Liam, Mark knew that the man was a good listener.  In some ways, they were both someone the other could  talk about the pressures of what they did.    On the few occasions, Liam had confided him, Mark had been able to give the man the support and understanding he needed.  However, the time of reflection was over and they needed to get to the business at hand.  After taking a deep breath, he continued, "Now about that story.  It will have to be a good one as I don't think your sons will be that easily fooled with the old you were a friend of my father's line."
  5. Mark Carson
    "I have no doubt that there is."  Mark smiled, "They are your sons after all."
    Mark nodded, "Yes Mason Stroud can be a tough man to stop.  The organisation had a couple of run-ins with him or to be more precise, activities he was backing.  Thankfully, they were able to ruin his plans on both occassions.   If he wants his niece gone bad enough, he will do anything to make sure it happens."
  6. Mark Carson
    "I know about Lucian and Storm Shelter.  It's hard not to in a town this big," Mark smiled. "I suppose I've done nothing to warrant any attention from him.
    He leaned forward a little, "In a way I do like being in something that doesn't get me noticed.  It's what I've been doing all these years.  But there are times where I will and do come out in the open.  If Lucian wants my help in solving this then I will be happy to oblige."
    Leaning back in the chair, he continued, "From what I can gather this isn't just some ordinary, random shooting.  If they wanted to kill you they've had plenty of opportunities to do so.  You're not exactly keeping a low profile here by running a tour company and being a prominent town member.  More than likely, it was to send you a message.  From who, I don't know.  I've sent out feelers to my former colleagues to see if they've heard anything.  You know, it's times like this that being part of an international network comes in handy."
  7. Mark Carson
    Mark nodded.  "It does but I'm getting used to it.  I've got my kid brother to keep an eye on now that my parents are gone."
    Pausing for a moment, he gazed at the old man.  For someone who had just been shot and despite his age, he looked like he was recovering quite well.  No doubt he would be up and about within the week unless his wife had something to say about it.  Liam was not the type to let the grass grow under his feet.
    "I've taken up some private investigation and security work.  It's the closest thing I can get to what I used to do that won't raise any suspicions.   It keeps me busy but telling you what I've been up to is not what I came here for.  The reason why I came was because you're a valued friend and I wanted to see how you were doing.  I also want to offer my services...if you ever need them."
  8. Mark Carson
    Mark smiled.  No doubt the old man had already checked to see if he was wearing a gun.  In fact, that was one of the first lessons he had learnt from Liam.  It was the summer before his final year of college and the organisation were putting him through some early training.  His stare show that Liam was still very much a man in full control of his senses.
    Grabbing a chair, Mark pulled it up to near the bed and sat down.  "You know if I was any other man, you would've been out that bed quicker than anybody could blink no matter how much it hurt."
  9. Mark Carson
    With: Liam MacLeod Location: Trident Medical Center When: May 2017 Time of Day: Morning  

    Mark stood and stared at the door for a few minutes.  It had been a few days since the shooting and the wave of family and police had slowed down to a crawl.  From what Dave had seen at the police station the other day he knew the man's sons wouldn't be around at this time of day.  He didn't want many people to know about this visit...not just yet.
    Waiting until the man was recovering well and truly from the gunshot wound, he had received was another reason why he had delayed this visit.  A nurse, who he was on friendly terms, with had informed of the man's condition.  Thinking of the woman made him smile a little.  She was a welcome distraction but in the long run he knew it wouldn't last - his past had seen to that.
    He wondered how the old man would react to seeing him again.  No doubt, MacLeod would already know that he had moved here.  Maybe he should have paid him a visit by now but that would have required a lot of explaining to anybody who happened to be around.  However, this shooting had brought back memories of one particular training mission where they had both been through life and death and he had felt the need to come.  MacLeod was more than just a trainer; he was a mentor and a friend.  Every year for the last ten years, Mark had spent a week with him, learning skills and relieving burdens.
    Opening the door to the room, Mark took a quick look around before entering.   The room was well-lit and smell a bit like apples.  No doubt, some over-enthusiastic hospital worker had overdone it when cleaning the room.   Knowing the type of man MacLeod was, the smell would almost be bordering on the unbearable.  The thought of MacLeod telling off the poor hospital worker made him smile a little.
    Approaching the bed, he acknowledged the man, "How are you?"
  10. Mark Carson
    Mark smiled as he watched the credits roll on the episode of "Mission: Impossible" he had been watching.  Even though it was fiction, the fact that some aspects of it got very close to the truth amused him.   He wonder what those creative types in Hollywood would do with the truth if they ever got their hands on it.  The thought that they would distort it to suit themselves and whatever agenda they were promoting these days was the first thing that came to his mind.
    Switching the TV off, he leaned back into the sofa.  Yes, truth could be a brutal thing at times, especially if people failed to understand the reasons behind it.  The truth was something that needed to be said at the right place...the right time and he doubted that he could ever tell it, especially to his brother.  Dave was more idealistic than he was and would have a hard time understanding where he had been all these years.  Still, in a way it might be better if Dave never knew.  His brother had seemed rather pleased to have him back for good and was even willing to come with him to Kodiak.
    To his former colleagues, Kodiak might have seemed an odd choice, but he wanted to be somewhere that was hard to get to and a little bit remote.  Besides a place like Kodiak wouldn't be a hotbed of international intrigue making it more than likely that he would have to come out retirement.
    Shaking his head slightly, he half-smiled.  Well, that was what he had thought.  Now that he had been here for some time, he could see that for a small, quiet place, Kodiak Island had a lot going on. He had already been contacted by the organisation, who had asked him to keep an eye on things here and to let them know if anything interesting happens.  The request was okay by him as he was more than happy to be just an observer and not  be involved in anything that might put his or his brother's life at risk.
    The sound of a car coming up the driveway, alerted him to the fact that Dave was home.  Looking up at the clock on the wall, he sighed.  It was his night to cook dinner and he'd better get a start on it soon.  Kodiak Island and its problems could wait but a hungry brother wouldn't.
    Getting up, he made his way slowly into the kitchen.

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