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About Katherine Mercer

  • Storm Shelter LLC

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    Main Character
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    Annet Mahendru
  • Full Name
    Katherine Taylor Mercer
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    Trail Guide
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    Dark Brown
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    Dark Brown

Physical Description

kat-mercer-bio.jpg.e965b2d37c7b834f450b20ad51ef2108.jpgOf average build, Kat is slender but not scrawny, well-muscled but not bulky.   She has a fair complexion and dark eyes that have flecks of gold in them.  To her chagrin, she still has a few remaining childhood freckles across her nose and cheeks.  She has a fresh tattoo of a broken heart over her heart.   Her long hair hangs past her shoulders and as a general rule she keeps it pulled back or up so that it's out of the way when she's working. 

Clothing: Casual and comfortable!  Blue jeans, cotton shirts, boots, clean but not fancy, she wears a flat-brimmed cowboy hat and leather gloves when she is working with the horses. When she does need to be fancy, she prefers 'Boho' or 'hippy-style clothing, long, sweeping 'broom' skirts, romantic blouses....and comfortable, flat shoes. 

Accessories: Kat regularly wears a long silver chain that has several baubles hanging on it, including charms of the sun, a kitty, a hand of Fatima.  Her ears are pierced, two holes on the right and three on the left, and there are different earrings in each hole.  She wears bead bracelets, one has a small silver bell on it, and anklets with bells.  She carries a boot knife, not so much for defense as emergency, something her dad taught her...so you can cut reins, cinches or whatever quickly.

Grooming: As much as she can she tries to keep clean and well-groomed, he isn't obsessed with her appearance....she's not a make-up and fashion-conscious sort of person, preferring just to forego all that fuss.  Even so, she doesn't mind getting dirty.

Traits & Characteristics

Personality Traits

  • Loaner (+ -)
  • A bit of a risk-taker (+ -)
  • Curious (+)
  • Cautious (+)
  • Creative (+)
  • Caring (+)
  • Afraid of heights (-)

Personality Details

Generally, Kat is happy and curious, exploring the world around her and picking it apart to see how it works.  She has an adventurous streak, as a little fearless, and is tomboy who also loves romantic frills, loving to wear long full dresses and anklets with tiny bells that track her steps.  She is content to be alone, making up imaginary friends, keeping herself occupied with puzzles and games, although she can be open and flamboyant in social settings, perhaps a way of covering that she is a tad shy.

She loves to draw and write, but also loves being outside and climbing trees, swimming, digging up rocks, picking wildflowers...she has a talent for sleight-of-hand and wants to learn parkour.

Gentle and caring, she is tough as well, able to take a fall and get right back up and try again, only slowed down by good sense that would caution her before doing something stupid again, making her a bit reckless.

Carrying herself with confidence, Kat almost has a lilt in her step and she will readily look a person in the eye.  While not confrontational, she does not come off as someone who will back down.  Her expression is open and friendly and she has a bright smile that makes her eyes sparkle.


Current Employer

Storm Shelter LLC

Position and Title

  • Trail and tour guide for Storm Shelter
  • Volunteer Paramedic and SAR member


Leads city-folk on trips into the 'wilderness', via foot, horse or ATV and does her best to bring them all back in one piece! Responds to medical emergencies and provided advanced life support during transport to the hospital.  Responds to Search and Rescue operations and assists with her SAR-trained K9.

Professional Skills

Associate Arts degree in general ed.  Is certified in ACLS, PALS, ITLS and is a CPR instructor.  Also has certification in Wilderness Search and Rescue, and Survival.  Horsemanship, skiing, swimming. 


Education and Languages

Associate Arts degree in general ed.  Is certified in ACLS, PALS, ITLS and is a CPR instructor.  Also has certification in Wilderness Search and Rescue, and Survival.  Can speak some Spanish

Self Defense
Sharp wit?  Can shoot handguns and rifles and has a conceal carry permit

Hobbies and Interests

Writing, drawing, astronomy, sleight-of-hand magic.  She can ski, snowshoe and operate an ATV and keep it upright...most of the time!  Plays the concertina, dabbles in herbal medicine.

Aliases / Nicknames

Kat (short for Katherine)


Current Residence
Mercer Ranch

Kodiak Station, Kodiak AK

Place of Birth

Sonora, CA

Kith & Kin


Father: Raymond, insurance trainer, lives in Sonora, CA

Mother: June Taylor Mercer, teacher


  • Jacob, 35, National Park Ranger, Redwood Nat'l Forest, CA, married, has two kids
  • Isaac, 35, carpenter, Oakdale, CA, single

Other Family
Auntie Griselda, deceased


Dunno yet


Dunno yet, at least locally

Life Events

Family History: Kat's folks were just middle-class nice people, living in the California's Gold Country.  Her dad was born in San Francisco and her mom was born in Illinois, moved to California when she was eight.  They are school-sweethearts and have been married 37 years.

Childhood: Born in Sonora, in California's Gold Country, Kat was the youngest of three, having twin brothers who are five years older than she.  Her childhood was pretty much 'normal', free of major cares or drama, except for a little episode when she went up on the roof of their two-story home, was afraid to come down but too stubborn to ask for help, so she just did it herself and ended up falling and breaking an arm.  Consequently, she isn't too thrilled with heights.

While she did relatively well in school, she didn't much feel challenged there, and did the minimum she could to get by, keeping her grades in the 3.0 range.  But it was in other, self-taught areas that she thrived.  They lived on a small bit of acreage abutting a national preserve, so she had nearly unlimited areas to roam, and a horse to do it on.  More often than not, she was out riding, hiking, swimming (in shallow water), and goofing off with her brothers, who taught her, much to their amusement, how to fight and shoot.  Winters were spent sledding and building forts for snowball fights.  She had a few friends, but was happy on her own.

Personal History
After graduating high school, she started into Jr. college without a particular goal in mind.  She loved writing stories and drawing, but had the good sense to know that you couldn't make a career at that, and was thinking about maybe teaching English, but there was time to decide, since there were all those pesky pre-reqs anyway.  But when she was part-way into her second semester, her father (an insurance salesman) was transferred to Billings, and she had to decide -- stay and get a job flinging burgers, or go and remain in school.  Realizing the importance of an education, she went along with her parents, leaving behind her brothers, one of whom was a married Park Ranger and the other who was a carpenter, and her best friend.  But her horse and assorted critters went along with her, so she was content.

It was when they were newly arrived in the small town of Ballentine, outside Billings, that the volunteer fire department approached her Dad about joining, but it was Kat who took them up on it.  Almost immediately, she knew she'd found her niche.  She loved the training, loved being active and outside, loved the excitement, and soon she had her EMT certification, then went on to become a paramedic, taking a full-time position with a company in Billings.

A year later her Dad was transferred back to California, but Kat has decided to stay, since she had the job and loved the country.  She rented a small home on an acre of land so she could keep her horse, and in the next few years acquired another horse, a dog and a few cats. 

Interested in SAR, she took classes and she and her mutt-dog Hammy trained for K9 rescue.  The wilderness training came easily, since she had grown up in the mountains, and during that training acquired a curiosity for herbals.  It was at this time that she also met Daryl and the two hit it off and were soon dating.  But it was quickly evident that Daryl was more than just a little possessive and nuts, something she wasn't going to tolerate...

Only, bad things can happen...

Around that time, Kat's Aunt Griselda died and left her ten acres of property outside Kodiak, and Kat took that as a perfect escape.  She arrived a few weeks ago and has been cleaning up the twelve-horse barn and old two-bedroom cabin.  She loves it in Kodiak and is applying to Storm Shelter as a trail guide.  She has also joined the local VFD/rescue.


  • 1990: Born
  • 1996: Fell from the roof and broke her arm, took up sleight-of-hand as part of rehab
  • 1998: Started playing the concertina
  • 2008: Started classes at Columbia College, earned a general ed degree
  • 2010: Her dad was transferred to Billings, MT, Kat moved with her folks
  • 2010: Joined a local VFD and rescue, started her EMT certification
  • 2013: EMTP certification/Parents moved back to California
  • 2014: Took formal SAR and wilderness survival classes
  • 2017: Aunt died and left her property.  Relocated to Kodiak

Character Notes


Kat has a red and white beat up '57 Ford PU and an old but well maintained double horse trailer


  • Rebel, Appaloosa gelding
  • Doc, Morgan gelding
  • Hammy, mutt dog, trained for SAR
  • Cats...Walter, Buster, Skitter, Frankie, Molly...assorted barn cats...you asked!

Player Notes

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  1. Katherine Mercer
    Kat chuckled at the interplay, and even though she didn't quite understand rooster separation anxiety.  But everyone had their own quirks, so if Lucian wanted to take along the rooster she wouldn't protest.  Heck, he was letting her bring the mutts, who would be perfectly fine if they had to stay home.
    "Well," she quipped as she stowed her gear, "I have some training in psych crisis intervention, so if Foghorn has a problem, I can talk with him."  Grinning, she settled into the seat and secured the belt.
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  2. Katherine Mercer
    Things had been happening pretty quickly, but fortunately for Kat, she was just along for the ride and to chaperone Steph, so there really  wasn't much for her to do but, well, go along, and that didn't require any thinking, so she was happy.  Besides, it really was a bit of an adventure and a chance to see more of Alaska, even if it meant being away from home for a few days. 
    Wrinkling her nose up, she glanced at JD.  "So, if we leave the chicken behind, what are we going to do for dinner? It's my understanding that we can't just order pizza or something, right?"  Of course, she knew it was a rooster, not a chicken.  And she knew that roosters could be mean cusses, given a chance.  Heck, her rooster tried to jump on her and scratch her if she didn't keep an eye on him.  "A little breading, toss in a fryer, and yum!"
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  3. Katherine Mercer
    "Oh, visitation rights!"  Kat commented dryly, "yipee!"  She grinned, then shrugged.  "I can find someone to watch the place," she added, "I'd prefer not to leave for too long, I guess I can cover shifts."  She loved it here and was just getting settled, plus she had a business to get started, but she knew that if she didn't go with them they would worry about her, and that would divide their attention.  Plus, if she was with them, Miss Steph couldn't scream abuse and get them into trouble.
    "Well, let me pack some things," she finally sighed.  "How long do you think this is going to be?"
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  4. Katherine Mercer
    Kat watched the exchange in silence, trying not to grin too much.  To her thinking, they all deserved each other, and as annoying as it was sometimes, it was amusing to watch, and really no harm. 
    "Long ride in the wilderness...got it!"  She nodded to Lucian, then grinned at Steph.  "So, you prefer dipping your crabs in Cholula  Sauce over actually catching them and plunging them into boiling water?  Who would have guessed!"
    In a way, though, she did feel a little sorry for the kid...it was going to be a rough time for her, if she wanted to survive her uncle's nefarious plots, but at least she had a good bunch of people who were willing to help her out, if she would only accept the hand.
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  5. Katherine Mercer
    "Oh yeah, I'd like to stay in touch too. You got a nice place here and I love the horses, dogs, etc. Who knows, if my jailers let me maybe I can come back and we go on another horseback ride......minus the moose in the mud."
    "But no baby mooseses takes all the fun out of it!"  Kat laughed, shaking her head.  "Well, there's always elk, fox, wolves..."
    Kat was offering the two men cold pizza (ugh) and beer in the fridge. Steph stood up and got to the fridge first, opening the door and grabbing a beer, "Don't mind if I do."
    Kat raised an eyebrow at that, but she decided to let the adults deal with it.  Honestly, she didn't have a huge problem with it, for the very reason that Steph pointed out.
    "Come on, everyone, we're in a private home and it's just one beer. I was drinking hard liquor at the mansion since I was thirteen and my family knew it. "
    "Thirteen?"  Well, that changed things...it was pretty messed up. but then, now that she thought about it, the kid hadn't had anyone to tell her 'no', or to give her a reason not to drink.
    "I do not care what you were drinking under your family's watch. Here, you are still underage." He reached past her for a pitcher of cold water and poured himself and J.D. a glass. "And no, we will not be sharing a bed."
    "Boy, this guy is no fun.  You sure you don't want to take your chances here?"
    "Kat, we owe you several weeks of chores. Once we get this case settled, I will try to make good on some of it," Lucian said to the other woman. "I never meant to bring you trouble. Once we know more about Stephanie's situation and the level of danger, we will see about bringing her to visit. Reagan will be able to legally block her uncle from having her committed, at least temporarily. It does sound like he will likely try other means if thwarted."
    "I don't mind, really."  Kat shrugged.  "I'm glad I was able to help a friend, and hey, who doesn't need a little excitement in their life?"  Honestly, she liked Steph, and she was happy that she had been able to do something to keep her safe.
    "I will put Miss Stephanie to work on the Invictus. Might as well do a little lobster or crab fishing, make some money."
    "Oh, seeing that would make all this worth it!"  Laughing, Kat glanced at Steph.  "And hey, at least it isn't negative eighty out, so it should be a cake-walk!  Just watch those pinchy-claws, I hear they can take off fingers in, like, two seconds!"
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  6. Katherine Mercer
    "Honestly I've never had what most people would call a normal life. That's not how the Strouds live. We are one twisted bunch. I mean Unky Mason is the worst of us currently but ..........well...I wouldn't wish my family on anyone.  But it must be nice to be like you.....I mean to have your optimistic outlook on things. You know what my definition of an optimist is? An optimist is somebody BEFORE the event happens."
    It was pretty sad, Kat thought, to envy what most people took for granted, just living life and getting support from your family.   Maybe once her uncle was out of the picture and she was independent, Steph would find some peace?
    "Life has its issues," Kat commented, "but yeah, mostly haven't had anything too earth-shattering."  Besides having to relocate due to a psycho ex-boyfriend!  But even that had worked out...she was finding that she loved it here, and had even stumbled into the inheritance.   "Anyway, once they whisk you away, don't be a stranger, all right?  And if you need anything, you know where to find me."
    As the men clamored in, she glanced their way with a smile.  "Thanks for helping out.  Of course, that's the least you owe me!"   Then she nodded to the table.  "Cold pizza there, and there are some beers in the fridge. " 
    @Wayfarer; @Stormwolfe; @Longshot
  7. Katherine Mercer
    Kat laughed and shook her head.   "Sorry, I was just teasing you, I don't really know what it's like.   It's probably not too bad, I can't imagine that Lucian would take you some place too primitive.  And hopefully you can get to a phone, and you can call me to come rescue you."  She frowned.  "You said it's on an island?  I'd have to come get you in  a kayak, but we can figure it out."  Grinning, she munched on her pizza, then commented, "Really, though, they'll take good care of you, and with Regan helping, they'll get this all straightened out and life can go back to normal."  Then she could have a life and not have to worry about her uncle and his crazy schemes.
    @Wayfarer; @Stormwolfe; @Longshot
  8. Katherine Mercer
    "Ohhh...yeah, I know that place."  Well, no, Kat didn't, but why pass up a chance for some teasing?  "Yeah, no running water, generator for electricity, outhouse...and no internet!  Good luck out there.  But I do think you'll be pretty safe, no one would think of looking for you there, it's nearly uninhabitable."  She munched on a piece of pizza.  "Good luck.  I'll give you a couple extra blankets in case the generator doesn't work!"
  9. Katherine Mercer
    "Coke!  I'll take a coke please!"
    "Got it!"  She poured soda over ice and set it out on the table, then poured herself some iced tea. 
    "Ugh, I can't stomach cold pizza..........or warmed over pizza...........it's gotta be fresh and hot or it's not pizza,"
    "More for the rest of us!"  Kat grinned, knowing that not everyone liked cold pizza, and glad that the girl was happy with salad...otherwise, it was peanut-butter and honey, there wasn't time to cater to whims.  She could put more effort into dinner.
    Grabbing another slice of cold pizza, she continued with making sure there were plenty of paper plates, cups and ice for everyone, as well as a few bottles of HooDoo Stout Ale.
    Thanks for everything. This is a cool place. And I'm sorry you got dragged into this mess but most of that was the fault of my .............employees. "
    "I don't mind."  She shrugged, then grinned.  "Well, kind of I do, but it's barely an inconvenience, and it helped to keep you safe."  She would have hated for anything to have happened to Steph, and wouldn't have wanted her anywhere else.
    "I know you didn't go into the motel room back there but one of my uncle's thugs really beat up my friend Louis. He threatened both of them. And little Ava is like the nicest mousiest girl you'd ever meet.  She is the exact opposite of me. I hate that almost everyone I know gets sucked into this death struggle with my Unky Mason. It's bullshit."
    "Sorry..."  It sucked that her uncle made her feel guilty by dragging her friends into this.  "Are they all right?  Do they need a place to stay?"  Her grin widened.  "I have plenty of tents for over night trail rides, and there's the barn...top-notch accommodations, and a shotgun...Uncle Mason won't get here."
    She headed for the front door and called out, "Lunch is on!"  With her 'helpers' fed, they would work more efficiently, and soon the place would be in order.
  10. Katherine Mercer
    "That's all right, I can get it."  Kat shrugged as she started to rummage through the fridge, finding some leftover pizza and pre-mix salad makings that she set out on the table.  Not gourmet, but filling and easy, and Steph could nuke her pizza if she wanted it warm.
    "I have iced tea and Coke," she called, "or water..."  She grabbed a piece of the pizza to munch on as she set out plates and cups, then dished some of the salad onto a plate for herself.  The pizza would be enough, but the salad was 'healthy', and she was trying to behave.  She'd scarf it down quickly and be on her way, so she might have some free time in the evening to go for a ride.

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