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About Akela Noelani

  • United States Coast Guard / CGIS

ID Card

  • Role
    Supporting Character
  • Playby
    Grace Park
  • Full Name
    Akela Pele Noelani
  • Goes By
    Kel, Kela
  • Profession
    Crime Scene Investigator
  • Rank/Title
    Special Agent
  • Birth Date
  • Relationship
  • Height
    5' 10"
  • Hair Color
    Dark Brown
  • Eye Color
    Dark Brown

Physical Description


Akela is tall with a willowy slender figure and long, graceful limbs. Her features reflect her native Hawaiian and Japanese heritage. Her thick hair is a very dark brown with a few strands of copper in it forming natural lowlights. Her eyes are large, almond-shaped, and also a very dark brown with flecks of copper in them.

Marks and Scars

Tattoo (henna style) on her back, just below neck. The tattoo is the words: Ua ola loko i ke aloha – (Love gives life within.)


Kela dresses in well-fitting casual type clothes with a preference toward denim leggings. She chooses items that allow her to move easily. She tends to avoid high heeled shoes, preferring flats, most often choosing a military-style boot.



  • Military style waterproof wrist watch
  • Small, diamond stud earrings.


Kela habitually keeps her hair cut to shoulder length and in layers to add body. She does not wear perfumes, colognes or other scented products.

Traits & Characteristics


  • Affectionate, Outgoing (+/-)
  • Devoted, Loyal (+/-)
  • Focused, Detail Oriented (+/-)
  • Reliable (+)

[Details ]
Kela grew up with a large, extended family. Being warm and affectionate is second nature to them and that trait was passed to Akela. She greets those she knows well with a hug and smile rather than a handshake. She is very tactile, often touching a person’s arm or hand in the course of conversing with them. Her relaxed and outgoing manner makes her good at interrogating people as she usually gains their confidence with ease.

Akela’s affectionate and outgoing manner can sometimes be misconstrued as flirtatious and even as a shallow attempt to gain affection in return. Although she is usually good at reading people and respecting their personal space, it is possible for her to misread signals and unintentionally invade their space.

Another advantage to growing up within a large family is that Akela tends to be very loyal and devoted to those she loves and trusts. Breaking those bonds is nearly impossible. This aspect of her nature has led Kela into trusting those that should not be trusted and remaining loyal to someone long after they have proven themselves a traitor to that regard. She will continue to look for the good in a person even when they no longer deserve her loyalty.

When on task, Akela is very focused. This is the same if she is surfing or guiding a wilderness tour. Being able to ignore distractions is a plus when she is in the field, but it can also lead her to reject anything outside that area of focus. If she has determined someone is guilty, Kela finds it hard to look at facts that might prove them innocent. Akela is also very detail oriented, making her an incredible crime scene investigator. She is able to set her personal feelings aside and follow the evidence - wherever it leads her.

Akela is reliable. If she is tasked with a research assignment or assisting with a CGIS investigation, then she will not fail to do all in her ability to fulfill her mission. This aspect of her nature is enhanced by the fact that she is a very focused individual. There are few negative aspects to being reliable. Her superiors and those under her command know they can depend on her.

[ Mannerisms ]

Akela has a very pleasant, lilting voice with a trace of the accent endemic to the Hawaiian people. She emphasizes her speech with graceful hand gestures. Her body language tends to be open and relaxed.

Anger is usually accompanied by action, therefore it is unadvisable to push Akela to the point where she is truly angry. In general, Kela does not have much of a temper.


Employer Name

Coast Guard Investigative Services

Coast Guard Base Kodiak

Position and Title

Team Lead, Crime Scene Investigator

ORCA Specialist (Operations Research and Computer Analysis)

Job Details

Akela is a member of the CGIS CSI team. She is both the supervisor and team leader for the graveyard shift. However, since the CSI lab also processes evidence for the local LEOs, her work hours often overlap with day shift's, depending on how much work there is at any given time.

2nd Job

Storm Shelter LLC (part-time)

Position: Coastal wilderness and tour guide.

[Professional Skills]

  • Information and computer specialist
  • Crime scene investigation, forensics analysis
  • Logistics and analytics specialist
  • USCG expert in seamanship
  • Ample knowledge of sea life



English, Polynesian, French, Japanese, Spanish

Self Defense

Akela excelled at the required USCG self-defense training and maintains her hand-to-hand and marksmanship skills. She carries the USCG standard issue sidearm (Sig Sauer P229 DAK .40 S&W pistol).

Kapu Kuʻialua (aka Lua): Kapu Kuʻialua; Kuʻialua; or just Lua; is an ancient Hawaiian martial art based on bone breaking, joint locks, throws, pressure point manipulation, strikes, usage of various weapons, battlefield strategy, open ocean warfare as well as the usage of introduced firearms from the Europeans. The fighting art was referred to as "Kuʻialua", literally meaning two hits. That name was subsequently given to the god of this martial art. Only those associated with the aliʻi (nobility), such as professional warriors, guardsmen, and members of the royal families, were generally taught Kuʻialua. During times of warfare, the makaʻāinana (commoners) were also instructed in the basic movements and functions of the martial art.

Hobbies & Interests

  • Sea kayaking and other aquatic sports
  • Painting (seascapes and sea life)
  • Photography (seascapes and sea life, ships)

Aliases / Nicknames

Kel, Kela, K (most people use some variation of her name as a nickname, she prefers Kel).


Current Residence

42 Alibi Road

Kodiak, AK

Place of Birth

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Kith & Kin



  • Kahuna Noelani
  • DOB: September 22, 1952
  • Details: Kahuna owns a Hawaiian tour business (surfing, diving, hikes, helicopter tours) called Aloha Surf and Turf. He is also a much sought after coach and sponsor for those on the professional surfing circuit. He was a champion surfer.


  • Simone Noelani
  • DOB: July 4, 1956
  • Maiden Name: Simone Akiyama
  • Details: Simone is a retired police officer. She currently works part-time at her husband’s business and is much sought for those wanting an in-depth Hawaiian nature and history tour. Simone’s family are of mixed Native Hawaiian and Japanese descent.


  • Kale Noelani
  • DOB: October 1, 1975
  • Details: Kale is a tall, good-looking man in his late thirties. He is a lieutenant on the Honolulu Police Department (HPD). 

Other Family

  • There are a plethora of aunts, uncles, cousins.


Lucian MacLeod: Akela met Lucian in 2011 when she was stationed at Coast Guard Base Kodiak the first time. She looked him up when she was reassigned in 2014 and now works part-time for Storm Shelter Air & Rescue.

Others to be added via game play.



Others to be determined via game play.

Life Events

[Family History]

The Noelani family can trace their origins back to the 1200s when the Tahitians first settled Hawaii. Oral traditions suggest the family is related to Hawaiian royalty. The Noelani sugar plantation is one of the oldest and still productive.

The Akiyama family immigrated to Hawaii in the 1800s to work the sugar, coffee and pineapple plantations. Several members of the Akiyama family served with distinction in World War II, notably in the 442nd Infantry Regiment.

Kahuna Noelani met the lovely Simone Akiyama in high school where they began dating. After high school, Kahuna went to the University of Hawaii to major in business while pursuing his surfing championships. Simone was accepted into the police academy. They were wed shortly after she graduated.


October 31, 1980 (a. 0)
Akela Pele Noelani born as the Maui Memorial Medical Center, Wailuku, Hawaii

Akela grew up in a large, extended family. She was almost always surrounded by aunts, uncles, cousins and, of course, her parents and twin brother, Kale. Her childhood was mostly uneventful beyond the usual incidents and dramas that all children and teenagers tend to experience. School was easy for Akela and she was always in the top one percent in her class. She graduated high school as Salutatorian. She likely would have been Valedictorian had a knee injury not caused her to miss a considerable amount of school during her junior year.

From an early age, Akela was fascinated with the ocean and everything in it. She would spend as much time as possible surfing, boating, and kayaking or paddleboarding. Initially, she planned on a career in marine biology, but by the time she graduated high school, her objectives had changed and she applied to the United States Coast Guard Academy.

[Personal History]

1998 to 2002 (a. 18 - 22)
Soon after graduating high school in 1998, Akela left Hawaii for New London, Connecticut. She entered the academy and immediately declared a double major in Operations Research and Computer Analysis (ORCA) and Marine and Environmental Sciences (MES). Her intelligence and natural aptitude for the sciences made attaining her goals of graduating with a double major in the Honors Program attainable. She graduated the USCG Academy in 2002 with the rank of Ensign.

2002 to 2013 (a. 22 - 33)

Ensign Akela Noelani is assigned to the Coast Guard's District Thirteen, stationed in Honolulu aboard the USCGC Walnut. Over the next eleven years, Akela was stationed in various locations, including Kodiak Station, Alaska. She rose steadily through the ranks and excelled in her duty assignments.

2014 to 2017 (a. 34 - 37)
In 2014, Akela chose to leave active duty with the Coast Guard in favor of a transfer to CGIS (Coast Guard Investigative Service). Her background in biology and chemistry made her a prime candidate for their CSI team. Soon after the transfer, she was sent for training at the FLETC center in Glynco, Georgia. Her training there was primarily focused on crime scene investigation and analysis.

As much as she loved Hawaii and being near her family, Akela was delighted to learn that there was an opening for a forensic specialist in Kodiak, Alaska. She had loved her brief time there, its rugged beauty called to her nature. By the time she had settled into her loft apartment in a renovated waterfront warehouse, Akela felt like she had come home.

2017 (a. 37): Present Day

Although her training and experience affords her the rank of Special Agent with CGIS, Akela's primary work is in the laboratory as a forensic science specialist. Her lab assists the Kodiak PD, Alaska State and Wildlife Troopers, and other assignments by request.

When not on-duty, Akela can usually be found hanging out at the Alibi with friends or kayaking the coasts of Kodiak Island.

Character Notes


Bowie: Large, dark silver-mitt ferret. Bowie is friendly, lively, and curious about everything.

Player Notes


In general, Akela is a female Gil Grissom from the original CSI: Crime Scene Investigations television series. Since this is a hobby and meant to be fun, a great deal of that show's organization will be used in place of doing hours upon hours of research.



I'd love to get threads and plots with all interested Players. Akela is outgoing and active. I am interested in some action plots that explore her skills as a crime scene investigator. I'd also like to involve her in some character development storylines, establishing friendships or other relationships. Hit me up in Discord or leave a plot request in the Ruses and Intrigues forum. 



Nothing planned. Akela has been so career focused that while she has had a few brief relationships, none have lasted. She would like to find a man and even, someday, settle down and have a family. She is in her late thirties so having children might be out of the question. She would be open to adopting or fostering though.



The more the better! 

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Recent Posts

  1. Akela Noelani
    Akela grinned, liking the compliment. In her experience, lots of cops felt that using an outside agency such as CGIS was an intrusion. It was a relief to not have to battle the lieutenant when circumstances required they work together. "Thanks. I'll let you know when all the evidence is processed and the autopsy results are in - unless you plan on attending it."
    She handed her case over to the man waiting to assist them into the launch before climbing in herself. Akela looked up at Rick, "I'll keep you in mind if I decide not to re-up my commission. Might apply at the KPD."
  2. Akela Noelani
    Akela pursed her lips as she picked up her case and handed it over the rail to the launch. She had quite a few theories, but should she share them? More than once, her CO had cautioned her about involving herself in a KPD case beyond the basic forensics work and reports. She found it hard to resist though. Akela loved solving puzzles. She let the science guide her and her mind interpret the science. For many years, Akela had been a top CGIS agent. Although moving to forensics was her decision, the urge to solve crimes had not gone away. Admittedly, her work  as a scientist helped make that happen...but it was not the same as working in the field. Also, she liked Rick Dryer.
    "Lieutenant, my CO doesn't like for me to get mixed up into KPD cases - more than this anyway," Akela gestured at the forensics work going on. "He's probably right, but I was a CGIS field agent for a very long time and I miss it." She found herself telling Dryer the thoughts that had just played it her head. "I think it is all connected to the MacLeod shooting somehow. Too much of a coincidence to have this happen and find a rifle chambered for Lapua, same as the rounds that hit Liam. MacLeod"
    "Maybe gutting that man was meant to throw us...you...off the scent?" She slanted a look up at Rick.
  3. Akela Noelani
    Akela laughed and straightened up, "The right question on Kodiak is do you think it won't rain?" Still, she trained a practiced eye on the sky, "Not for a while yet. We will be off the water before it cuts loose."
    She picked up her case, "I love it here, but it is a far cry from where I grew up."
  4. Akela Noelani
    Akela nodded her understanding. She did not know anyone on Kodiak that could be considered a confidante of Liam's other than his wife. The man was not reclusive, but he was very reserved about his private life and he had the finances to make sure it stayed that way. "I've done a little work with Lucian on Storm Shelter cases. He is usually very careful about not crossing legal boundaries. However, when he takes on a client, their safety and needs come first with him."
    She watched as the ME got the body situated in his launch. He left one of his assistants with Akela's forensic team and headed back to port. Time was of the essence when it came to processing the body. Akela was not wild about having to go to autopsy but she would have to stop by to pick up any forensic evidence. She sighed and began packing up her case. Indicating the launch that had brought her to the scene, Akela asked, "Want a ride back? Beats the rubber boat you came out in." She grinned and winked.
  5. Akela Noelani
    "Nothing for your guys, Lieutenant," Akela answered. "My team will bag and tag everything. Once we've gotten forensics off it, we'll put non-perishables in your evidence lock-up." CGIS had a good working relationship with the Kodiak Police Department. It suited both organizations since it meant cost breaks on both sides. On top of that, KPD did not have to try to field the expense of a full forensics lab or wait, sometime for weeks, for evidence to be processed at the state-run labs. It was a win-win.
    "The MacLeods are generally well-thought of around here," Akela added. She knew Lucian fairly well and had met Liam, Naomi and Reagan on a number of occasions. She had not met J.D. yet, but had to assume he had been well-raised just like Lucian and Reagan. "I know that won't guarantee Liam's cooperation."
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  6. Akela Noelani
    "Not yet," the ME answered. "Been in the water too long for our fingerprint scanners to work and no ID on him. We'll have to get him back to base before I can give either of you any more information." Jonas Chamberlain rose to his feet. "Wrap him up for transport. Be kind."
    Akela smiled slightly despite the situation. Jonas always took the dead to heart and demanded respect for his patients. He was also one of the most competent medical examiners that she had ever worked with. Chamberlain was so intuitive when it came to his work, he practically solved some of the cases before forensics finished their work. Of course, this was also the most distressing part of her job. Until the reports came in from Jonas and his people, as well as various samples to be tested and analyzed, Akela was in waiting mode.
    "Even if the man is...or was...our shooter," Akela said to Rick, "he did not deserve to die like that. Perhaps Liam MacLeod can shed more light on what is going on. I don't envy you the job of trying to get to the bottom of all this."
  7. Akela Noelani
    Akela shook her head, "No, sorry to not have been clear. Liam MacLeod was the founder and former CEO of Coldwater Holdings. His daughter, who I'm sure you met after the MacLeod boys' debacle, is the current CEO - Reagan MacLeod. I suspect this man is our shooter." She indicated the rifle that had been brought up. "That's the same round they took out of MacLeod's chest. He was lucky." She narrowed her eyes, absently watching the ME work. "I'm not sure MacLeod was meant to die."
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  8. Akela Noelani
    Akela continued examining the rifle. Then something caught her eye and she blinked, "Serial number's intact, Lieutenant. That will help track down where it was sold. Ballistics will tell us if it's the same gun used in the MacLeod shooting."
    By then, the body had been extracted from the water and laid out on the deck. The Medical Examiner was doing his preliminary work before authorizing transport. After a few minutes, he rose to his feet, nodding to Akela and Rick. He was a slender, elegant man in his mid-fifties with thick silver gray hair and eyes to match. A clipped British accent marked his country of origin. "Well, the cause of death seems fairly obvious."
    As they had turned the man over, a gaping wound showed. He had literally been gutted like a deer. In fact, at first glance, it appeared that his vital organs had been removed. Just as Akela's stomach lurched at seeing a human treated like the carcass of a wild animal, Chamberlain called over the rail to the CGIS personnel tasked with dragging the area and those searching the shore near the bridge, "Stay sharp, lads. If you find an odd heart, liver or entrails, gather them up carefully."
    "You got it, Doc," one of Akela's team called back good-naturedly.
    She sighed, "I think the shooting was something more than just someone not happy with the former CEO of Coldwater Holdings." There was little to support her feelings beyond a vague uneasiness. "Can't discuss an ongoing case without authorization, but if I see Lucian at the Alibi tonight, I'll offer him a vague warning to be careful when out and about."
  9. Akela Noelani
    Akela watched the men in the dinghy as they carefully and respectfully worked on getting the dead man's body on board. No matter who he had been in life, they were being respectful. She always found that simple caring a bit moving. However, Rick's last words caught her attention...
    It’s not the quiet small town force I mistook it for. Seems there’s far ore than meets the eye here."
    "In many ways, Kodiak is one of the last frontiers left in the USA," Akela said. "We attract a certain element. Most of it is harmless. People fed up with the rat race and things like that. There is also the element that is trying to hide for other - less savory - reasons. That's where Aidan O'Quinn's focus is. Those of us in law enforcement have to deal with them but with the island becoming more popular for the eco-tourism crowd, it's necessary to make sure that it's safe here for visitors."
    Akela grabbed a pair of gloves out of her forensics case, expertly slipped them on and picked up the gun. "Remington 700 chambered for Lapua .338. Popular hunting rifle although it's not bear season here. Maybe he," she nodded toward the body that was being conveyed on board the ship, "was hunting something else...like MacLeods."
  10. Akela Noelani
    "There is always coffee on board," Akela replied with a saucy grin. "In fact, the USCG has been accused of fueling its cutters with the stuff." She turned to a young man, "Get the LT some coffee, Seaman."
    The carefully wrapped rifle was on board by that point so Akela forwarded Dryer's orders ot Obrecht, "Go ahead and bring the body up. Let's hope bits of him doesn't sluff off before the ME gets him on the table."
    While the crew got busy on her orders, Akela turned back to Rick, "How are you liking the exciting life of working for the KPD?" She was not being sarcastic. In fact, although the KPD was very small, they did an amazing job of law enforcement. It was rare that visitors saw the darker side of Kodiak. Tourism was increasing and the Chief of Police was pushing hard to make sure they remained safe.

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