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Storm Shelter Air & Rescue is almost ready for business. We should be open for posting within the next 24 to 48 hours - Wednesday at the latest if all goes well.


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    We are delighted that you found our site and are taking a few minutes to look around. Guests are  encouraged to browse our forums, read the Premise & Setting and The Rule Book. We also recommend that you click on Wiki in the site's navbar and browse the articles contained in its categories. Before you register and start the process of creating a character, you may also want to browse our Character Directory. Reading a few character bios will give you an idea of what we're looking for. If you have questions about joining Storm Shelter or need help with something, you can post it in the Help Me! forum  - or - use our Contact Us form. We will respond as soon as real life allows! If you'd like to chat with us, click on the Discord button at either the top left of the home page or in the footer at the bottom of the page.


    Welcome to Storm Shelter. Browse our News and Updates, post in the guest-friendly Help Me! forum if you need assistance, or post a leave of absence notice.


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    Check out the Personals section to find a character or to post your own want-ad!


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    This forum is for all plotting and planning. Please read the guidelines before submitting a plot!



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    • Episode Info: S1, Pilot
    • Timeframe: May 2017 - TBD


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    Previous seasons of Storm Shelter Air & Rescue. Click on a season to browse and read previous episodes.


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    The Cutting Room Floor is where scenes cut from a movie or series' episode wind up. For Storm Shelter, it is where abandoned scenes/threads go until they are deleted. Scenes moved to the Cutting Room Floor will be expunged after 90 days.

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About Storm Shelter

Storm Shelter brings crime drama and not quite soapy soap-opera to the online written RPG world. Set in one of America's last frontiers, the residents of Kodiak Island and Storm Shelter Air & Rescue encounter bad guys and storm gales in equal measure. The RPG offers guided site-wide plots and open character driven stories..

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